Computer Graphics

Are you a little bit artsy and a little bit techy? The computer graphics major might be just what you're looking for. It combines the creativity of the art world with the technicality of the computer science world to create a major that prepares students for careers in creating and managing digital content within a wide range of industries. Computer graphics majors learn the basics of graphic design, web design, multimedia animation, and photography.As with the majority of majors in the computer and information sciences area of study, computer graphics majors will spend a lot of time in front of a computer screen. In a typical program, students are exposed to a variety of software programs that will allow them to create and modify various digital media, such as Dreamweaver, Flash, InDesign, PhotoShop, and Final Cut Pro. They will also use computer equipment and software to work with print and copy, technical graphics, sound, animation, web design, and DVD/CD publishing. Students may also study a number of different communications technologies, reproduction choices, printing methods, photography applications, electronic and desktop publishing, presswork, screen printing, and other non-print communications.As their education progresses, computer graphics majors work on putting together a portfolio to use after graduation. A portfolio is a collection of work you've done that showcases your talents and skills. Not only will a portfolio come in handy when applying for jobs, but it will also serve as a record of all the amazing work you do throughout your career.Students will graduate with a set of skills and a portfolio of work that will allow them to get a job in a wide range of industries, such as a multimedia artist, web designer, graphic developer, photographer, or video production editor.Most career paths for this major usually require a bachelor's degree, in addition to strong technical skills. For more creative careers, such as a multimedia artist or a graphic designer, employers are often more concerned about the quality of an applicant's portfolio; therefore, it is important to focus on developing a strong portfolio throughout your education.

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“…Wonderful atmosphere on campus. Just attended NSC in early June and enjoyed hearing about all the great programs and classes I will start in the fall of 2012. Enjoyed getting to know some of my fellow classmates. I am from out of state and they...” – KLM from Florida

“…Purdue University provides a diverse, challenging, and fulfilling environment in which to learn and excel. The organizations and classes allow for student self-discovery while the professors and services provide guidance for reaching each individual...” – Annadele from South Bend, IN

“…new york university is an academically strenuous and challenging school in the heart of downtown new york city. the campus is new york city, with lots of grand old buildings, mainly centered around washington square park. each of their programs are...” – Isabella from Los Angeles, CA

“…The University of Miami is a prestigious school with a lot to offer. The school is diverse and gives a small university feel in a big town environment. The University of Miami is a great place to go to school because it provides a good degree, has...” – Maureen from Webster City, IA

“…in my opinion, this school is underrated. it is an excellent university with excellent professors and spectacular school spirit. it can definitely compete with other texas universities. ” – Christopher from Houston, TX

“…If I were to describe DePaul in three sentences i'd have to say, it's very unique, as in location, religion, as well as culturally. There are so many different kinds of people here, ones you wouldn't expect to have similar interests, and ones that...” – Gina from Edina, MN

“…Brigham young stands as a precedent for student education. It is a pinnacle of cleanliness of word and of character. It is a school like no other with the honor code as a standing tradition to be upheld by the students and the faculty. ” – Kaitlyn from Riverton, UT

“…Carnegie Mellon University offers an intense four years of training and education for all its students, regardless of their major. Each and every student is immeasurably passionate about their field of study. After graduation, students come out in...” – Austin from Shaker Heights, OH

“…This school is amazing. The teachers are very understanding and seem to love their jobs. The campus is very beautiful, clean, and very easy to navigate.” – Kirby from Chesapeake, VA

“…The college is great!! It won the Aspen award, as the best community college in the nation!!! The campus is very nice.... people are very friendly, and eager to help when you need it... I certainly recommend any one in Orlando to attend Valencia...” – Andreas from Orlando, FL

Broward College
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“…Broward College is a good school. They really help people learn, compensating for disabilities, and different learning-styles.” – Jennifer from Lauderhill, FL

“…palm beach state college is an affordable and highly diverse educational institutional in palm beach county. they offer many courses in hundreds of majors and also offer many great activities both on and off campus. also, palm beach state college...” – Ryan from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“…the teachers/professors have unbelievable knowledge and not afraid to share it. though the hours can be very strenuous, the work you put in definitely brings benefits that wouldn't be found elsewhere. it's a fantastic opportunity” – John from Mcallen, TX

“…NYIT has two campuses in New York. I enthusiastically attend the Manhattan Campus. The location in incredible and curriculum is challenging.” – lee martin from Belmar,, NJ

Indiana Tech
Fort Wayne, IN

“…great online study program for my major. independent study allows me to study around my schedule. wonderful people to answer questions and help with any difficult situation (application, financial aid, transfers, ect).” – Erika from Bryan, OH

“…I absolutely love Santa Fe. It's such a small college with a big college attitude. Everyone is very friendly and always open to lend a hand. It's a great place to start as a freshman” – Arelis from Apopka, FL

“…lindenwood is challenging. lindenwood is enjoyable. lindenwood is rewarding.” – Erich from Foristell, MO

“…I am so glad I chose to attend this school. The core curriculum helps you plan your education so that you are able to make the most of it. I have found nothing bad to say about this school whatsoever.” – Tiphanie from Mansfield, MA

“…long beach is a great community college. they offer many different programs at this college. they have many resources to help you with school.” – Keshia from Long Beach, CA

“…university of phoenix is a wonderful school. uop is very helpful and understanding of their students needs. uop offer classes to fit your lifestyle.” – Meloldy from Bradenton, FL

“…My experience so far has been very rewarding the professors and faculty have gone out of there way to make me feel at home.I look forward to going to my classes each day. I plan to make the most of every opportunity in order to make my dreams a...” – Miranda from Port Orange, FL

“…orange coast college is one of the best community colleges in california, in transfer rates, athletics and academics. there are so many resources and opportunities to succeed and move forward, weather you want to transfer to a university or to get a...” – Jasmine from Costa Mesa, CA

Chaffey College
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“…I must say that Chaffey College has been an outstanding college to have begun my scholarly journey. The fellow students that I have met here have proven to be quite a diverse and fantastic group. And best of all, I have been taught and academically...” – Pedro from Fontana, CA

“…bellevue college is a large school with many opportunities for students. between small class sizes and skilled teachers it is easy to get the education that you need. it is also easy to get into the classes you are interested in during the quarter...” – Jessica from Snohomish, WA

“…overall this has been a good school, many of the students are focused and the teachers i've had have been helpful and willing to spend time answering questions. ” – Brice

“…Wilmington University is a very good school. They love their students and love what they are doing. They have the best curriculum but they don't offer a couple of studies that I would be interested in.” – Celita from Elkton, MD

“…I would have to say that PSC is a 7.5 on a scale from one to ten. the reason for my anwer is their organization problems, and the fact that all students are not treated as equally. ” – Pre-Med from Pensacola, FL

“…tallahassee community college is the best community college to set your academic foundation if you are unsure or ready to attend an university just yet or just financially. professors at tallahassee community college really does care for their...” – Victoria from TALLAHASSEE, FL

“…Santa Ana College is a well rounded diverse school. The teachers and the rest of the faculty there are very friendly and hard working. It is a very homy campus.” – Lydia from Santa Ana, CA

“…the professors are exceptional. the campus is big and spacious. the advisers are so friendly.” – Deiara from Rockledge, FL

“…citrus college has professors that are incredibly knowledgeable, helpful, and determined to give their students a quality education. my experience there has been exceptional. i love the campus, the staff, the educators, and the students.” – Daniel from Upland, CA

“…the school is very organized and help a great help staff. the teacher are easy to talk and are willing to work with students. overrall the college is great.” – Tiffani from Fort Pierce, FL

“…I dread driving the distance, but I enjoy every bit of my college life at Saddleback. The dance program is outstanding and each instructor for every class I have is determined. They love what they do, which encourages the students to do the same.” – Tatiana from Carlsbad, CA

“…elms college is a very good college with many nice people that encourage and motivate their students to be professionals in the future. not every college take from their time to dedicated to the needs of their students and how they are doing in class...” – Ariana from Chicopee, MA

“…good for those seeking mntc courses. small class sizes. decent selection of courses.” – Tyler from Minneapolis, MN

“…they are really on you on what to do and how to do it. the key is to stay consistent and pay attention. review your notes and don't slack off.” – Pete from Jacksonville, FL

“…schoolcraft has wonderful teachers, classes and people. everyone makes you feel welcome and on equal ground when you first start. people don't judge you there.” – Meridith from Dearborn Heights, MI

“…mary hardin-baylor is an exceptional school with passionate teachers and wonderful students. the university and staff base their teachings on faith-based learning. umhb is a great environment to grow as a student and a constructive member of society....” – Casey from Temple, TX

“…bennington college is a place where intellectual development is highly and constantly encouraged. students are challenged using innovative ideas. the community is welcoming and close-knit.” – Brianna from New York, NY

“…Great location. Beautiful Campus. Very nice staff.” – Chris from Palm Springs, CA

“…excellent school for the money. great class selection that transfers to almost any college in michigan and elsewhere for credit, and not just general credit. the teachers are mostly part time from either emu or uofm.” – Benjamin from Stockbridge, MI

“…Saint Norbert is a wonderful liberal arts college with a small town feel that embraces a tight community amongst its students. They provide a great college experience for every student as well as great academics along the way to help you be prepared...” – Garrett from Rhinelander, WI

“…Chico is a small community with many opportunities. The campus and residential areas are very close in proximity and cooperate well together. In fall, the already gorgeous campus becomes stunning with the changing of the leaves.” – Kjerstin from Chico, CA

“…ivc is a wonderful community college proudly ranking #1 for transferring students to cal states and uc's. i have worked hard these past few years in my classes yet have gained valuable skills and knowledge that will be useful for me in the future. i...” – Hanna from Irvine, CA

“…Arizona Western College is a great place to achieve your educational goal. It is a college with great opportunities for students. It can help you achieve your eductional plan to be very successful. ” – Iliana from Yuma, AZ

“…there teaching staff are the best. they walked me threw the process of becoming a student. there is also allot of resources to me tutoring, math-lab etc...” – Daniel from Bothell, WA

“…great engineering program. great instructors. great programs.” – Michael from Lompoc, CA

“…i have visited the university of dubuque twice, and had a few family members go to the university of dubuque, and so far it has been great. i have met the professors who i will be learning from and everyone seems to have something interesting to say...” – Nathaniel from Cedar Falls Iowa, IA

“…The professors are well mannered and professional. The atmosphere is great with many different activities. And there are always resources to help with classes and homework.” – Tyler from Lancaster, CA

“…The staff is great and well informed. There are many study programs and a large number of online courses available. The campus is clean safe and organized.” – A. Janae from Ceres, CA

“…This University has an excellent reputation for providing a quality education. The facility members are caring and very well trained in their fields. The quality of the education I am receiving will be used to help further my career as well as...” – Suzie Student

“…Mount San Antonio College is a great school for students who are unsure of their intended field of study and are looking to explore numerous fields to find their interests. Mt. SAC is filled with great teachers, some with outstanding national awards,...” – John from Chino, CA

“…Love this University because it caters to it's students as far as the advisers going out of their way to help in anyway they can. We have the best meal plan in the country due to the culinary that run the many choice on-campus restaurants. The...” – Ryan from Harwich, MA

“…I have just transferred from Tulsa Community College, and I love Rogers State University. This University and it's faculty go beyond their titles to ensure your success here. I have only attended two colleges and I really wish I would have started at...” – Francisca from Owasso, OK

“…northwest florida state college (nwfsc) offers some of the best a.a - transfer degrees and a variety of classes. i couldn't be more pleased with how much money they saved me as i get my bachelors! they have many convenient locations and has a great...” – Selyna from Crestview, FL

“…College of San Mateo is one of the greatest campuses on the Peninsula. As a returning student after being laid off three years ago, going back to school has given me new purpose and direction in my life. I would recommend going to this college for...” – Kathryn from San Mateo, CA

“…attending dsu this past year has been a great experience for me. the campus is not too big that you get lost and you're not just another number as on some campuses. i can't wait to return in the fall of 2012.” – Chad

“…i think crowder college is the perfect community college to attend. i would rate them among the highest two year college in missouri.” – Rebecca from Monett, MO

“…Good Community College. Nice small campus, easy to navigate. Small class size and lots of personal attention from instructors.” – Michelle from Norton, OH

“…Vaughn College is a great small college for higher learning that is great for first year college student. The school is focused in aviation and has excellent connections with member of various different companies in near by airports. The classes are...” – Elroy from EAST ELMHURST, NY

“…Wonderful faculty that actually cares. There are teachers here who actually want you to succeed. More importantly, the cost of going here is cheap, and there is a diverse community.” – Xavier from Northbridge, MA

“…Luzerne County Community College has shown me that a great education does not have to break your pocket or bank account. My professors and the faculty are very helpful in assisting my needs. I am getting the best education I can that's affordable...” – Megan from White Haven, PA

“…ssc is a great institution for it's value alone. attending this school over a more expensive university allows me to take the prerequisites i need to further my education. the vast majority of professors i have had, especially the ones whose classes...” – Jessica from Longwood, FL

“…Cape Cod Community College is a great place for any student. The faculty work hard to make sure they are catering to the needs of all of their students, and the other students are also always willing to help. For people that want to take a more...” – Jeremy from East Falmouth, MA

“…Lewis and Clark is a small and great looking campus. The teachers genuinely want you to succeed and do everything they can to help and be available to the students. It's a great cheaper option than the usual four-year university, and I strongly...” – Diana from Brighton, IL

“…a great environment!” – Destiny from Hollister, CA

“…It has a great atmosphere and is a very fun place. They really care about you graduating and succeeding in the real world. The campus is beautiful and always evolving to help the students.” – Jansen from Stillwater, OK

“…lake-sumter community college is a fun and helpful way to start your college education. when you first get there everyone is willing to guide you to your classes, and even throughout the year if you have to go somewhere new. also, the teachers are...” – Stephanie from Lake Panasoffkee, FL

“…I just finished a rigorous program. Although it was difficult and time consuming, I am grateful for all the instructors put into us. Their PN Program is top notch!” – cholland85

“…Affordable and convenient, very flexible class schedules. Perfect for students that work full time jobs or have families. ” – Kevin from Westminster, MD

“…All of my professors showed an interest in whether of not each student succeeded, which made me want to do the best that I could. I attended a large university in the past and can say that it was easy to get lost in the shuffle, but at Pierce the...” – Kelly from Puyallup, WA

“…This is an amazing place. I feel very lucky to be able to study here. My professor' s are very accommodating.” – Dutchboy

“…small and well-kept campus. good teacher to student ratio. affordable education. ” – Kerry from Pitman, NJ

Emmanuel College
Franklin Springs, GA

“…Highly accepting school with great forgiveness and understanding. Very Christian based and excels at trying to give students a focused environment that will allow them to learn with distraction. Also considered a small school, but with great...” – John from Fayetteville, NC

“…location teachers education” – Quinshanta from Bradenton, FL

“…I would rate Washington State Community College, at a 8 out of 10. Simply because the teachers don't have a lot of experience. However, I am learning about what I enjoy!” – Megan from Belpre, OH

“…i have a promising future here at hodges, thanks to all the great staff and faculty members who will and are a part of my future. thanks.” – Anita from Fort Myers, FL

“…Great Basin College is the perfect transition college for people looking to go back to school or go to college for the first time.” – Louden from Elko, NV

“…It is a small clean college with small classes. The instructors are very professional. I would recommend this college to people looking to futher the education.” – Michael from jacksonville, FL

“…I give the school four stars!!! The school has amazing resources, almost fro every subject enrolled. There is an option to meet with your instructor for academic assistance, they take time to know their students. Resources include library, books on...” – Muriel from Columbus, OH

“…good college, good teachers.” – Anjelica from Bangor, ME

“…This is a great and very flexible college to work with. It is a good start whether you are still in high school, just getting out, or someone getting a late start. There are several campuses to add more convenience. ” – Kayce from Goreville, IL

“…Is a fun place to be! Its easy to get involved. Love the teachers!! ” – Danielle from Everett, WA

“…Northland Pioneer College is a marvelous community college. Its tuition is very affordable and this college has wonderful professors who get to know each individual in their class. It is a very friendly and enjoyable atmosphere of learning.” – Crystal from Show Low, AZ

“…Pierce College Fort Steilacoom is a great school for anyone wanting to broaden their education. The school provides not only provides a vast variety of classes, but also the instructors truly care that you retain the information for your future...” – Joon from Lakewood, WA

“…I am a freshman at North Country Community College and I absolutely love it here. Everyone makes you feel at home and are so friendly and helpful. I am living in the dorms and they are so nice. Apartment style dorms are a must! You get a lot of...” – Chelsey from Nicholville, NY

“…Lakeshore Technical College is a great college to attend. They are constantly updating their programs to match employer needs and staying relevant with updated technology. If you are looking for a school that offers variety ranging from a Wind Energy...” – Richard from Sheboygan, WI

“…this college works hard to make it's students feel comfortable and welcome. they do put effort into reducing the amount of stress a student feels, and calms the overwhelming new territory feeling that comes with the new experience. they definitely...” – Emily from NH

“…Atlantic University College is a modern school, with the best hardware and software. The professors are up to date with the field. Is the best graphic design school in the Caribbeans.” – Suzanne from Puerto Rico