The critical role tradespeople play in society is often overlooked. This is especially true when you're talking about electricians. Just think, if electricians didn't exist or were in short supply, you may not have lights in your home, power to work your appliances, or the ability to charge your electronics. An electrician major will allow you to learn everything there is to know about how electricity functions, how it's used in homes and commercial spaces, and how to install, maintain, and repair systems. You'll gain a thorough understanding of wiring, safety, job estimation, and local codes and standards. After graduation, you'll be equipped to take on employment as an electrical engineer, electronic technician, or electrician. Furthering your education will open up even more career opportunities in the future.

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“…weber state is a great school. i love the diversity here. i have made so many wonderful friends as well!” – Karlie from Ogden, UT

“…idaho state university is a good school, with high standards in academics. the professors at this university will help in any way possible to get you the best grade and the knowledge of the subject along with it. i would recommend this school to...” – Morgan from Logan, UT

“…The main campus in Glen Ellyn,IL is kept clean and up-to-date. The teachers are great, and the atmosphere is friendly. The class sizes are perfect.” – Jennifer from West Chicago, IL

“…American River College is a diverse place of higher learning and networking. Faculty strive for you to succeed in spite of budget cuts to education that our state is currently facing. Student life also has wonderful opportunities for students to get...” – NaKisha from Antelope, CA

“…amazingly easy to get started even if you have not attended in a long time. way easier processing for student needs and financial aid assistance than 30 years ago (when i last went) dont wait any longer go to school.” – TAFFY from IMPERIAL BEACH, CA

Delta College
University Center, MI

“…Delta College is a great place to start whether you know your major or not. Delta College offers many transferrable classes and even specialized programs if you're not planning on transferring. You can go to Delta College at your own pace, I'll have...” – Amy from Bay City, MI

“…Hinds Communty College in Raymond, MS is one of the most beautiful schools that I have ever been to. The campus is so unique and different. The staff there are very nice and even though I have not started classes there, I believe that going to this...” – Dalonia from Brookhaven, MS

“…Your basic college, very affordable with great professors. Good for getting started, and I recommend using this as a starter college if you plan to transfer. Be patient with the registrar! ” – A Student from Nevada

“…Love how affordable it is to attend here and how easy it is to get the needed financial aid to have everything covered. I attend on-line and have found that the classes are easy to understand and the requirements for the classes are easy to fulfill. ” – SM from, OH

“…They are a great school, with one on one teacher assistance. I love it being local and to have classes that work around my busy life. The smaller classes make it easier to interact with the professor and other students. All questions I have had, were...” – Tina from Holland, IN

“… i have already learned alot especially about myself ! the campus is very nice, they have plenty of parking. always events going on.” – Jeri from Lodi, CA

“…Tidewater Community College has a wonderful variety of programs that are just as diverse as the students who attend. TCC is military friendly and allows for a smooth educational process. From TCC you can go anywhere from, work or continuing on with...” – Celeste from Portsmouth, VA

“…Johnson County Community College is extremely helpful to all students. When you attend this college, you feel comforted knowing that everyone else wants you to succeed as well. This school is very career oriented and everyone is focused on succeeding...” – MMM

“…Unlike a large university like MSU the Lansing Community College campus is small and personal. The teachers are willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. The nursing program is top notch in the state and country and well accredited.” – Karen from Haslett, MI

“…good for those seeking mntc courses. small class sizes. decent selection of courses.” – Tyler from Minneapolis, MN

“…they are really on you on what to do and how to do it. the key is to stay consistent and pay attention. review your notes and don't slack off.” – Pete from Jacksonville, FL

Triton College
River Grove, IL

“…I would give Triton college an over all B grade. It is a small school good for students who are unsure of their future goals and dreams. It is a stepping stone on the way to our futures. ” – Kathryn from Elmwood Park, IL

“…I've been a student at CLC since the beginning of 2011, and now I finally applied for a major in 2013. I admire their organization, their seriousness and sources available for studying that they offer. Definitely, it's an excellent college.” – Luiza from Vernon Hills, IL

“…i rate this college very highly. instructors are nice and willing to work with you. and financial aid is easy to obtain” – Tina from Mariposa, CA

“…onondaga community college is definitely the cream of the crop when it comes to junior colleges. it gives every applicant a fair chance by never denying an application and it provides a quality education for those who maybe cannot afford a four-year...” – Casey from East Syracuse, NY

“…This is an excellent school to attend. Teacher's really care and try hard to help students. Its a peaceful environment to be apart of and the sports teams are great.” – Brea from Hattiesburg, MS

“…A school where the faculty cares about the students. Class sizes are small and tuition is low. This school is a great value when compared to the larger state universities!” – Eddie from CO

“…Cape Fear Community College is great to work with, provides excellent teachers, and has two great campuses. In the heart of Wilmington, Cape Fear Community College is surrounded by great places to relax and spend time.” – Stephen from Newport, NC

“…I love foothill because the campus is beautiful and when you don't have time to workout climbing stairs and walking hills helps a lot. All my teachers have office hours to help me and my classmates are all friendly. I love the food here, it's just...” – Katie from Menlo Park, CA

“…Owens has really all it has claimed to be for me. They offer a lot of free services to help guarantee your success, they do everything in their power to make failing hard. So far, all the teachers I have had have awesome, they were understanding and...” – Adren from Oregon, OH

“…JCC has wonderful instructors that help you succeed. Faculty are employeed in the subject matter they teach so they know what they teach. The small class sizes give way to more personal instruction.” – JACQUELINE from Adrian, MI

“…pitt community college is a great school. we have many resources to get help to gain understanding. i feel that this school could really further my education.” – Donteaz from Pantego, NC

“…Ivy Tech Community College is an awesome school. They are very flexible with your schedule and challenge you to do things that you thought you could never do. They have taught me a lot about being an adult and being a college student.” – Anthony from Indianapolis, IN

Cuesta College
San Luis Obispo, CA

“…Cuesta has a beautiful small campus. The teachers here will challenge you, it is a good transition school to get you ready fro a 4 year. Most people that attend Cuesta and work there are friendly and helpful.” – Elina from San Luis Obispo, CA

“…the teachers at the college really care about our future and are always there to help you when you need them” – Christopher from Lancaster, CA

“…this school is absolutely top notch the teachers are excellent. your grades are only as good as the effort you put in the staff is excellent all around at dutchess!” – Damian from Wappingers Falls, NY

“…This school is affordable, had very kind staff and counselors to work with you, and has hundreds of different opportunities for scholarships and funding to help you with your school. It was a great idea for me to come here, because it gave me a...” – Nikola from Yorkville, IL

“…a school that has many opportunities. non traditional students are welcomed. teachers are willing to take time and help you.” – D. from Adrian, MI

“…Very supportive, encouraging, and the discipline to learn is exhorted by the faculty, staff, and advisors.” – FRANK from Amelia Court House, VA

“…this college is one of the best colleges out there for some one who is not to excited to go back to school. this school has short corse. it is an amazing place every one is extremely nice and you really do learn about what you love. ” – Joseph from Zelienople, PA

“…So far this school has been great with getting me in and heading down the right pathway. My teachers are very helpful and always willing to be available for extra help. Counselors are always checking in with me and giving me suggestions along the way...” – Emily from Port Orchard, WA

“…Good place to start out of get some extra credit for other programs. ” – Bettenia from Homewood, IL

“…Lee College's Honors Program is one of the top programs in the nation. Lee College continues to make academic history. Lee College is diverse, helpful, and will provide a stable foundation for the rest of my life.” – Hai from Baytown, TX

“…Responsible, Scholarly, Trustworthy” – Meghann from Huntersville, NC

“…Rock Valley College is the a great place for adult students. The low tuition rate and night class availability is what makes working a full-time job while furthering your education and career a possibility. Also, every instructor I've had so far has...” – Rachel from Belvidere, IL

“…Smaller than the average college, but definitely worth the money to go there!” – Sara from Wisner, NE

“…I would say my time at hutch right now is very great. The teachers here are awesome and the students here are all friendly.” – Juwan from Oklahoma City, OK

“…It's a great place to start off getting used to college particularly work load and grading. A convenient college because it has three campuses and online classes. Plus you are able to get a two-year degree or certificate for a cheaper price.” – Abreellen from Newburg, MD

“…North Idaho College is an exemplary college. N.I.C. is located in beautiful Coeur d' Alene and is well maintained. The education you can receive is amongst the ranking of popular universities. ” – Timothy from Post Falls, ID

“…Great school and atmosphere. Many health related programs that are WONDERFUL!!!” – Nea from Amory, MS

“…College of San Mateo is one of the greatest campuses on the Peninsula. As a returning student after being laid off three years ago, going back to school has given me new purpose and direction in my life. I would recommend going to this college for...” – Kathryn from San Mateo, CA

“…If you are in a program, the experience can be fantastic. Currently I am enrolled in a program and it feels like an exclusive club. The instructors are excellent and will help me with anything, including helping me find a career after graduation. ” – Ashley from Vale, NC

“…the students and staff at north lake are all eager to lend a helping hand to those around them, no matter the circumstances. the campus is very clean and beautiful, and students feel welcome and relaxed as they walk around. the students are well...” – Shauna from Lewisville, TX

“…JCJC was a great experience and had wonderful well qualified teachers. The atmosphere is great, and the college is expanding with new buildings and opportunities every day. Jones is an amazing place to meet other students because everyone is close...” – Keri from Mize, MS

“…this college has many opportunities to offer to future students who wants to futher their education. helpful instructors to guide and lead you to the path you choose to go. great environment to be around when your in need for down time.” – Carmenlynn from Picayune, MS

“…The layout of campus is easy to navigate. The teachers seem nice. Admissions Office was helpful.” – Georgeann from Fayetteville, NC

“…St. Philip's community college is a great school to attend your first two years of college. The staff and teachers really care about the students and will do everything they can to help you be successful. I'm so glad chose to attend St. Philip's...” – Janielle

“…the best college that recognizes exceptional academic capability,nurture and rewards it.instructors are friendly and willing to help you achieve your academic/career goals. resources like library and ilc enhanced the conduciveness of the learning...” – Samuel from Apex, NC

“…bluegrass community and technical college is a great place to start getting a bachelor's degree or simply get an associate degree. while it may seem like a school only for those who are poor or intellectually unable to go to uk, it actually has...” – Stephanie from Stanford, KY

“…The campus is beautiful. The cafeteria has terrific food. The teachers are awesome.” – Megan from Pass Christian, MS

“…Great College, Smalls class size, and hands on learning.” – Eric from Grangeville, ID

“…Heartland is a great college. I have really enjoyed my time at Heartland and I am very glad that I chose to go to Heartland. It is very cheap and affordable.” – Layne from Bloomington, IL

“…Shelton State Community College is a great college for someone who is looking for a small class size and hands on. The tuition is very reasonable and it is in a great location. There are a lot of degree opportunities at this community college.” – Valerie from Carrollton, AL

“…Lake Superior College is a great college. The staff is understanding, caring, and eager to help their students. They offer great online courses and make going to college fun.” – Natalie from Superior, WI

“…It is a small, quiet school. It has great teachers that communicate greatly with students. The school uses the money they get wisely.” – Jessica Marie from Corona, CA

“…Its small enough to get to classes easily yet big enough to feel like a college. My teachers are great and always willing to help with homework. They have all kinds of programs for any major a person could want.” – Losia from Battle Creek, MI

“…i have never been so impressed with a college and the variety of classes offered. the instructors are amazing and make every attempt to help you in any way possible. i have been to unr and i am so much happier at tmcc.” – Jacquelyn from Reno, NV

“…texarkana college has a great programs and is currently expanding. there are small class sizes to focus on more individualized attention. it is a relatively small campus and easy to get around on.” – Krystal from Maud, TX

“…it's an amazing school filled with caring professors.Students are there to achieve a higher education. Beautiful campus, ranked number 1 for a reason!” – Edwin from Walla Walla, WA

“…They are still working on setting things up for classes and financial aid for me. I am going to the brach near by to add another class on Wed.” – Kimberly from Freeland, PA

“…Hawaii Community College is an outstanding college. The staff are very helpful and understanding; also, the environment is full of ALOHA.” – Cire Ailuj from Kailua Kona, HI

“…RCC staff are pleasant and very informative. The campus is very accessible to all needs. The 'My Richland' website has every aspect of the school at one's fingertips!” – Catherine from Decatur, IL

“…Central New Mexico Community College is a great beginning for students that want to put their aptitude of learning to test; a great starter college. It has easy access to all student services in one general area, with excellent staff and instructors...” – Janice from Albuquerque, NM

“…The teachers that I had were always respectful, available, and positive. Classes were not over-crowded which allowed teachers to be prompt in preparing for and returning assignments/tests. Its personable staff was always committed to my success.” – Brittany from Farmington, MO

“…Lewis and Clark is a small and great looking campus. The teachers genuinely want you to succeed and do everything they can to help and be available to the students. It's a great cheaper option than the usual four-year university, and I strongly...” – Diana from Brighton, IL

“…Admissions is an all day affair at this college, but well worth the wait. They simplify the process step by step so that even a child could apply on their own. This is very helpful for first time college students learning to do things alone.” – Caitlynn

“…Bevill State Community College is an awesome organization! They keep their students challenged and provide positive feedback. All of their instructors are student focused!!” – Christina from Fayette, AL

“…hcc is the #1 college to be. everyone is so welcoming and we're just like family. we have the best staff and faculty members on campus that love us and help us to become great achievers in our careers.” – Mary from Honolulu, HI

“…East Central Community College has such a great environment that I feel like I am still in high school but with every other high school in my district. This college has friendly and helpful teachers that want to see their students obtain their...” – Amber from Forest, MS

“…universidad del turabo is a great college where you can find peace of mind even after coming out of exams since it has a lot of green areas on campus. the education is great and the professors are easy to understand. easy to access and the people...” – Ricardo from Las Piedras, PR

“…i currently attend grayson county college and am enrolled in the high school dual-credit ems program. my instructor is the best teacher i have ever had, and every day is fillled with learning. if you are interested in emergency medicine, i highly...” – Natalie from Pottsboro, TX

“…NEMCC is a great place to start your college career. They offer a long list of majors and areas of study. Not only do they have plenty of two and four year programs, but it is very easy to transfer to a graduate school with most of your credit hours....” – William from Iuka, MS

“…The instructors and staff are good. They try their best to help anyway they can. School is very welcoming.” – Pamela from Macon, NC

“…The advisement offices are nice, and the people are helpful. Financial Aid has been a little less than helpful. The classes themselves have been challenging. ” – Mary from Winder, GA

“…Rccc has great teachers who know what they are doing. Students and staff are friendly and helpful. Application process is fast and easy.” – Katherine from China Grove, NC

“…Despite still dreaming of getting far away from this small area, I don't regret coming to MDCC; in fact, I'm so glad I did. I have grown and matured so much since coming to MDCC. I have developed from a timid girl who was too scared to say what was...” – Heather from Doddsville, MS

“…Mitchell Community College is the perfect environment for learning. With a small town atmosphere and progressive attitude, Statesville fosters education with Mitchell being its benchmark. Mitchell is an excellent college with a long and storied...” – Lee

“…The kindness of the staff has simply blown my mind. Online information runs quick and you get quick answers back. Every one has been very helpful. ” – Theresa from Willmar, MN

“…I love going to Bates Technical College and am very happy with my choice. The classes are great, they teach me exactly what is going on in the field that I have chosen. The teachers are great and really try to be honest and straight to the point with...” – Bradley from Tacoma, WA

“…A great way to build yourself up to go to a University. A way to meet new people that may have a lot to offer you, and a way to stay close to home if you do not want to leave or are not able to leave.” – Tia from Kingstown, NC

“…i would definitely give them the highest rating possible for various reasons. in their own way they exceed even the ivy league schools. 10 out of 10; 100 out of a 100; whatever the variable they are tops.” – Sandra from Rillton, PA

“…Excellent environment for business professional returning to school. Instructors will continue to challenge you and apply concepts to your industry/experience. Environments forces you to focus and be prepared.” – Patricia from Winston Salem, NC

“…Coffeyville Community College is a great way to start one's college career. The size is perfect and the courses are challenging. Everyone is always so friendly and willing to help.” – Kaitlyn from Caney, KS

“…it is very student oriented. classes are small and student centered. great place to start out.” – elizabeth from Florence, KY

“…There campus its clean and neat. the people are very helpful. and th students have great opportunists to study there.” – Jaqueline from Laughlin, NV

“…I enjoy Hopkinsville Community College. The professors are very helpful and there are many tutoring areas available. We also have academic/social clubs for everyone.” – Susan from Hopkinsville, KY

“…John A Logan is a good community college. Tuition is very affordable. The teachers here are great.” – Jasmine from Murphysboro, IL

“…A beautiful college that is located outside of a very nice cozy town. A small college with small classes. A college with an awesome faculty.” – Christopher from Roseburg, OR

“…I love the college the teachers are great. I have done very good here. With I could get my bachelors here. ” – Angela from Opdyke, IL

“…on a scale of 1 to 10; i would rate western at an 8. i absolutely love it there, the atmosphere, the people everything. i think they could use some improving on their wireless internet connections and the parking situation.” – Rachel from Houston, MN

“…This school has a great layout and easy access. RN program is the best. Paper work here is easy, the staff is wonderful.” – Melissa from Eastsound, WA

“…Surry Community College has wonderful business administration and accounting departments and excellent instructors in their faculty. They offer online classes for both degree programs. The distance education instructors are dedicated professionals...” – Tina from East Bend, NC

“…WKCTC is an absolutely amazing school. They offer a variety of degrees and opportunities here that most community colleges do not offer. I would not choose any other community college over WKCTC. ” – Crystal from Paducah, KY

“…i really like big bend community college. big bend has a great friendly staff. i feel very comfortable here because it is not too big.” – Tiffany from SOAP LAKE, WA

“…SWIC is a great value to the many students that attend. I have gotten a high quality education at a cost that I can afford without going into debt. SWIC goes above and beyond to help its students succeed. ” – happy student