Computer Hardware Engineering

A computer hardware engineering major will equip you with all the tools you need to be able to design systems on your own. Besides being fascinating, it's also a degree that will get you far in today's job market. Majoring in computer hardware engineering will prepare you to design, develop, and evaluate computer hardware and equipment. You could design circuits and chips, computer systems, and other tech equipment. Inherently, you will be involved in research, development, and design processes of various computer systems and computer components like circuit boards, routers, and processors to achieve an end result. Computer hardware engineering is such a dynamic field you'll be able to choose from several fields including telecommunications, aerospace, biomedical, automotive, and more. This means your career will always be exciting and you'll have plenty of options to explore your interests while making the most of your degree.

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Howard University

Howard University is an HBCU comprised of 13 schools and colleges located two miles from the US Capitol. Nationally-ranked programs at HU include social work, business, and communication sciences and disorders. Howard has three honors programs for...

“…I have learned more in the past year at Howard than I can honestly put into words. I have learned so much about Architecture my first year that I can confidently draft floor plans and elevations of a structure, and make a decent model of it, whereas...” – Devon from Arlington, VA

University of California-San Diego

Founded in 1960, the University of California of San Diego is a research institution located in La Jolla, CA. The 1,200 coastal woodland campus along the Pacific Ocean is home to six undergraduate colleges, five academic divisions, 5 graduate and...

“…Teachers can be great, but you must go to class to actually learn. I never thought I'd be skipping classes, but it happens and I learned the hard way that this is NOT smart. Discussions with TAs can be incredibly helpful as well. I had a math class...” – Current Student from San Diego Area

Oakland University
Rochester Hills, MI
Oakland University

Oakland University is a 4-year public school in the Detroit metro area that was originally established as a satellite campus of Michigan State. Oakland is now home to seven colleges and schools offering bachelor’s degrees in 143 academic programs. In...

“…I took a variety of classes and enjoyed each and everyone of them. My favorite class of my 2008 fall semester was intro to sociology with Dr. George Sanders. We covered a wide range of topics, and Dr. Sanders employed a wide range of teaching...” – Stacey from Lutz, FL

Illinois Institute of Technology

Created by the merger of Lewis Institute and Armour Institute, The Illinois Institute of Technology is a scientific and technical research institution in Chicago. IIT hosts eight colleges and schools conferring undergraduate degrees in over 40 fields...

“…Students that attend IIT go to study and become future leaders, not to fool around or party. I am currently learning so much from the architecture program. The professors are practicing architects and although I just ended my first semester, I feel...” – Christian from Elgin, IL

Wichita State University

Situated at the top of a hill overlooking downtown, Wichita State University is a 4-year public research institution in Wichita. Wichita State features seven colleges and schools conferring undergraduate degrees as well as an Honors College and...

“…I really like the classes I am taking. All of them teach me so much. The teachers try to do classwork that suits all different learners so that they all have a chance to learn. All of my teachers/ professors love answering questions that I have. I...” – Chelsea from Wichita, KS

Utah Valley University

With campus a short distance from Utah Lake, Utah Valley University is a public school in northern Utah and the largest public university in the state. UVU is a dual mission institution combining a teaching university and community college to confer...

“…I LOVE going to school here! The Professors are fantastic! Every class I have had thus far has been taught by highly respected individuals; everyone has at least one Master's and they have all had experience working in their field! The class room...” – Sarah from Pleasant Grove, UT