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Any instructional program in design and applied arts not listed above.

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“…First of all, UCLA is in one of the most amazing cities by far! Los Angeles has so much to offer within its grasps and if you think Los Angeles is boring then that is your fault. I would give UCLA a 9 out of 10 just because it is so diverse and...” – Katie

“…Harvard is a place of innovation and discovery. It is a community of scholars, who are very intelligent, ambitious, and collaborative. The most distinctive feature of Harvard is the vibrant energy that characterizes its student body, and that drives...” – CLAUDIA from CAMBRIDGE, MA

“…i am a very proud penn state student. penn state is an institution that wants you to succeed. people here all this talk about college's don't care if you succeed or not, they just want your money. that may be true but as long as you apply yourself...” – Ashley from Lancaster, PA

“…The University of Michigan is truly an incredible place with incredible people. There is a lot of school pride about both academics and athletics, and although the academics are challenging, there is a good combination of studying and fun. I would...” – Sarah from Troy, MI

“…Arizona State University is a great school. I attend the Walter Cronkite School for students of Mass Communication and Journalism and I love the experience I have gained from the college. I feel prepared for future jobs and work experience. ” – Kirsten from Phoenix, AZ

“…Purdue University provides a diverse, challenging, and fulfilling environment in which to learn and excel. The organizations and classes allow for student self-discovery while the professors and services provide guidance for reaching each individual...” – Annadele from South Bend, IN

“…AMAZING; Academics are rigorous, but with all the support available that you need to be successful. Social life is upbeat and eventful with tons of diverse people with whom to interact. Also, Los Angeles is a vibrant city with numerous opportunities...” – Second year from San Diego, CA

“…It definitely lives up to the nickname the social Ivy, but that's not to say the academics are not rigorous. Be prepared to work hard and show dedication to both class and activities. Even though it is in a big city, there is a distinct campus...” – Samantha from Philadelphia, PA

“…Syracuse University has a very distinct atmosphere: it is very inviting, yet allows you to feel free in your individuality. Twenty inches of snow is common so snow days are basically non-existent; in order words, don't expect classes to be cancelled...” – Fatima from Staten Island, NY & Richmond, VA

“…The University of Oregon is not only a beautiful campus but offers the kind of liberal arts studies that I prefer. The excitement of living on campus and attending favored sporting events has contributed to my enjoyment at this school. I look forward...” – Katharine from Claremont, CA

“…UMD, College Park is a school full of opportunities and great education. It has a campus feel, but is large enough to feel like it's own town and easy access to Washington, D.C. and other commercial areas, providing plenty of opportunities for...” – Jennifer from Western Maryland

Auburn University
Auburn University, AL

“…auburn is a wonderful school with rich history and tradition. the faculty and staff are excellent and friendly, and always willing to help. the student life here is incredibly varied and offers something for everyone.” – Joshua from Auburn, AL

“…my school, although huge, makes you feel like your at a small school with professors who actually care for your academics; my school works very hard to make sure that we the students are getting the help we need no matter what subject in school or...” – Anujin from Elk Grove Village, IL

“…This campus is small enough to get to your classes in a reasonable time, but still big to find fun things to do. They have great places to eat with lots of variety. The people are all really friendly.” – Alex from Cincinnati, OH

“…The University of Kansas has great professional schools with devoted professors who take education beyond the classroom. The campus environment is beautiful and the students population is very active in organizations. The University of Kansas houses...” – Zach from Overland Park, KS

“…Drexel University is a great school for anyone looking to earn a head start in real world experience and building connections for a career. The co-op plans provide the perfect opportunity to learn the ins-and-outs of what's in store after college and...” – Jonathan from Philadelphia, PA

“…Iowa State is a large university with the small college feel. It has many students but everywhere I go, I see people I know, and that are in my classes. Everyone is very nice and the professors know what they are teaching.” – Grace from Vermont

“…The most diverse college in West Virginia It is a really huge college The mountains and hills reinforce the beauty of the town ” – Toussaint from Martinsburg, WV

“…Carnegie Mellon University offers an intense four years of training and education for all its students, regardless of their major. Each and every student is immeasurably passionate about their field of study. After graduation, students come out in...” – Austin from Shaker Heights, OH

“…Although this is a commuter school, I love being here every day. The instructors are helpful and understanding of any situation you might be in and there are more opportunities on campus to get involved with than I had thought. You meet a lot of...” – Bart from Deerfield, IL

“…Butler has a very welcoming environment. There are a wide varieties of majors and therefore diversity. I made the right choice in attending Butler. ” – Meredith from Lexington, KY

“…I think like any experience, a college education is what you make of it. Montclair State has a surplus of resources to take advantage of and can truly be the college you are proud of. I have had the opportunities to be an active member and leader in...” – Afshan from Dumont, NJ

“…The University of New England is definitely a great college. The connections I have made in my one year are incredible. Everyone here is very helpful, and they offer many resources for you in order to make sure you succeed.” – Kayla from Clifton Park, NY

“…Xavier is a private institution with a strong Jesuit focus. Xavier always has a welcoming atmosphere that makes campus immediately feel like home. The professors on campus are eager to teach and always make class interesting and engaging. ” – Kathleen from IL

“…As one of the top Cal States, it is very competitive. One of the most diverse universities in California. The college presents its students with a variety of majors to choose from.” – Monica from Riverside, CA

“…Ferris State University is a well organized college, full of helpful professors. I love it there and the food and dinning is also wonderful. This university has a friendly atmosphere. ” – Katherine from Newaygo, MI

“…virginia commonwealth university is a terrific school.i don't recommend this school to someone who isn't use to a big city. also if you don't like big classrooms with 150 plus students, i don't recommend it.” – Christa from Lynchburg, VA

“…New School is a wonderful school, small classes and very involved student and faculty. As students we also benefit from great lectures and organized events involving highly recognized professionals in fields from fashion design to sustainable...” – Saydee from Brooklyn, NY

“…i would rate fit, 9 out of 10. fit offers endless opportunities that allow students to get involved in the fashion industry in college. all of the professors and faculty are serious about every students success. last but not least, fashion institute...” – Michelle Smith

“…The facilities are fantastic and abundant, the professors are always willing to help but give you enough freedom to roam on your own, and the college gives students all the benefits of a college campus in a city without an overwhelming city feeling....” – Kira from Earlton, NY

“…The Illinois Institute of Technology is a one-of-a-kind school with its fairly small student:teacher ratio and its challenging academic programs. Its location is ideal as it is not in downtown Chicago but just a few minutes from it. Studying at IIT...” – Gabriel from Joliet, IL

“…SMU is a small university in a big city. The beautiful campus is a welcoming place for students who want to get involved and meet people from around the country and world. SMU offers endless ways to get involved and Dallas is the perfect city for...” – Paige from Edmond, OK

“…Philadelphia University offers a great variety of assets. They provide students such as myself with excellent food, a top notch library, and a campus center to hang out. I find my experience here to be most wonderful when dorming because everything...” – Michael from Philadelphia, PA

“…UB is centrally located in Baltimore, MD. No longer a graduate school taking on the adjustment of incoming freshman had gave UB a great opportunity to provide education to everyone of all walks of life.” – Ashley from Owings Mills, MD

“…UB is essentially a diverse small friendly community providing a great atmosphere with much to benefit and learn from. The programs as well as courses satisfy my academic endeavor for the pursuit of knowledge. Living on campus is an individualistic...” – Brian from Yonkers, NY

“…The University of Minnesota-Twin Cities is simultaneously a distinguished research university and a small liberal arts college; that is to say, the U makes strides not only in answering the what of life, but also in the why. Its size makes...” – Grace from Moorhead, MN

“…on a 1 to 10 i rate oru a 10. it is truly a fine university academically, athletically, and spiritually. it is an honor to say i attend oru!” – Michael from North Carolina

“…Buffalo State is very diverse. They have a really great program for my major and I love the fact thats in the middle of the city and surrounded by art.” – Aleeah from Buffalo, NY

“…the teachers/professors have unbelievable knowledge and not afraid to share it. though the hours can be very strenuous, the work you put in definitely brings benefits that wouldn't be found elsewhere. it's a fantastic opportunity” – John from Mcallen, TX

“…NYIT has two campuses in New York. I enthusiastically attend the Manhattan Campus. The location in incredible and curriculum is challenging.” – lee martin from Belmar,, NJ

“…saic provides a challenging and creative environment to sharpen your artistic skills. the staff is well equipped with experience and knowledge to give practical and helpful direction. the school is also located in one of the most exciting cities in...” – Maria from Irmo, SC

“…salem state is a growing school with facilities being updated every year. the course offerings are vast, although some are only offered at certain times of the year or certain times of day. the student body is very diverse and welcoming.” – Meghan from Beverly, MA

Merrimack College
North Andover, MA

“…Merrimack is a small catholic campus. Everyone seems to want you to feel welcome. ” – I'm applying to Merrimack

“…I love the hands-on learning at UF. All of the professors are helpful and most will go out of their way to help you when you need it. Everyone also makes you feel like an individual instead of just another number.” – Ashley from North Ridgeville, OH

“…Hampshire College is a remarkable institution in which I have been able to explore my interests and discover new passions that I would not have otherwise discovered. Their innovative take on learning and teaching allows the student to pursue...” – Rodrigo

“…Houston Baptist is an excellent school. The professors know you by name, really care about you and want to see you succeed. It's small school so you get a lot of attention from your professors!” – Claudia from Missouri City, TX

“…the university of maryland-baltimore county is a small, public university just outside of the city of baltimore. umbc strives to create well rounded students through a core curriculumn which includes arts and humanities, history, mathematics, foreign...” – Daniel from Bowie, MD

“…I'm a Health Promotion and Fitness Major, and the professors are great! The classes are small, the professors are excited to be here, the area is safe but close to big city excitement, and the food's pretty good too! I also got a lot of financial aid...” – Elizabeth from Avalon, CA

“…otis is amazing and challenging. the staff are helpful and eager to teach. wonderful experience even though hard, very rewarding experience.” – Jessica from National City, CA

“…The professors don't see questions as stupid because if chances are there are a few other people in your class who are wondering the same thing. They truly care about a student's life and will try to help them succeed. The campus constantly has some...” – Kassandra from Valley Stream, NY

“…i give them five stars for their teachers, advisers, and councilors, but only four stars with there financial aid office. they are positive and accommodating towards people that have difference goals and live different life styles. the only quarrel i...” – Jessica from Newberry, IN

“…Provides a very strong medical education. Campus isn't too big to walk to classes. Offers in class and online education.” – Naomi from topeka, KS

“…they offer outstanding adult degree programs. they are phenomenal at giving adult students the resources and support needed to succeed. the instructors really care about your success!” – Karen from High Point, NC

“…Middlesex is a great school with top quality professors. Tuition is low priced for high quality education. In addition, the campus is very safe.” – Jacquelin from Hopelawn, NJ

“…they have very helpful instructors and they will do anything they can to help you succeed in class. the campus is well kept and very big with great facilitys. i love uaa because everyone there, including students, will help you in anyway they can.” – Lucinda from Palmer, AK

“…this school is quiet, small, productive and overall a great place to study and receive an education at.” – Bridgit from Coral Springs, FL

“…Amazing staff and classes at MICA you learn a lot, from students and teachers especially in your first year there. I don't think any other school can compare in MICA's foundation year and the amount that you can learn about art and yourself. This is...” – Sommer from Hamburg, NY

“…i personally feel that oakton community college is a school full of unique people. as i pass by students like me, they carry things like instruments and artwork to show others what they are passionate about. that is what i love about college: we are...” – Michelle from Des Plaines, IL

“…Oklahoma Christian University is a wonderful college for those who seek to follow God and even those who are unsure about their faith. Professors are kind, supportive and friendly. The student body isn't just your graduating class, it's like a giant...” – Lindi from Needville, TX

“…great place to start. they have wonderful professors who care about you. a caring staff who is there to help you. ” – TRAMAR from Southampton, NY

“…this is a great school for students who can adapt to an all women school. they are excellent for nursing majors. they do offer spacious and convenient dorms for those who want to stay on campus.” – Nadine from Milwaukee, WI

“…In a small town, with a huge nasty lake and a beautiful trail. Not too many students, so the teachers actually know who I am. Stout's ranking would probably end up with an eight, in my eyes.” – Laura from Milton, WI

“…The teachers are always willing to help you, even if you just need to talk. The level of education and resources at this university are phenomenal; we have a wide variety of teachers that have excellent application experience to what they're teaching...” – Liliya from Alvarado, TX

“…schreiner university is a great college to not only get an excellent education,but also become acquainted with other students and professors. the professors really care about your education and will do everything possible to help you along your road...” – Rheya from Cypress, TX

“…Asbury University is an excellent place for spiritual growth through diligent teaching of God's Word. Asbury University is a fast-growing,stable environment for the young mind. Asbury University is a life long journey for the students as well as the...” – Tara from Lexington, KY

“…A beautiful college that creates a welcoming atmosphere for students and faculty to learn the stunning and vivid qualities it takes to make fine art, animation, fashion, products, transportation and videogames for the community and world around to...” – Ashley from Ottawa, IL

“…i think its a amazing place to learn. it is really easy to get help at mcmurry. this college can help you reach your maxium potential.” – Malique from Hutto, TX

“…It is an amazing school, that only has its best interest for it's students. There are always opportunities for us to advance with both social and learning skills. I am proud to say I attend Niagara County Community College!” – Rebecca

“…This college is very competitive, cost effective & current. The campus is beautiful, large, and most importantly, functional. The faculty, staff & students are friendly and diverse.” – Nicole from Whitehouse Station, NJ

“…This college was very easy for me to commute to and from. I believe I received a great deal of knowledge here. The teachers were helpful and understanding.” – Megan from Rockaway, NJ

“…a wonderful community of artists that i fully enjoy being around. the staff and faculty are intimate and have been nothing but helpful to me. pnca has helped me grow and is still helping me develop into the best artists i can be” – Portland, OR

“…mcad has absolutely amazing facilities for students to use for their benefit and great connections to clients. their instructors have knowledge about the courses they are teaching and are always available to talk with outside of class. ” – Miah from Minneapolis, MN

“…penn state altoona is a smaller campus, seated less than an hour away from university park. the classes are much smaller and you are able to really get to know your professors. this is a great option for those of you who are looking to go to...” – Brittany

“…cumberland university offers a very encouraging and prosperous collegiate atmosphere. the university's staff is helpful and competent. overall cumberland university is an excellent place to pursue an education.” – Brittany from Knoxville, TN