Education/Teaching of Individuals with Specific Learning Disabilities

It takes a determined and generous individual to take on a special education major. People who major in special education are responsible for teaching children and teens with learning disabilities. While it may seem challenging, it can be a rewarding career. Throughout your time in college, you'll take courses that will teach you more about child growth and development, instructional strategies, learning environments, language and reading, and classroom ethics. Like any education major, you'll learn how to develop lesson plans, supervise a classroom, and teach effectively. You may choose to specialize and work with those with specific learning disabilities, which would require you to learn more about certain conditions. While most special education majors find themselves working in a K-12 classroom, not all do. You may also want to work as an education consultant, homebound teacher, education director, or lecturer.

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“…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's campus, to me, is a great metaphor for the university as a whole; first off, it's full of color and zest, with all the beautiful trees everywhere. In addition, many of its buildings have very strange...” – Audrey from Athens, GA

“…michigan state had everything i was looking for in a university-challenging classes, all types of students, and a beautiful location to call home. as an undecided freshman, i appreciated the wide variety of available classes and majors. the 500+...” – Rachel from Ann Arbor, MI

“…Northwestern is a great school, blending first class academics and Big 10 sports in a way that typically isn't seen among comparable universities. Students are bright and are typically highly motivated, passionate, and active in leadership roles....” – Kayla from Camdenton, MO

“…Johns Hopkins University is an esteemed research university where students are pushed and challenged to achieve their potential and then surpass it. It's not a place where students come to have fun but a place where leaders, innovators, researchers,...” – Chidera from Philadelphia, PA

“…NC State is a large school with a small school feel. You can walk around campus and always see a familiar face. There are always new people to meet as well. ” – Shayna from Germantown, MD

“…I have had a great time during my four years at AU. Not only did I receive an excellent in-class education, but I was able to supplement this part of my education with an internship every semester. In addition, the study abroad program that I did was...” – Kaitlyn from Frankenmuth, MI

“…This is a really fantastic school, although it's a tad expensive. Teachers are all very qualified and challenge you to independently work, and think(however they are more than happy to help). ” – Nicholas from Palm Coast, FL

“…appalachian state university is a wonderful school that fosters an amazing environment for learning and personal growth. in such a short time i have grown to love this university and the small college town that surrounds it as my own home away from...” – Joseph from Winston Salem, NC

“…East Carolina is a very great school where they care about their students education and well being. There are unlimited options for education fields . If you ever need help there is always someone at your service.” – Jasmine from Garner, NC

“…the school is great. everyone wants to help you with all different types of academic work. also, there is something for everyone.” – Nicole from Wayne, NJ

“…i am a transfer to this college and i have to say that it is amazing. hunter college has hundreds of courses you can choose from, a nice environment, wonderful people and everyone is extremely helpful.i would recommend anyone to attend this school” – Aisha from Bronx, NY

“…I think like any experience, a college education is what you make of it. Montclair State has a surplus of resources to take advantage of and can truly be the college you are proud of. I have had the opportunities to be an active member and leader in...” – Afshan from Dumont, NJ

“…Hampton University is an extremely strict insitution, were freshman are given a curfew and have limited freedoms. This maybe in order to have control over the freshman class and have them focus on school work, but to those who are mature, this is a...” – Myles from Baltimore, MD

“…eastern is a fun, friendly school. all the professors are nice and really good at helping you retain the most knowledge possible. your fellow students are welcoming and willing to help all you have to do is ask.” – Stephanie from Ypsilanti, MI

“…Everything about this university is amazing! Not only is transportation free to go around all the city, but it's affordable, great learning environment, friendly, interactive, and great dorms. The distances between the buildings are perfect and so...” – Patricia from Kalamazoo, MI

“…I loved the campus atmosphere. I adored the new Psychology professor, Dr. Carrie Lane. Coach Good, head softball coach, was awesome!” – Taylor from Perry, KS

“…the university of saint thomas is a ten out of ten. the small class sizes are great for learning. the campus is beautiful and in a neighborhood setting.” – Whittney from Stillwater, MN

“…Drake University is an amazing place to start the college journey. With its small-town feel, Drake University offers many opportunities to students, along with Des Moines, Iowa being a great resource to start job opportunities. Drake University is...” – Bethany from Centerville, IA

“…Bradley is a fantastic college for those looking for a warm, inviting classroom atmosphere. The professors are always willing to sit with their students, one-on-one, to halp them reach their fullest potential. At Bradley, the opportunities for...” – Thomas from Oak Forest, IL

“…Furman is exciting, but rigorous academically, but you can be successful if you are organized and willing to get help. Furman will give you a network and lifelong friends. It will also give you amazing study skills and prepare you for the future.” – Perry from Mauldin, SC

“…Oral Roberts University opens the doors to life through challenging you to go above and beyond the average person by challenging you academically, physically, and spiritually. The professors care about your success and are so encouraging. The...” – Aaron from Tulsa, OK

“…Buffalo state college is a very friendly and unified place. Great place to meet new people and recieve your education. Also, they have multiple resources to help students.” – Jasmond from Liverpool, NY

“…A friendly, fun environment. The School is really involved with the Community and vise verse. A great size and good pricing, I'm paying the same or less than I would have to go to some of my in-state School” – Kaitlin from Skokie, IL

“…USM is a great college! I have learned so much valuable information since I've been here that has enhanced my learning experience. I am proud to be a Golden Eagle!” – Anesha from Columbia, MS

Calvin College
Grand Rapids, MI

“…Calvin is a liberal arts school that will bolster your faith and prepare you to be an active citizen of this world. You will gain a clearer vision for your life and learn what your passions are in a Christ-centered community with the support of...” – Melanie from North Chili, NY

“…I think WSSU is a good university to attend. The students have school spirit and attend the on campus events. The motto at WSSU is enter to learn and depart to serve and here at WSSU if you are serious about your education that is what will happen.” – Arnita from Winston Salem, NC

“…Notre Dame College is mature student friendly. Notre Dame College allows lots of access to help if needed. Notre Dame College professors are very helpful.” – Sabrina from Cleveland, OH

“…Huge band. Great football season. Parties.” – Tommesha from Daytona Beach, FL

“…So far, although I am in the middle of my application process, I have found the staff at U of Mary to be very helpful. I have already been in contact with them asking questions about the admissions process and other things I need to know, and I have...” – Nim from CO

“…I will give Mississippi College a 9 out of 10. They're friendly and nice to everyone, and they actually help you with anything you need to get more money for tuition and fees. Overall great college.” – Samuel from Gautier, MS

“…Augsburg College is acceptable when it comes to helping students with personal issues or tragedies occurring within the home. Anne Garvey is absolutely amazing because, when no one else was available to help me fix my graduation process, she was...” – Alice from Minneapolis, MN

“…I rate it high. I like that the campus is pretty close together. The cafeteria is awesome. ” – Kimberly from Tahlequah, OK

“…UDM has a beautiful campus and a very helpful staff. Professors work with students and do everything in their power to make sure each student succeeds. UDM is small, but there is a place for everyone to fit in here.” – Amber from Sterling Heights, MI

“…Madonna university is a very friendly atompshere. Madonna's professor are willing to help all types of students. The class sizes are perfect for all students to learn.” – Ashley from Coldwater, MI

“…Is daemen a amazing school? yes Has daemen done everything to help you get by on the first day? yes Can daemen be a great school even after you graduate? yes” – Nicole from Buffalo, NY

“…Francis Marion University is located in the small city of Florence, South Carolina, where there are limited things to be distacted from. Francis Marion University is an easy school to get into but a not so easy school to get out. This college...” – Kris from MT Pleasant, SC

“…there was something about the enthusiasm of the admissions counselors that just drew me to converse. i was able to connect with them, and felt drawn to the school. as i learned more about the school and attended open house in november, i fell in love...” – Vanessa from Chester, SC

“…Saint Xavier University is a wonderful school with so many resources that are available on campus for example their library has the most resources in the Chicago land area. Saint Xavier is all equipped and up to date with the latest equipment such as...” – Vanessa from Chicago, IL

“…cornerstone university is an academically inclined and friendly environment that is centered on jesus christ. each student is recognized for his or her own strengths. faculty and staff do their best to make students feel comfortable and welcomed in...” – Jessica from Zeeland, MI

“…Baldwin-Wallace College is great place to be. The institution is warm and welcoming; it feels like every student and faculty member are apart of your family. Aside from the humble atmosphere, BW offers many community service, internship, and job...” – Courtney from Cleveland Heights, OH

“…Rockford college has small class sizes to enhance the student teacher connection. The college offers many different programs of study and course selections. Many clubs, sports programs, and other organizations create an upbeat campus with a close...” – Danielle from Pecatonica, IL

“…this university is a great institution. it has provided me with the best college experience. i feel part of a family here with all the students and faculty. ” – Maribel from Riverside, CA

“…Amazing! great place develop intellectually and spiritually!” – Alicia from Fredericksburg, OH

“…The AGS program is great for working students because we meet class one night per week. The classes are five to seven weeks in length. The professors are all qualified in the subject they are teaching. The classes incorporate your Christian values...” – Mildred from Camden, SC

“…rivier college is a great small school for anyone that is pursuing a personalized education experience. their education and nursing programs are very highly regarded. i am very pleased that i picked to come to rivier college. ” – Ashley from Bristol, NH

“…I'm very excited to be attending Avila University. The staff and faculty are so friendly and supportive. Also, there are many clubs and activities to choose from! ” – Katie, KS

“…William Carey University is a wonderful school for prospective students looking for a pleasant atmosphere and Christian atmosphere. William Carey University really strives to encourage every student to never give up on their visions. Willaim Carey...” – ShaQuenna Arrington

“…i love it! judson is the perfect place for me and i know it's where i belong. i feel as though i am really a part of the community here and that i am valued.” – Ashley from IL

“…overall nnu is a pretty great school. it has many very good departments. the theology department is a fair amount on the liberal side, so that may be a positive or negative depending on your own stance.” – Dustin from New Meadows, ID

“…The campus is beautiful. I love being on this campus and spending time with my friends and hanging out. My classes are enjoyable and teachers are willing to cooperate.” – Whitney from Caldwell, OH

“…This school is a good one. I've gone to several different schools and this is my favorite one so far. I would rate them high.” – Amanda from Bidwell, OH

“…marygrove college is an amazing institution it has a lot to offer right in the heart of detroit, mi. the staff is helpful and friendly. marygrove offers a lot of support to its students to make sure they have a successful educational experience.” – LaTanya from Detroit, MI

“…The family feel and excellent education at Buena Vista University makes BVU 9 out of 10 in my book. It is by far a top of the line university. ” – Krystal from Carroll , IA

“…NWOSU has been a wonderful college to attend, and I have had the best freshman experience EVER. Both the town and the campus are supportive and proud of the students who attend. Give NWOSU a chance-Ride, Rangers, Ride!” – Megan from Weatherford, OK

“…concordia is a great school to attend. the class sizes are small, which makes it easier for students to learn. the professors are committed to helping students. ” – Joshua from Ramsey, MN

“…the college so far is great. it's very well organinized and the saff and students are welcoming to new people. i look forward to the next two years there.” – Ben from Grand Rapids, MI

“…The Metropolitan campus at first glance may see a bit confined, but it actually full of resources. The staff is eager to help you find a solution to any problem. The campus allows for a close-knit feel and a common friendliness.” – Nurse Betty

“…Silver Lake College is an amazing college with a great faculty that is always willing to help you out no matter what” – Michelle from Luxemburg, WI

“…Hope College provides a well balanced experience of both education and fun. You receive rigorous training to be successful in the future but you also have a chance to communicate with others and create strong bonds and fond memories. Being a small...” – Pamela from Los Angeles, CA