Critical Incident Response/Special Police Operations

A program focusing on the principles and techniques for dealing with police emergencies such as hostage situations, bomb threats, barricades and terrorist incidents. Includes instruction in crisis management, command procedures, incident containment, information collection and debriefing, first responder negotiation, victim and criminal psychology, site survey and surveillance, special weapons and tactics, interagency communications and joint operations, pre-confrontation and contingency planning, assault and rescue operations, security and crowd control, media relations, and post-operation procedures.

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Saint Leo University

Founded in 1889, Saint Leo University is a top rated, private university located in Tampa Bay, Florida. We offer our students an ideal college experience - from our leading-edge academics with over 50 programs (including unique accelerated 3 + 1...


I can get a lot out from what I learned from each and everyone of my classes that I have taken.

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University of New South Wales (UNSW-Sydney)

The University of New South Wales is an Australian public university in the Sydney metro area. UNSW is home to nine academic faculties conferring undergraduate degrees and is a member of the Australian coalition of research universities known as...