Commercial Photography

A program in the applied visual arts that prepares individuals to use artistic techniques to effectively communicate ideas and information to business and consumer audiences, and recording events and people, via digital, film, still and video photography. Includes instruction in specialized camera and equipment operation and maintenance, applications to commercial and industrial needs, and photography business operations.

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“…ohio university deserves a 10 out of 10! the campus and atmosphere here is remarkable. the teachers really want you to succeed and so do your peers.” – Amy from Newark, OH

“…appalachian state university is a wonderful school that fosters an amazing environment for learning and personal growth. in such a short time i have grown to love this university and the small college town that surrounds it as my own home away from...” – Joseph from Winston Salem, NC

“…Kent State University is way too often grossly stereotyped and given the reputation of having low standards. I have found my programs and the staff that I have worked with to be highly qualified. The atmosphere and diversity of the campus truly...” – Robert from Strongsville, OH

“…i would rate fit, 9 out of 10. fit offers endless opportunities that allow students to get involved in the fashion industry in college. all of the professors and faculty are serious about every students success. last but not least, fashion institute...” – Michelle Smith

“…montgomery college is an affordable, conveniently located, and diverse campus in which a student can gain the best experience and knowledge they need to succeed.” – Alexis from Germantown, MD

“…CSCC is an outstanding college to attend. The atmosphere is friendly, there are a lot of campus-related activities to do, and is conveniently located in the downtown area. Here, besides an active social environment, there is a friendly staff that is...” – Christian from Columbus, OH

“…College of DuPage is a great school. This college has the feel of a four year university. It has a great atmosphere and the teachers and incredible.” – Peter from Bensenville, IL

“…the recent change in collin turning into a 4 year university has helped the university and student reach a higher level of education. it has made it possible to become more prepared to transfer into a larger state university such as utd. overall the...” – Ernesto Plano, Tx

“…university of phoenix is a wonderful school. uop is very helpful and understanding of their students needs. uop offer classes to fit your lifestyle.” – Meloldy from Bradenton, FL

“…This is a great place to start a four year degree. Everyone is trying to reach their goals. It's really great to have a place to start out if you can not afford a four year state college right out of the gate.” – Paige from Salt Lake City, UT

“…Your basic college, very affordable with great professors. Good for getting started, and I recommend using this as a starter college if you plan to transfer. Be patient with the registrar! ” – A Student from Nevada

“…Middlesex County College is one of the top leading community colleges in New Jersey as it offers up to par faculty in financial aid services, instructing, subject departments and academic advising. Middlesex is a good place to start if you are...” – Kimberly from North Brunswick, NJ

“…Saint Paul College stands up to what they believe in. They hear what students have to say. The teachers support students in various was with disabilities and difficulties that students have.” – Melissa from Saint Paul, MN

Triton College
River Grove, IL

“…I absolutely love this school, I have never been so happy and proud to be a part of a place such as Trition College.” – Monica from Schiller Park, IL

Century College
White Bear Lake, MN

“…I would rate Century a solid 9 out of ten. The staff and volunteers have been very helpful in my return to school after many years of being in the workplace. I love my professors and the flexibility of class options.” – kristin from Forest Lake, MN

“…i have found all teachers to come across clear and respectful without presumptions of any one student. also most teachers provide an accurate schedule of quizzes, exam, and homework's due dates and a brief summary of the way their grade charts work....” – Kiara from Seattle, WA

“…I think that Oakwood U is a wonderful college, where there have many courses you can take, especially if you are majoring in Biology and want to attend Oakwood, there is a wonderful Biology program. It is a great experience for me because I visit...” – Liselle from Brooklyn, NY

“…mount hood community college has amazing teachers that want to see you do well. the campus is easy to figure out and everyone is friendly. i enjoy attending school here and look forward to meeting new instructors. ” – Cynthia from Gresham, OR

“…Bucks is a great college for students of all education levels. Bucks has flexible class times, and they also have a lot of choices. Staff are always available to assist with any questions. ” – Jason from Bensalem, PA

“…Owens has really all it has claimed to be for me. They offer a lot of free services to help guarantee your success, they do everything in their power to make failing hard. So far, all the teachers I have had have awesome, they were understanding and...” – Adren from Oregon, OH

“…As a high school Senior I have advanced my ranking with the help of Kilgore College dual credit courses from 17 to now ranked 4th in my graduating class, graduation May 25th. Kilgore College's help line and staff have been there to make any...” – Kadi from Gladewater, TX

“…Mt. San Antonio college is a well developed, organized and hardworking college. I would consider it the top community college in California. This college helps students into the best paths in their future.” – Ivy from Arcadia, CA

“…The biggest bang for your buck. A nice bridge between high school and college. Great professors who make the experience worthwhile. ” – Mo from Park Forest, IL

“…Professional and resourceful staff. All information taught in class is accurate and applicable in today's world. Online classes have adequate study information, just as good as attending class!” – Susana from Seminole, TX

“…Gwinnett tech is a great college for people who want to have hand-on learning for a two year career. Everyone is very helpful in any situation you're stuck in; whether it's financial or as simple as study tips. People are there to help.” – Estela from Lawrenceville, GA

“…spokane falls community college is a great school to get you into the college environment. it is a very welcoming atmosphere for students directly out of high school or even a seasoned veteran in the work field. with enhancements added to this campus...” – Garrett from Spokane, WA

“…i'm enrolled in the online program. this is the most comprehensive online study program i have participated in. the instructors are very responsive to student needs.” – CK from Iowa

“…Quaint, practical, intellectual @ bargain price” – JN from Rolla, MO

“…The teachers help students and care about you succeeding. If you work hard, so will they to help you achieve what you want. This is a great school and is very supportive in striving to help it's students!” – GreenBlondie from Waterloo, IA

“…it is convenient and inexpensive. the classes are pretty easy and the homework isn't too much. there are resources available if you need help” – Reviewer from Crystal Lake, IL

“…They have a wonderful faculty that are truly passionate about their fields. They also have a great curriculum, and ease of learning. Sadly, some of the students attending give the school a bad name.” – Brian

“…This is a warm and caring community college with staff in offices who are invested in helping students. No matter what the circumstances a student is dealing with, someone has a suggestion or help. The instructors are caring and interested in you,...” – Mark from Santa Fe, NM

“…This institution values an in-depth opportunity to provide students of all income classes with a well-rounded education. The student population is one of the most diverse that I have seen, which only enriches my education. The instructors and...” – Nandita from Minneapolis, MN

“…I love this college because of the great atmosphere! The professors and other staff members treat everyone with respect and expect the best from their students. The classes aren't very big, which means more one-on-one attention to all students.” – Andrea from Louisville, KY

“…DMACC is a very good school for both part and full time students. Most of the teachers are very good and want to see you succeed. The school and teachers are willing to work with you to see that you have the best education possible. ” – Samantha from Missoula, MT

“…Psychologically Capable teachers, whom know how to teach the way each individual needs. Ridgewater College is a positive fun environment. Ridgewater College staff is always helpful and truly cares about your success.” – Jessy from Spicer, MN

“…Austin Community College has a diverse array of educational programs available. They have wonderful staff would work exceptionally hard to accommodate the needs of their students while providing a top quality educational program. This is one of the...” – Michael from AUSTIN, TX

“…This college is very geared toward learning disabilities. I found their financial aid to be great- I've been there for three years and I have been covered for everything including books. I am impressed with the staff, never have gotten into a tangle...” – Charlotte from Ilion, NY

“…north georgia tech is a great foundation college. the instructors are extremely knowledgable and helpful. on a scale of one to ten i would rate this college a ten. ” – Kevin from Blairsville, GA

“…Great options in the Graphic Design program allowing students to customize their Graphic Design experience. The campus is easy to access. The facility and staff are committed to helping all students succeed.” – Deborah from Blaine, MN

“…I currently take both in class and online classes at Randolph Community College, and there seems to be quite a difference in the teacher quality between them. I highly recommend taking actual classes over online, face to face the teachers truly seem...” – Jaclyn from Hickory, NC

“…cecil college has a number of great programs and paths from which to choose. they have flexible class schedules. most of the instructors are enjoyable, supportive and flexible.” – Kim from Port Deposit, MD

“…This college offers an affordable academic system that can guide you onto the path of future successes. With an array of courses, this school provides the stepping stones to help familiarize yourself with the college environment. Most essential, the...” – William from Springfield, MA

“…rate it a 10 because the professors are very helpful. you can actually print out your stuff without paying ten cents for it. the library will become your new best friend.” – Cassandra from Astoria, NY

“…the programs here offer a wonderful start for anyone wanting to complete their first 2 years of college. the programs offered here transfer, guaranteed, to any ncaa accredited college. tuition is also one of the cheapest in the nation” – James from Lander, WY

“…Kirtland Community College is close to home. It is an affordable place to get an education whether it be a transfer program or general studies. I don't feel over whelmed when I am on campus. ” – Katherine from West Branch, MI

“…Building a foundation at Glen Oaks Community College was the best educational decision I made upon graduation from high school. The atmosphere, architecturally modern campus, and small average class sizes at this college provides a smooth transition...” – Adam from Sturgis, MI

“…i rate this college as a 5 star. the professors are wonderful and the staff is extremely helpful. the resources are great.” – Cindi from Olmsted Falls, OH

“…Instructors are highly knowledgeable in their respective fields. Opportunities for applying classroom learning while traveling overseas is top notch. Tutoring opportunities abound!” – Zelma from Sioux City, IA

“…Highland Community College online courses have allowed me to continue my education by being affordable and convenient. The professors are very professional and dedicated to assisting students,even though it is not done through your typical face-to...” – HOLLY from HIAWATHA, KS

“…Metro Fort Omaha Campus is great school! Even though it's small and not every bodies first choice I love it here. It's very great for first College Freshman.” – Nathaniel from Omaha, NE

“…Northwest College has helped me to see my potential in life. I have realized what I need to do to be able to the the degree and job that I want. I have been challenged, and helped along the way, but wouldn't change a thing.” – Taylor from Kaysville, UT