A program that prepares individuals creatively and technically to express emotions, ideas, or inner visions through representation by lines made on a surface. Includes instruction in eye-hand coordination; line, value, shape, and perspective; figure and still life drawing; the use of media such as pen and ink, pencil, charcoal, pastel, and brush; and personal style development.

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“…The University of Michigan is truly an incredible place with incredible people. There is a lot of school pride about both academics and athletics, and although the academics are challenging, there is a good combination of studying and fun. I would...” – Sarah from Troy, MI

“…It's great! Take a bike though cause they seem useful. Have fun.” – Edwin from Cape Coral, FL

“…Colorado State University has given me the best college experience I could dream of. There are opportunities for anything you could imagine - and these opportunities are everywhere! Everyone is friendly, and all anyone wants is for each and every...” – Bailey

“…this school is very different because it gives you a new environment. you are surrounded with more opportunities in part time jobs or actual careers once you graduate. you will never be bored at this school because there are a lot of things to do.” – Katherine from Buford, GA

“…Pratt is an oasis in the city for artistic people looking to develop and expand their skills. Prestigious and rigorous, this school is not for everybody, but it is a guaranteed that if you can get through four years here, you will be able to find...” – Landry from Scottsdale, AZ

“…I feel the school is well rounded, has many majors to look into and a very supportive teaching staff.” – Mason from Berlin, CT

“…the university of new haven has a wide variety of ways for my to excel as a student. they also ask in classes to venture off campus to learn by doing. this university has very helpful teachers as well that are very helpful and understanding.” – Kelsey from Milton, VT

“…Ferris State University is a well organized college, full of helpful professors. I love it there and the food and dinning is also wonderful. This university has a friendly atmosphere. ” – Katherine from Newaygo, MI

Oakland University
Rochester Hills, MI

“…Oakland University is an involved and exciting school with so much to offer students. A place to learn and explore many options of career choices. A place to meet life long friends. ” – Yewande from Warren, MI

“…PC has the best environment I have ever seen! The students and faculty are excited to be there and have a genuine interest in education. The classes are challenging and fair.” – Meg

“…drake is an amazing school, the professors are easy to talk to and more than willing to help. the campus itself is beautiful and small enough to navigate easily without feeling compact. as a private school, it is a little costly but the quality of...” – Virginia from Des Moines, IA

“…Bradley is a fantastic college for those looking for a warm, inviting classroom atmosphere. The professors are always willing to sit with their students, one-on-one, to halp them reach their fullest potential. At Bradley, the opportunities for...” – Thomas from Oak Forest, IL

“…Your college experience is all what you make it. The fun will always be there so work then play. Albany is small school so your reputation is everything, you want people to look at you as someone who's positive and want something out of life.” – Nekia from Jacksonville, FL

“…Cleveland State is a wonderful college. Engineering and Business is there specialty. At Cleveland State you will meet many people and be eligible for an excessive number of scholarships.” – Unknow From Cleveland, OH

“…this university has very strong programs for specific majors such as theatre, art, music, nursing, communications, business, etc. there are two different campuses, twenty minutes apart via shuttle, and each offer completely different college...” – Jessica from Senoia, GA

“…Very dedicated professors and admin that can get you to the path you want. They also put a great deal of time in to be able to work one on one. The campus is very relaxing and the facilities are newer. ” – Jason from Bolingbrook, IL

“…salem state is a growing school with facilities being updated every year. the course offerings are vast, although some are only offered at certain times of the year or certain times of day. the student body is very diverse and welcoming.” – Meghan from Beverly, MA

“…Cerritos college is very clean and safe environment, school atmosphere is very inspiring. The counselors are very helpful and knowledgeable, the staff is also very helpful. The best part for me is the professors they are incredible and go above an...” – Marisol from Downey, CA

Chaffey College
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“…Chaffey College is a great school that has very good professors. The campus is beautiful since it is just a little south of the mountains. The vibe on campus is nice and relaxing which allows you to feel comfortable being at school for long periods...” – Brittany from Chino, CA

“…Palomar College is a great school when it comes to academics and their staff. Everyone at Palomar is extremely helpful and wants you to exceed. However, there are a few bad professors in the bunch, but that's how it is at every campus.” – Jalena from Temecula, CA

“…It is a fun loving place. It has positive staff that strive to help to the best of their abilities.” – Sarah from EL Cajon, CA

“…the greatest education i ever thought i would get. the teachers and students all work together to make sure we get the proper education. fantastic school.” – Nicole from Coventry, RI

“…de anza college is filled with many helpful professors and staff who just want you to transfer and are willing to answer any questions you have. the campus has a very tranquil feel being very spacious, filled with plants, and smoke-free. the people...” – Michelle from San Jose, CA

“…San Diego Mesa College is an amazing school. The professors there are helpful and are passionate to teach what they know to their students. The school itself is a safe place to study at and go to.” – Daisy from National City, CA

“…bennington college is a place where intellectual development is highly and constantly encouraged. students are challenged using innovative ideas. the community is welcoming and close-knit.” – Brianna from New York, NY

“…Shawnee State University is an amazing school. They have all kinds of different opportunities for everyone. Also if you ever need help there is always someone close by.” – Erin from South Point, OH

“…The town of Athens is small; however, it is a fun and lively place to live. Many activities are available within ten minutes. Best of all, you're getting a great education that is preparing you for your future.” – Aaron from Berwind, WV

“…Chabot College is a good school. There are some very good teachers here who strive to help students succeed. it is also a great place to make lasting friendships with fellow students.” – Stefanie from Hayward, CA

“…MICA is the best location for artists to learn their trade in a supportive environment. There are many involvement opportunities both on campus and in the community. There is a healthy amount of competition, creating a competitive, effective learning...” – Cindy from Blacksburg, VA

“…I love the conspiracies behind the architecture and the never ending steps. I love the campanile and the sitting places every two feet. The community I have found on campus is more fulfilling than any I have known before.” – Victoria from Plainville, MA

“…Seton Hill is a small, beautiful, castle like, and close-knit school that wants to see its students succeed. The students and faculty are all open minded and supportive of everyone. Do not let the Catholic affiliation run you off, everyone is...” – Cassandra from Olive Branch, MS

Cuesta College
San Luis Obispo, CA

“…Cuesta college is a beautiful junior college located on the central coast of California. The location could not be more perfect, people are friendly, and the staff has been great. This is the kind of campus where the teachers want you to succeed,...” – Emily from Templeton, CA

“…siue is a great school for students of all majors and brings you diversity in a safe environment. help is always provided if needed whether you would prefer help from a professor, another student, or a study group for any course. this is a...” – Jessica from Maywood, IL

“…cuyamaca college, to me, has a great reputation for its excellent curriculum. it has demonstrated fine teachers with amazing degrees. cuyamaca college is a great college, hands down. ” – Merna from El Cajon, CA

“…College of San Mateo is one of the greatest campuses on the Peninsula. As a returning student after being laid off three years ago, going back to school has given me new purpose and direction in my life. I would recommend going to this college for...” – Kathryn from San Mateo, CA

“…I love LAVC because of the professors, staff, and faculty. They have shown me that no what don't give up and keep on trying.” – Felita from Pacoima, CA

“…The Cleveland Institute of Art is a very unorthodox campus. Its students are varied and unique, and not afraid to let their true personalities shine. ” – Adam from Strongsville, OH

“…A great school with diversity. Although it is very far from my house, this school made me feel I belonged.” – Viridiana

“…They are excellent educators. They are helpful when it comes to financial aid. The atmosphere is beautiful and friendly.” – DeLoria from San Jose, CA

“…I think the college was very interesting. It's a very nice campus and very open. It looked like a good place to be. ” – Camden

“…Pierce College is full of amazing teachers. I feel like I got a four year school education here at a community college price. It's honestly the best community college in the area and if you're dedicated, you can get a truly enriching experience.” – Tracy

“…los angeles mission college is an incredible community college, that allows their student to feel safe in a well protected campus . both the staff and professors are able to teach their students more than the basic fundaments of their field and broad...” – Mary Gail from Pacoima, CA

“…the university has a diverse, fun, and clean campus. the variety of classes offered can lead students into varying majors and professions and help get their foot in the door. on a side note, the location of the campus, here in the valley, offers...” – A student from Montana

“…I rate my school a 10 is a great school. the staff go step by step with students on informations especially the financial ladies.” – Maria from salinas, CA

“…The AAC is by far one of the most artistic places I have ever seen. They want you to grow in your own vision, not a cloan trained classicly. Freedom, expression, and originality are the best three words to describe the AAC.” – Douglas from Milford, OH

“…the college so far is great. it's very well organinized and the saff and students are welcoming to new people. i look forward to the next two years there.” – Ben from Grand Rapids, MI

“…miramar college is a wonderful school for the busy individual. the class options and support is superb. whether you are student straight out of highschool or a returning student like me, you will benefit from attending miramar college.” – Elisabeth from San Diego, CA

“…This is an amazing place. I feel very lucky to be able to study here. My professor' s are very accommodating.” – Dutchboy

“…very helpful to all students the campus is very open to all ” – Tacara from Ukiah, CA

“…One the best schools I could have chosen for me, in that it does not feel like I am just a number but rather a friend and student. The environment is that of a family, everyone is friendly and interested in you as a person.” – Gabrielle from Westminster, CO

“…a great school.many options for your major.great staff.” – Dixie from Solomon, KS

“…The small size classes allow for more focused concentration to get projects done. There is a close network of students and instructors. The school's location is great. Major museums such as the Rodin museum, The Barnes Foundation, and The...” – Matilda from Philadelphia, PA

“…Contributes greatly in the intellectual, and professional development of the student by providing wonderful professors and courses that challenge the students capabilities to higher levels. Has a campus filled with history, variety and a knowledge...” – Paola from San Juan, PR

“…A very focused and disciplined school for it's unruly subject: art. In the first semester you already get an idea of what you will move onto in the following years to come. Your time is not wasted and there is so much to learn at MIAD! There is not a...” – Rebeckah from Wauwatosa, WI

“…The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German campus is very beautiful and very fun place to be. There you make a lot of friends and you feel accepted. The best this about this university is that when you graduate from there, you will...” – Madeline from Puerto Rico