Dance, Other

Any instructional program in dance not listed above.

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“…It's great! Take a bike though cause they seem useful. Have fun.” – Edwin from Cape Coral, FL

“…Drexel gives you so many experiences. Drexel gives you a chance to meet so many people. Drexel gives you a helping hand when you need it. ” – Eliza

“…Brigham young stands as a precedent for student education. It is a pinnacle of cleanliness of word and of character. It is a school like no other with the honor code as a standing tradition to be upheld by the students and the faculty. ” – Kaitlyn from Riverton, UT

“…university of california riverside is an exceptional higher education institution that dedicates itself to providing quality education. the university is among the most diverse schools in the nation which makes it unique. there are multiple...” – Denise from Riverside, CA

“…overall, elon university is a great school in which you will obtain all the resources you need to succeed. from the impeccable environment, rigorous classes, clubs/organizations and people on campus, elon always exemplifies excellence and the belief...” – Brian from Burlington, NC

“…Western Michigan University has a lot to offer, from the location, people, and activities. Located in Kalamazoo, Western students can get from place to place with ease. There are all types of people that attend Western so you are bound to find a...” – Kelsey from Laingsburg, MI

“…A fantastic institution that encourages you to follow your passion, whatever it may be. The list of clubs is endless, allowing you to foster your interest in a variety of activities. The professors also encourage free thinking and strive to build...” – Devin from Omaha, NE

“…Marymount Manhattan College is in an ideal location for students interested in all kinds of studies. The college is incredibly helpful in ensuring students get everything they need from tutoring to finding an internship in the city. The professors...” – Brittany from Leonardo, NJ

“…uvu is a great place for gaining a higher education. it is very challenging to the mind. the school is very supportive of its students. ” – Stephanie from Orem, UT

“…a well laid out campus with decent parking and very knowledgeable professors. many are easy to approach and decent food.” – Jeremy from Hubbard, OH

“…Palomar College is a great school when it comes to academics and their staff. Everyone at Palomar is extremely helpful and wants you to exceed. However, there are a few bad professors in the bunch, but that's how it is at every campus.” – Jalena from Temecula, CA

“…Brenau offers a variety of degrees. Brenau's staff and educators are professionals with working experience. Brenau's instructors want their student's to achieve.” – Amanda from Manchester, TN

Salem College
Winston Salem, NC

“…The classes are small which is great. The campus is easy to navigate and get around. The professers and other students seem helpful if you're lost or have questions. ” – Jessica from Lewisville, NC

“…Marlboro College is a unique, interdisciplinary learning experience where you know your professors personally, sometimes even having dinner at their own homes. Marlboro is prized for its serious academic rigor and success. The student body of about...” – Rebecca from Red Lion, PA

“…1. The one on one relationships between teachers and students are very helpful. 2. The round table learning help students speak up more on their ideas. 3. The English and biology programs are great.” – Jendelle from Lake View, SC

“…Anderson University is full of wonderful students and staff. It is a great place to learn. It is well worth the cost if you make the most of your time here.” – Ethan from New Castle, IN

“…glendale has a very beautiful campus. glendale has very understanding teachers. glendale has good food. ” – Corinthian from Sylmar, CA