Dietetic Technician

A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of registered dietitians and nutritionists, to implement nutritional and dietetic plans and provide direct client and patient services. Includes instruction in human nutrition, client interviewing and record keeping, dietary planning, food preparation and safety, food worker supervision, food service establishment monitoring and inspection, and applicable procedures and regulations.

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“…a large school with many opportunities (be it academics, socially, etc.) ” – Mina J from New York, New York

“…This school is amazing. The teachers are very understanding and seem to love their jobs. The campus is very beautiful, clean, and very easy to navigate.” – Kirby from Chesapeake, VA

“…Hillsborough Community College (HCC) is an excellent choice for continuing education whether solely seeking an Associate's Degree or planning to transfer to a four-year college. With class sizes averaging 25 students, instructors are readily...” – K. Rich from Tampa, FL

“…It is a great college to complete your General educationa and transfer from or earn an A.A. certificate. ” – Liset from Bellflower, CA

“…a well laid out campus with decent parking and very knowledgeable professors. many are easy to approach and decent food.” – Jeremy from Hubbard, OH

“…orange coast college is one of the best community colleges in california, in transfer rates, athletics and academics. there are so many resources and opportunities to succeed and move forward, weather you want to transfer to a university or to get a...” – Jasmine from Costa Mesa, CA

Chaffey College
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“…I must say that Chaffey College has been an outstanding college to have begun my scholarly journey. The fellow students that I have met here have proven to be quite a diverse and fantastic group. And best of all, I have been taught and academically...” – Pedro from Fontana, CA

“…Morrisville is warm and welcoming, but dont be fooled by the warmth. This school is a serious institution that will not tollerate many things, so I would say for a college it is is on the strict side. A very small school only 3000 students you get to...” – Armani from New York, NY

“…they are really on you on what to do and how to do it. the key is to stay consistent and pay attention. review your notes and don't slack off.” – Pete from Jacksonville, FL

“…This school has many scholarship opportunities and a wide variety of degree programs. It also has very versatile scheduling options.” – Brionna from Chandler, AZ

“…It's a very good school to go to. They have people here to help you when you need it. It's a very safe school. ” – Alessa from Urbana, IL

“…Nationally recognized for a reason. Almost every instructor I have had in my four years while attending have been passionate and genuinely interested in the success of their students at both an academic and personal level. The courses are challenging...” – Brandon from Forestville, CA

“…it's a great two year college with teachers that actually care about each students education. unlike other two year colleges i've heard about, lacc makes it easy to register for classes. there is never any confusion and all the counselors actually...” – Ani from Los Angeles, CA

“…The school is proficient for an Associates Degree. Classes are reasonably priced, professors are competent, and their three campuses make classes easily accessible. I would rate the school well for a two year degree.” – Lynn from NJ

“…I think Delgado Community college is a wonderful start for any person seeking a better life. People can schedule classes at times that suit them. Delgado Community college is a place with education that works. ” – Corey from Harvey, LA

“…Their online classes utilize the blackboard instructional method, and they are very good. The support you receive is very useful. The feedback from the professors is prompt and conducive to a good learning atmosphere,” – Mark from CasaGrande, AZ

“…I love this school. The classes are scheduled aroung my work/family life. The Professor are always willing to assist.” – PAMELA from SACRAMENTO, CA

“…A good school that has really great teachers. The content of the courses are on point. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get a two year degree. ” – Ashley from Bessemer City, NC

“…North Shore Community college is a grate school to begin you academic career. They offer a MASS Transfer benefit that is worth looking into. You can cut 2 years of course work out (transfer as a junior) if you continue to a four year state college...” – Christen from Saugus, MA

“…I am very pleased with the professors that teach the classes at PVCC. I would recommend this college to anyone of my friends and family. I cannot wait to complete the rest of my Associates degree here!” – Elizabeth from Anthem, AZ

“…Milwaukee Area Technical College is very student orientated and helpful with hands-on experience regarding your program. MATC, with all four campuses, serves Milwaukee by offering a variety of technical programs that will prepare us students for the...” – Willmar from Milwaukee, WI

“…It is a very nice, friendly and a supportive place for two-year degree or transferable credits. The staffs are excellent and knowledgeful as well as supportive and dedicated. The school is expanding and more and more students are comming into the...” – Minh from Bloomington, MN

“…Good Community College. Nice small campus, easy to navigate. Small class size and lots of personal attention from instructors.” – Michelle from Norton, OH

“…It is an amazing school, that only has its best interest for it's students. There are always opportunities for us to advance with both social and learning skills. I am proud to say I attend Niagara County Community College!” – Rebecca

“…It is a very affordable college, being the least expensive in New England. The transfer agreements between SMCC and four year college is amazing and you know that you will not be wasting time in a class that will not transfer. The trade programs...” – Rebecca from Gorham, ME

“…IHCC is a very affordable college which is very helpful. They offer a variety of programs which all have great scholarships. There is no school on Friday so this is a real perk. ” – Caitlyn from Albia, IA

“…Gateway is a great school because it allows you to further your education at the speed you desire. Not only dose Gateway allow to choose your own pace, but they are always willing to provide additional help to guide you in a direction that is...” – Jaquetta from New Haven, CT

“…Merritt college is an amazing community college. It's filled with amazing staff who are willing to help the students. I love the atmosphere and the beautiful Scenic views. ” – Nicole from Oakland, CA

“…finger lakes community college is a great place to start your education path in college and earn a degree. they have campuses in 3 different counties making it easy to find classes that fit your needs and schedule. so far, my experience has been...” – Hannah from Williamson, NY

“…Really good college to start out with. very diverse yet normal feeling. they work with you to get you where you need to go.” – krista from Great Bend, KS

“…It's a great value for college and it's extremely easy to transfer out of. Mostly everyone on staff tries to help the students. But I don't feel like I got a proper education for the classes I did take. ” – Past Student from Murrysville, PA

“…MVCC is a great school for those who want a good education for less money, also because you can figure out what you want to do before attending a four year school. Has very many classes and majors to choose from. It can be a bit confusing and...” – Kaitlin from Clinton, NY

“…Perfect stepping stone for continuing education. Teamed-up with SUNY Delhi to offer higher degrees at a lower price. Offer interesting courses like nanotech, alternative energy, etc.” – Donna from Schenectady, NY

“…I Rate Tarrant County College A Ten Its a excellent school for a great low tuition Tarrant County College has teachers that really do care” – Jarvis from Arlington, TX

“…Harper College is one of the best community college out there that can help you prepare for a four year university or to save up for a four year university. Whether its a physical education associate or an engineering associate, Harper College...” – Colin from Wheeling, IL

“…Trocaire Is The Best College Decision In The Healthcare Field For Nursing (RN & LPN), Radiologic Technology, Health Informatics, Surgical Technology.... And So On! But The Buck Doesn't Stop There, Trocaire Is Also A Leading Hospitality And Culinary...” – Molly from Depew, NY

“…This school is great because it has so much academic choices for your major. I has easy going students, drama free and the teachers are great for extra help. LaGuardia is a great choice to a great future.” – Afeisha from Brooklyn, NY

“…It is a great enviroment. The teachers are always willing and available for you if you need help. I feel safe at school because of the secruity that the school provides.” – April from Moultrie, GA

“…In my opinion is the best community college out there to attend because of the campus and its professors. Every professor is willing to help and it is noticeable that they want the student to succeed. I enjoy attending my college because it gives me...” – Marlon from white plains, NY