Corrections and Criminal Justice, Other

Any instructional program in corrections and criminal justice not listed above.

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“…The University of Washington is a challenging school that blossoms independence and creativity. The majority of all faculty members are enthusiastic about the subject they teach, and are willing to assist all students. This school provides excellent...” – Ronald from Honolulu, HI

“…Northeastern is an urban university that still has a campus. The focus of the program are the co-op jobs that most students take three times throughout their five years at school. The focus is on career-track majors like engineering, pharmacy and...” – Catherine from Beverly Hills, MI

“…sam houston state university has an amazing environment. the teacher-student ratio is perfect. the atmosphere is perfect for anyone who doesn't want to get lost in the crowd.” – Felicia from Cedar Park, TX

“…Hampton University is an extremely strict insitution, were freshman are given a curfew and have limited freedoms. This maybe in order to have control over the freshman class and have them focus on school work, but to those who are mature, this is a...” – Myles from Baltimore, MD

“…Suffolk University has great professors that not only challenge your mind but guide you thoroughly through the course. The campus is in the heart of Boston which is another plus. And there are also so many opportunities for clubs and activities for...” – Desiree from Beverly, MA

“…I give Southern New Hampshire University an excellent rating, five stars out of five stars. I feel at home here and have little financial, academic, or social worries. Southern New Hampshire University does an outstanding job at building...” – Mallory from Gorham, NH

“…UAB was the only college I wanted to go to and the only one that I applied to. I was so thrilled when I got in and I had all these expectations of what it was like when I got up here, but they were wrong, they were totally wrong. UAB is so much more...” – Brooks from Fairfield, AL

“…Your college experience is all what you make it. The fun will always be there so work then play. Albany is small school so your reputation is everything, you want people to look at you as someone who's positive and want something out of life.” – Nekia from Jacksonville, FL

“…it's a very amazing place to enjoy. you have wonderful education, great outdoor view, and diverse people.” – Angela from Richmond, VA

“…Great School” – Brittany from Utica, NY

“…I think Savannah State University has a beautiful Campus. Savannah State University is inexpensive. Savannah State University has adequate and even new housing.” – Jordan from Union City, GA

“…Buffalo State is very diverse. They have a really great program for my major and I love the fact thats in the middle of the city and surrounded by art.” – Aleeah from Buffalo, NY

“…NYIT has two campuses in New York. I enthusiastically attend the Manhattan Campus. The location in incredible and curriculum is challenging.” – lee martin from Belmar,, NJ

Indiana Tech
Fort Wayne, IN

“…great online study program for my major. independent study allows me to study around my schedule. wonderful people to answer questions and help with any difficult situation (application, financial aid, transfers, ect).” – Erika from Bryan, OH

“…RWU is a fantastic school that thrives on building a student's academic performance. The staff and professors genuinely care about their students and will help them reach their life goals. It is truly a great place to learn.” – T from Stoughton, MA

“…Very dedicated professors and admin that can get you to the path you want. They also put a great deal of time in to be able to work one on one. The campus is very relaxing and the facilities are newer. ” – Jason from Bolingbrook, IL

“…averett is a great opportunity for any person. it's easy to adapt to and it's worth every bit you put into it. averett helps build the character of a person as well as the mind.” – Kevon from Midlothian, VA

“…Harding is a great school with great opportunities for students. Teachers are very helpful and truly care about students. I would recommend Harding to anybody looking to be involved in a tight community of students. ” – Janice from Bartlesville, OK

“…average sized campus with a variety of students. Very active with the greek organizations. offers a variety of majors.” – Jasmine from Daytona Beach, FL

“…To say the least, UAF is a unique, culturally diverse University. Fairbanks has opportunities available for students that no other university can offer (ice climbing, anyone?). Small class size and a community atmosphere make UAF the perfect place to...” – Kate

“…I love this school and will do all my degree here. I am going to go thought to my Masters in this school.” – Rebecca from North Attleboro, MA

“…I really love the atmosphere at this school and how personal everything is here. I love that my professors all know my name and some of my interests outside of class.” – Paige from Erie, PA

“…Wilmington University is a very good school. They love their students and love what they are doing. They have the best curriculum but they don't offer a couple of studies that I would be interested in.” – Celita from Elkton, MD

“…since i have transfered to keene state college, i have felt at home and like i belong. it's a wonderful school with a great environment. the classes make me learn better and i feel more one-on-one with my professors and iep coordinator. i know that...” – Chantel from Plaistow, NH

“…Newberry College is the best choice for students who are looking for a school with a good sense of community, good academics, and great opportunities all around. This school has everything from a wonderful student body and staff to a welcoming place...” – Anonymous

“…Hinds Communty College in Raymond, MS is one of the most beautiful schools that I have ever been to. The campus is so unique and different. The staff there are very nice and even though I have not started classes there, I believe that going to this...” – Dalonia from Brookhaven, MS

“…Coppin State University has a lot to offer to new incoming students. The professors tried their hardest to make sure we are learning all we can with little resources. Coppin State University have also added different and new courses that students can...” – Ikea

“…the university of michigan - flint is a bubble in the violence-enriched city of flint. it is a clean campus full of inspiring individuals. everyone is friendly and willing to lend a helping hand.” – Jeffrey from Flint, MI

“…Community really have a great team. They really take the time out to help you move forward in your future career and there courses is really great.” – Cassandra from Philadelphia, PA

“…emporia state university is a great school, it is a very student driven campus with lots of opportunity's to get involved with the community and different clubs. the teachers and staff are very welcoming and go out of there way to make sure all needs...” – Natasha from Osborne, KS

“…This is a great little college with a beautiful campus. Grocery stores are literally just around the corner so there is no need for a car, just a good, comfy pair of sneakers. Most of the staff is pretty great, too.” – Jessica from West Bloomfield, MI

“…they have very helpful instructors and they will do anything they can to help you succeed in class. the campus is well kept and very big with great facilitys. i love uaa because everyone there, including students, will help you in anyway they can.” – Lucinda from Palmer, AK

“…1. The one on one relationships between teachers and students are very helpful. 2. The round table learning help students speak up more on their ideas. 3. The English and biology programs are great.” – Jendelle from Lake View, SC

“…William Carey University is a wonderful school for prospective students looking for a pleasant atmosphere and Christian atmosphere. William Carey University really strives to encourage every student to never give up on their visions. Willaim Carey...” – ShaQuenna Arrington

“…Chadron has a great atmosphere that makes you feel like you are at home. In addition the programs they offer are great since a majority have hands on experience included. ” – Marya from Cairo, NE

“…I would rate Lake Superior State as a good, close-knit University with an opportunity to meet most of the students there and accomplish your goals there without the big-city distraction. One is able to focus and achieve as a student at Lake Superior...” – Carolinne from Westland, MI

“…The best place to study without been distracted. best place to school and also best place to get to know your lecturer.” – Rebecca from Lawton, OK

“…This is a small campus that makes me feel right at home. Everyone is very helpful and polite. It feels like you are a part of a family.” – Losa

“…pitt community college is a great school. we have many resources to get help to gain understanding. i feel that this school could really further my education.” – Donteaz from Pantego, NC

“…New Jersey City University is an excellent school. The campus is beautifully structured and the student body is very diverse. Attending NJCU is a learning, as well as growing experience that I am grateful to be a part of.” – Imani from Jesery City, NJ

“…A small campus that makes a wonderful home for students. The professors know your name, what activities your involved in, etc by the time the semester is over, which shows they truly care for you. The class size is great; they say about 17 people per...” – Hilari from Eureka, IL

“…i have been going to night class, this is the best. i am now taking day class and i love the campus and the instructors they really care about the student. the advisor have an open door policy... it's great” – Robbie from Flora, MS

“…I Love Anderson. It is a small school full of people who care. The class sizes are perfect so you can get individual attention.” – Stephanie from Greenville, SC

“…I think Keystone is the perfect school to grow and learn, the faculty and students there are very nice. And the campus is beautiful. Most of the classes are small so it is easier to learn and have your questions answered it you have any.” – Kristy from Duryea, PA

“…this university is great academically wise, because it pushes you to work hard. the classes are small, this gives an opportunity for students to gain more one-on-one with the professors. when a student is in need of help there are many ways for them...” – Jasmin from Philadelphia, PA

“…hocking is a wonderful school, especially for nursing students. i chose this school because they have a one hundred percent passing rate on their bar exams. i would choose this school all over again if i had to redo it. ” – Amber from Lancaster, OH

“…Muskingum is a university where you are a person and not a number. This is now my home and I will receive an excellent education here. I have never felt so welcomed by new people before.” – Brianna from New Concord, OH

“…It's a small, yet private business college. The classes are smaller than normal colleges, and you get a lot of one on one time if needed.” – Daryl from Elkton, MD

“…I love the classes that they offer at Newbury College. The size of the school is small, which means all my teacher know more about me. The location of the school is perfect.” – Karina from Cromwell, CT

“…Saint Mary's University of Minnesota is a small, liberal arts college. I was drawn to this university by the close-knit community atmosphere. I really appreciated getting to know my professors on a first-name basis and getting a lot of attention...” – Lauren from Mount Horeb, WI

“…I am in the Weekend Learner Program, and have found the staff and faculty very helpful. The courses are available around my work schedule. The tuition and fees are expensive, but its worth it.” – Teri from Cromwell, CT

“…If I were to rate ICC on a scale from one to ten, I would rate it a ten. This school is great! I would recommend this college to all entering college students because it is a great start for college.” – LaKeisha from Nettleton, MS

“…Asbury University is an excellent place for spiritual growth through diligent teaching of God's Word. Asbury University is a fast-growing,stable environment for the young mind. Asbury University is a life long journey for the students as well as the...” – Tara from Lexington, KY

“…Massasoit is a great school to start you on your college journey. You save money and can get all your general courses out of the way. Some of my best professors were at Massasoit.” – MD from Randolph, MA

“…Northwestern is perfect for people who are looking for a close community! The classes are small, professors are great, and the dorm life is a ton of fun! It's a college whose goal is to integrate spiritual and academic learning. ” – Justina from Orange City

“…Stillman is a small college with a great staff that will help you on your collegiate journey. The vibe here is very family oriented and people will strive to help uplift you. Stillman is a great place to attend if you want to be successful in life.” – Biyunka from Columbus, MS

“…Rate this University as a 10 out of 10. My review is reference giving a person ready for continued education. Point University does prepare for continued education and or job preparation. ” – Marqus from Jonesboro, GA

“…this college has many opportunities to offer to future students who wants to futher their education. helpful instructors to guide and lead you to the path you choose to go. great environment to be around when your in need for down time.” – Carmenlynn from Picayune, MS

“…I find that Hill College helps their students with any questions, concerns, or difficulties they might run into. They also look out for the student's best interest. I would give Hill College high scores on everything from teaching, counseling,...” – Cherilyn from Burleson, TX

“…The instructors are very nice and are always trying to help student reach their full potential. The classrooms are big and very clean. The students who attend here are very nice and friendly.” – Cassey from Gauiter, MS

“…It is an amazing school, that only has its best interest for it's students. There are always opportunities for us to advance with both social and learning skills. I am proud to say I attend Niagara County Community College!” – Rebecca

“…amazing. john jay college has a great program for students considering law school. they have a dedicated faculty and a supportive staff. they understand the struggles that their students are facing and provide as much help as possible.” – Christine from New York, NY

“…Paul Quinn College is acutually a very good college, everyone looks out for one another. the first day of registration I made a mistake concerning my dorms, and the president of Paul Quinn took care of it within the hour. Considering how nice not...” – Talisha from Dallas, TX

“…jamestown college is an affordable private school where faculty and staff are dedicated to christian ethics and student success.” – Amanda from Jamestown, ND

“…Luzerne County Community College has shown me that a great education does not have to break your pocket or bank account. My professors and the faculty are very helpful in assisting my needs. I am getting the best education I can that's affordable...” – Megan from White Haven, PA

“…I love Murray State! Wonderful people and great atmosphere.” – Summer from Marietta, OK

“…i currently attend coconino community college as a full time student. the lone tree campus is a fairly new and visually appealing school, with a small college atmosphere. the professors are both helpful and professional, and are able to create a...” – Brian from Flagstaff, AZ

“…overall laramie county community college has been a great experience both socially and academically. i'm challenged to do my best in and out of class with people that care about me. the teachers actually have a relationship with the students and push...” – Hailee from Cheyenne, WY

“…I love all the diversity at this school. They have a lot of clubs, organizations and programs to offer for almost every interest. All my teachers are very dedicated and help me with every question, every one is very helpful.” – Ciara from Kansas City, KS

“…Small campus with many oppoutunities for success. Most professors will take time to get to know you. Excellent transfer advisors prepare you for transferring to a four-year school.” – Elisabeth from Galena, MD

“…st. ambrose university is a small, liberal arts college. it is diverse in the acedemic and social possibilities for their students. laslty, it is a very warm and welcoming place, a home away from home. ” – Emily from Arlington Hts., IL

“…HCCC helped me realize what I wanted to do in life. My professors were all very kind and helpful and taught me about many different fields in my subject making it easier to choose my life goals. I recommend this college to my friends and my brother...” – Kimberly from Northville, NY

“…i would definitely give them the highest rating possible for various reasons. in their own way they exceed even the ivy league schools. 10 out of 10; 100 out of a 100; whatever the variable they are tops.” – Sandra from Rillton, PA

“…Great community that helps college students. The staff really try to help all students succeed. The courses offered are great and interesting!” – 2tone

“…Good religious school. Very diversity. And tuition is about 3,900.” – Iris from East Saint Louis, IL

“…I would rate Washington State Community College, at a 8 out of 10. Simply because the teachers don't have a lot of experience. However, I am learning about what I enjoy!” – Megan from Belpre, OH

“…sussex county is an amazing college who cares about you. the professors, counselors and staff will do anything in their power to help you achieve your goals. helping you move on to bigger and better things is what they are all about.” – Gabrielle from Hopatcong, NJ

“…SUNY Canton's main campus facilities are incorporated into the side of a hill making almost all window a pleasant view. The staff and the students here are intuitive and pleasant. Ethnic diversity at SUNY Canton is also a big factor when...” – Scott from Heuvetlton, NY

“…sccc is a great community college! i like the small class sizes the college has. seward has a great student to teacher connection, as in the teachers really make you feel like they care about your well being, because they do. the college just makes...” – Benito from Liberal, KS

“…Zane State is a small school and this allows for smaller class rooms so that the instructors are able to take more time with each student. Everyone at Zane State is very helpful.” – Surena from Zanesville, OH

“…Northern is a good quality school. There are several opportunities offered here. All of the faculty are very helpful.” – Tawnya from Havre, MT

“…Wonderful location with a wide variety of classes. Very affordable and an all-online option. Small classes and relaxed feeling.” – Kelly from Anaheim Hills, CA

“…This is an awesome school. The academic structure is great! The professors work very hard to help you do well and they give positive feedback.” – Tonya from Durham, NC

“…Black river has nice teachers that are willing to help. The teachers are understanding when it comes to missed days due to excusable events. Students are also very friendly, so no one feels like a real outcast.” – Kassie from Hoxie, AR

“…WITC is a fantastic school for both recent high school graduates and adults returning to school to advance their current skills or pursue a new degree. WITC has four campuses in NW Wisconsin that offer day, evening and online courses. WITC offers...” – Katherine from Frederic, WI

“…BMCC is a perfect starter college. Its has staff and tutors that will work one-on-one with you. Fully credited and easy to transfer to and from.” – Joseph from Sault Ste. Marie, MI

“…it's a fairly boring school. not much goes on there.” – Yabrieliz from Guaynabo, PR

“…Feather River College is a wonderful school and helps students transition from high school to the academic rigor of college. It is in a beautiful rural setting and professors are professional, knowledgeable, and there to help students succeed. FRC...” – Brent from Quincy, CA

“…Good school offering many different fields of technical study. The schools employees are very helpful to student. They have business and financial aid offices with workers ready to help in any way possible. They will help you find and choose an area...” – Kiana from Middletown, DE

“…Excellent customer/student care, excellent facilities. Several 4-year program and some two-year transfer opportunities. ” – Amanda from Ponce, PR

“…I a very good University, i have learn a lot. There are a lots of good professors here and they teach very well.” – Dracelle from Puerto Rico

“…Inter American University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla is an institution with an excellent range of academic opportunities. Their curricula range from as simple a matter to the hardest part. That for the purpose of preparing the students for a...” – KENNETH from Vega Baja, PR

“…The best university in Business class. Accessibility Important” – Yasmin from Puerto Rico