Clinical Pastoral Counseling/Patient Counseling

A program that prepares individuals, including but not limited to, ordained clergy and other counseling professionals to respond to the emotional and/or spiritual needs of patients and families in health care emergencies and other situations, and to consult with and counsel other health care professionals. Includes instruction in advanced interpersonal communication; individual and small group counseling; interdisciplinary teamwork; crisis management; extended care relationships; self-analysis; medical ethics; pastoral care art; spiritual dimensions of human growth and health; counseling psychology and therapy; and applications to grief, death, emotional collapse, injury, individual/family adjustment, and chronic illness situations.

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“…Fordham University is a family with open arms waiting for you to walk in. Once you enter into the family, you are embraced and encouraged to tap into all of the family's resources. These resources WILL help your intellectual, moral and...” – Constantine from Randolph, NJ

“…virginia commonwealth university is a terrific school.i don't recommend this school to someone who isn't use to a big city. also if you don't like big classrooms with 150 plus students, i don't recommend it.” – Christa from Lynchburg, VA

“…a place where you can feel at home, the campus is wonderful, and the academics are strong. everyone is friendly and will answer any questions you have with a smile and if they don't know it they will make sure to find someone who can help you. also...” – Filip from Arnold, MD

“…lipscomb is an excellent school with a very caring faculty and staff. the christian community here is uplifting and encouraging.” – Jessica from Smyrna, TN

“…Houston Baptist is an excellent school. The professors know you by name, really care about you and want to see you succeed. It's small school so you get a lot of attention from your professors!” – Claudia from Missouri City, TX

“…loma linda is a wonderful christian university. it will provide you with the best education while allowing yourself to be a well rounded student.” – Cara from Loma Linda, CA

“…moravian is a small school, that is very good in producing well-rounded students. it is very easy to get involved in the school, and to build up your resume. it is also very easy to build relationships with faculty and staff, which is a plus when...” – BooBoo from Allentown, PA

“…The school has been incredibly welcoming as I entered my freshman year. I haven't felt this welcome anywhere ever. Everyone is so nice, the classes are interesting and the professors are knowledgeable. ” – from LANCASTER, PA

“…MACU is small. MACU is fun. MACU is very helpful. ” – Julia from Moore, OK

“…Caring Christian Community of people, that takes pleasure in the spiritual and educational success of their students. Warm loving educational experience. Family” – Angela from Kansas City , MO

“…trinity is an amazing school. i haven't even started going there, and i already feel as if i am a part of the school. the community of the school is amazing. everyone is so close and treat each other as a family. ” – Leslie from Chicago, IL

“…This seminary is a great institution for people that have aspirations for ministry. There are many different majors available from church history, to ancient languages. If you want to study all aspects of religious studies, this is the seminary for...” – Richard from New Bedford, MA

“…My time at Pillar was a warm, inviting atmosphere. They do their best to help you. If you give it a chance, you can receive a solid education there. ” – James from Somerset, NJ

“…My view of Garrett Evangelical Theological Seminary is that it is the best on the North Shore. Since Garrett has accepted me as one of their students, I have grown more and more into a bold leader.” – Jacqueline from Chicago, IL