Digital Arts

A general, undifferentiated program that focuses on the use of computerized digital images as the primary medium of expression in the visual and performing arts, and that may prepare individuals for a wide variety of careers using new media, including graphic design, digital animation, motion graphics, 3D visualization, game and interactive media design, music and sound design, video production, web design, photography, and other fields.

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“…The students are great, teamwork is encouraged (I've heard from transfers that it is to a unique degree), there are a lot of ambitious people but nobody is too competitive. There are a million things to do, in terms of academics, extracurriculars,...” – Current Sophomore

“…The University of Florida is a great college to attend because it provides a very diverse environment- which includes diversity within the students, professors, and employees, and diversity within the studies. It is a beautiful university with...” – Melissa from Silver Springs, FL

“…Between the Common Core and the city of New York, it is difficult to conceive of an education more intellectually stimulating than that which Columbia provides. The Core allows students to engage with the great thinkers of the past, while New York...” – Nathan from Cincinnati, OH

“…With over 50,000 students at the University of Central Florida, it is easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. But, with all of the opportunities afforded by this institution and all of the resources available, a little effort on the student...” – Alexis from Wellington, FL

“…Arizona State University is a great school. I attend the Walter Cronkite School for students of Mass Communication and Journalism and I love the experience I have gained from the college. I feel prepared for future jobs and work experience. ” – Kirsten from Phoenix, AZ

“…new york university is an academically strenuous and challenging school in the heart of downtown new york city. the campus is new york city, with lots of grand old buildings, mainly centered around washington square park. each of their programs are...” – Isabella from Los Angeles, CA

“…best decision i've ever made. usc provides the quintessential college experience for those who want it, while also offering more alternative and "less-traveled" paths for those who aren't as conventional in their college search/career.” – chelsea

“…The Campus is basically a miniature city within Syracuse. There are always activities to attend and ways to get involved. The classes are tough, but very rewarding if you put in the effort.” – Catherine from North Sutton, NH

“…Northeastern has an excellent sense of community and immediately upon entering you feel right at home. The professors are helpful and they want to see their students succeed. The athletics and the multitude of on-campus activities give students a...” – Bailey from Queensbury, NY

“…LSU is a huge, diverse university with tons of tradition and school pride. From academics, to football, to student groups and Greek life, LSU has something for everyone. You are guaranteed to learn and live well at LSU.” – Michael from Tucker, GA

“…my school, although huge, makes you feel like your at a small school with professors who actually care for your academics; my school works very hard to make sure that we the students are getting the help we need no matter what subject in school or...” – Anujin from Elk Grove Village, IL

“…George Washington is the only place I'd want to be. There's no other college in the world that is just a few steps from the White House and the Lincoln Memorial. GW is a large school, with a diverse student body who all come together for fun events...” – Meredith from Marlton, NJ

“…Fordham is an academically competitive institution in the heart of New York, with a thorough and challenging core. That being said, there is a campus in the Bronx that allows for a traditional college atmosphere, and a campus at Lincoln Center in...” – Emma from Harmony, PA

“…The students here are incredibly passionate about a diverse number of majors, clubs and interests. The professors are often talented researchers, but sometimes fall short in their teaching abilities. Overall, the university is defined by its student...” – Maya from Barrington, IL

“…the university of missouri is fantastic. i wanted to go to a college that was outside of missouri, perhaps on a coast, but because of financial problems i was not able to do that. however, i consider having gone to university of missouri as one of...” – Martin

“…missouri state university is an absolutely wonderful school. the classes are generally small and close-knit. there are so many programs to join and feel welcome!” – Kelly from Hazelwood, MO

“…Pratt is an oasis in the city for artistic people looking to develop and expand their skills. Prestigious and rigorous, this school is not for everybody, but it is a guaranteed that if you can get through four years here, you will be able to find...” – Landry from Scottsdale, AZ

“…Hampton University is an extremely strict insitution, were freshman are given a curfew and have limited freedoms. This maybe in order to have control over the freshman class and have them focus on school work, but to those who are mature, this is a...” – Myles from Baltimore, MD

“…Outstanding educational experience. Course offered are a length, and offered at times that are most advantageous to the working/professional student. Counselors and teacher offer advice and mentorship that make this school worth attending.” – Tariq from Semmes, AL

“…not to big but not to small. classes are easy to find. students are very friendly and nice. the atmosphere is very prone to learning.” – Rudy from Lyndhurst, OH

“…The small classes are amazing, and so helpful. I love the beautiful campus. Everything is perfect for small town people.” – Christine from Ocoee, FL

“…New School is a wonderful school, small classes and very involved student and faculty. As students we also benefit from great lectures and organized events involving highly recognized professionals in fields from fashion design to sustainable...” – Saydee from Brooklyn, NY

“…UNM has excellent teachers and is affordable for NM residents. It is also accredited, multicultural, has an world renowned arboretum and duck pond, as well as great libraries and museums.” – Grant from Albuquerque, NM

“…SCAD is the greatest decision I ever made. The professors genuinely care and are always there to help. You are not just a number here.” – Raquel from Lilburn, GA

“…If you are looking for a private university in Florida that offers a beautiful campus, great student body, incomparable student/professor interaction, worthwhile education and so much more, Stetson University is the place for you. This friendly...” – Elizabeth from Bradenton, FL

“…i love colorado mesa university. the campus is beautiful and the curriculum is very good. it is also a great place to make new friends, and in some cases even family. ” – Kimberly from Salida, CO

“…Bowling Geen Stae University is a very diverse campus. I admire it because the faculty and staff reach out to the students because they genuinely care about them. I honestly feel like BGSU has so many different opportunities for students to network...” – Brandii from Detroit, MI

“…Carthage is about meeting new people and feeding off others ideas and outlooks on life. In most traditional colleges an intellectual development is highly stressed, but here you are encouraged to grow spiritually , socially, and emotionally into a...” – Alicia from Zion, IL

“…There is a big sports presence on campus. There is a lot of educational opportunities through the departments as well as studying abroad. It is a big enough school where you do not know everyone, but where you will pass people you know on campus...” – Laura from Brooklyn, NY

“…The campus is beautiful, it's not too big, but not too small either, just the perfect size. If you are looking for a great education program than Oneonta is the place. The professors are always there to help you out and overall, all the students are...” – Education Major

“…I love Hamline! It is small enough so you have a feel of community, but there still are quite a few students. It feels like it's own secluded campus in the middle of a big city; which is amazing. And the professors are always available to the...” – Carolyn from Minneapolis, MN

“…lipscomb is an excellent school with a very caring faculty and staff. the christian community here is uplifting and encouraging.” – Jessica from Smyrna, TN

“…One of the best Music production schools in the country. Industry standard teaching with industry standard equipment. Knowledgeable staff with a well rounded credible background.” – Jeremy from El Paso, TX

“…sou is right in the middle of the town, and walking distance of many attractions. it is a very open-minded town/campus. i am so excited to be going there next year! ” – Rebecca from Rogue River, OR

“…Tiffin is a smaller university, but a good fit for those who are intent on focusing on learning. Classes are a bit on the easy side and parking can get hectic. Professor are very understanding though.” – Sophie from New Albany, IN

“…pima is an outstanding community college. the college makes it convenient for students with campus locations all around the city of tucson. the staff for the most part is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. ” – Shanna from Marana, AZ

“…Great atmosphere. Great size. Great location. ” – Chelsea from Hernando, MS

“…montgomery college is an affordable, conveniently located, and diverse campus in which a student can gain the best experience and knowledge they need to succeed.” – Alexis from Germantown, MD

“…Lesley is a small enough school to feel at home, but has a large enough reach to feel like apart of a larger world. This very environmentally conscious school helps each student grow exponentially as a student through a huge variety of opportunities...” – Margaret from North Kingstown, RI

“…La Salle has an amazing Honors Program and promises to challenge you. I would suggest trying to apply to the honors program because it is definitely worth it. All of the college professors are great” – Candice from West Chester, PA

“…I am so glad I chose to attend this school. The core curriculum helps you plan your education so that you are able to make the most of it. I have found nothing bad to say about this school whatsoever.” – Tiphanie from Mansfield, MA

“…I really love the atmosphere at this school and how personal everything is here. I love that my professors all know my name and some of my interests outside of class.” – Paige from Erie, PA

“…At this school, you get a lot of individual attention from your mentors. Classes are small, and you know everyone in your class. You can always find a way to mold the curriculum to get what you want out of it.” – Alison from Los Angeles, CA

“…Wilmington University faculty offers a wonderful support system for new, transfer, and current students. A majority of the credits that I transferred from my previous school were accepted, making my transition so much smoother. The cirriculum in...” – Starlese from Wilmington, DE

“…It is small, but friendly. Students are able to have a relationship with their professors and receive extra help. A place where everyone knows everyone!” – Nicholas from Waggoner, IL

“…This college pushes you to become your best. The Institute is a great social hang out and all the teachers are wanting the very best for you, they know their stuff and are interested in you succeeding. Have enjoyable activities every week.” – Jessika from West Jordan, UT

“…King College is awesome!!! Not only does King have an excellent reputation it is also dedicated to helping its students succeed.” – Kevin from Erwin, TN

“…the greatest education i ever thought i would get. the teachers and students all work together to make sure we get the proper education. fantastic school.” – Nicole from Coventry, RI

“…This is a great school for those who are passionate about really learning and seeing progress in technological research happen. Many classes are hands on and will require you to fabricate items already in your first year, which allows you to gain...” – Maximillian from Southfield, MI

“…i could not be happier coming here; i have never learned more in such a short period of time. the people who come here are amazing, the teachers are even better, and the work i'm producing is so different than my stuff i was working on a year ago....” – Haley from Burbank, CA

“…Campbellsville University is a school were you feel you matter. It's religion based and has very supportive staff. We are even allowed to pray in class!” – Marissa from Louisville, KY

“…good for those seeking mntc courses. small class sizes. decent selection of courses.” – Tyler from Minneapolis, MN

“…I love going to school at Saint Francis, because they care about our education. All the programs have a high graduation rate. Everyone wants to help you to achieve your goals and graduate in four years. ” – Nicole from Oswego, IL

“…Marymount College is a wonderful place to begin the transition into college. It is small, beautiful, and all of the staff are there to help you out. My experience with them so far is incredible, and I cannot wait for it to get better throughout my...” – Alexandra from Torrance, CA

“…i would rate georgian court university a 9 on a scale of 10 being the best. when i had transferred to gcu, i was treated with the up-most respect and my needs were accommodated. having been at gcu only two months, my experience here has been amazing...” – Christina from Jackson, NJ

“…Trinity is an amazing college where I feel I have thrived and developed into not only a better friend, student, daughter, but also a better christian. Being at Trinity I have also learned to be more organized and less of a procrastinator. All in all...” – Natasha from Zuni, NM

“…Whitewater is a college that makes a person feel at home. It is safe, relaxing, fun, and the curriculum is wonderful. Its also affordable and flexible.” – Amanda from McHenry, IL

“…The University of Tampa give your opportunities to earn more than your buck in regards to opportunities during and after you graduate. It is a great school with the support of the growing city. It is great for both students who want to focus with...” – Matthew from Springfield, VT

“…MSUM provides a great learning experience for all students who attend. A wonderful campus, small enough to get to each class on time. Great, friendly atmosphere. I can't stress that enough! ” – Carly from Wahpeton, ND

“…I love the conspiracies behind the architecture and the never ending steps. I love the campanile and the sitting places every two feet. The community I have found on campus is more fulfilling than any I have known before.” – Victoria from Plainville, MA

“…mt. hood is a wonderful way to get started on your academics, and help you find out what you want out of life. ” – Erica from Gresham, OR

“…This college has incredibly talented teachers that are still working in their field. There has also been many famous artists that have graduated from this school.” – Gail from SF, CA

“…American International College is one of the most diverse and welcoming schools I have ever set my foot on. This campus not only invites and welcomes their students but guides them in the right direction and encourages their students to be the best....” – Milka from Springfield, MA

“…great place to start. they have wonderful professors who care about you. a caring staff who is there to help you. ” – TRAMAR from Southampton, NY

“…though a smaller school, uw-stout is big on it's opportunities. it shows excellence in all of its programs, and is well known for its art and design department. there are also many study abroad options.” – Samantha from Menomonie, WI

“…Lake Erie College is a great school. The students and professors are very friendly and willing to help. There are small class sizes which helps the professor get to know you as an individual.” – Lynley from Richmond Heights, OH

“…OBU can offer a life changing experience, if you allow it to. Everything from your education to your spirit is taken into consideration, and oftentimes in ways that you would have never thought possible. You will be challenged to think, and it will...” – Ashley from Mustang, OK

“…it's a very small campus, but it's what you make out of it. everyone is friendly, and it's easy to make friends. the class work is never too much.” – Sarah from Mequon, WI

“…pretty decent engineering school. big competition. if you want to do architecture its a good school too.” – Waldemar from Ridgewood, NY

“…UNCA is an excellent place to find your creative side. The professors have a vested interest in your learning. Student body is friendly!” – Joshua from Waynesville, NC

“…Genesee Community College is a very small school with classes sizes averaging 20 kids. GCC is very affordable and it a great way to start off, whether someone is undecided about a major or don't know what college to go to. The application process...” – Kaitlyn from Oakfield, NY

“…Oakland City University is a great christian school with a very welcoming environment to everyone who attends. I love the school because it is rather small, but with being small it is easier to have great communication with your teachers and other...” – Sarah from Chaffee, MO

“…Greenville College has a great community, professors, and great academics. They are welcoming and understanding. I could not have picked a better school. ” – Sarah from East Peoria, IL

“…Dakota Wesleyan is a wonderful university! The campus exudes collaboration, strong ethics and is very focused on useful academics. They don't just have classes here to have classes, they all prepare you for your career in some fashion. ” – Ellen from Mitchell, SD

“…Atlanta Metropolitan, overall, is a good school. It is not a very big school, which is nice and very good because the teachers don't have 100 students plus per class to deal with, and you can get a hold of them. It helps every one in every way...” – Briana from Jonesboro, GA

“…This is a warm and caring community college with staff in offices who are invested in helping students. No matter what the circumstances a student is dealing with, someone has a suggestion or help. The instructors are caring and interested in you,...” – Mark from Santa Fe, NM

“…Northwestern is a nice Christian college, where I have enjoyed the company of many people. It is a smaller college, but there is always something to do. The atmosphere at Northwestern is remarkable, and one can enjoy a one on one relationship with...” – Braden from Brooklyn Park, MN

“…SUNY College at Old Westbury is a very big campus with a very small student body. Because it us so small, the class sizes are small. However, the offered courses are very low and competitive to get in.” – Chanel from Rosedale, NY

“…This school is amazing! Staff is very helpful! I love that there are so many online class choices.” – Jessica from La Vergne, TN

“…What I like most about Clark State is that the classes are small. When you need extra help you can get one on one time with your professor. The professors do very well teaching.” – Kanisa from Springfield, OH

“…PNCA has a rigorous environment with dedicated students and faculty who are genuinely interested in their fields of study. Courses are challenging and rewarding. Being part of this community means thinking critically and working creatively.” – Elaina from Portland, OR

“…I have visited the campus and it seems like a very nice school. ” – Amber from Glenmora, LA

“…The school itself is very isolated and small. However, the programs and the sense of family make up for that. They are very hardworking and want you to succeed in life. ” – Bailey

“…with a freindly staff, bright campus, and wide subject range suny potsdam is the perfect school for anyone who is serious about getting their education. while attending, you can get involved with the numerous school organizations, greek life, or...” – Briana from Massena, NY

“…I love this school!! Great faculty that works with you and is super friendly. Fantastic sports program and student body!!!” – Amanda from Conneaut, OH

“…Iowa Wesleyan College has a wide range of majors to study. The courses are major-focused and taught in a way that is fun. Classes are offered online, on campus, or at West Burlington.” – Tina from Muscatine, IA

“…MVCC is a great school for those who want a good education for less money, also because you can figure out what you want to do before attending a four year school. Has very many classes and majors to choose from. It can be a bit confusing and...” – Kaitlin from Clinton, NY

“…Great options in the Graphic Design program allowing students to customize their Graphic Design experience. The campus is easy to access. The facility and staff are committed to helping all students succeed.” – Deborah from Blaine, MN

“…Attending Bethany College was probably the best decision I have made in my life thus far. Although it is a small school, I can see myself accomplishing big things here. I love this school.” – Melodeigh from Lakewood, CO

“…Kwu is an awesome school; it has small class sizes, and professors will work with you one on one. Most of the student body are athelets, so if you are an athelet you will get alone great, if not you might have to work a little harder to fit in. There...” – Tori from salina, KS

“…NOC is a great 2 year school. The teachers all seem to put in extra effort. Great place to beef up your GPA.” – Derek from Stillwater, OK

“…MCA gives an individualized education. Great for people who prefer a small classroom and teachers that actually care about you. More conceptually based than most other art colleges.” – Elena from Memphis, TN

“…Nice and beautiful” – Seoyoung from Flushing, NY

LIU Post
Brookville, NY

“…LIU Post is an exquisite school equipped with a full recreational center, gourmet food, and a club for everybody. Like all schools the work is diifficult but there are upperclass tutors and teachers available to assist in any problems you may have. I...” – Khadija from Brooklyn, NY

“…Bronx Community College has been very helpful in working towards my future through a good education. There are many departments and respected staff members to turn to when there is need for clarity. I would personally recommended BCC to those who are...” – Jessica from Bridgeport, CT

“…The school is 5 star ” – Beverly from Philadelphia, PA

“…Grace College is a Christian College founded on the principles/essentials of Christianity. The professors and students who make up the body of the college are welcoming and inclusive. This college equips its students to be effective and competent for...” – Daniel from Wayland, MI

“…new mexico state university is not just a college campus; it's a new beginning. i would not change a thing about where i attend college. this campus is truly the best.” – Emma from LAS CRUCES, NM