Evolutionary Biology

A program that focuses on the scientific study of the genetic, developmental, functional, and morphological patterns and processes, and theoretical principles; and the emergence and mutation of organisms over time. Includes instruction in molecular and morphological systematics; genetics and development; evolutionary transformation; paleobiology and paleontology; morphogenesis; mutation; locomotor, biomechanical and craniodental form and function; evolutionary theory; and systematic biology.

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Harvard College

Harvard College is an undergraduate liberal arts school located in Cambridge, MA, within Harvard University. Founded in 1636, this private, very selective, Ivy League college is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and was...

“…Harvard provides its students freedom. With freedom, it is a student's choice where to go, what to do, and who to surround themselves with. The environment at Harvard is indeed a learning one; not only do I learn in the classroom, but I learn in the...” – Jasmin

Yale University

Yale University is a large research institution chartered in 1701, making it the third-oldest institution of higher education in the US. On top of the numerous academic undergrad degrees at Yale College, students also have access to Multidisciplinary...

“…Yale University has a great academic environment, and a very friendly student body. In my experience, professors have been very available and eager to engage with their students: they want you to understand the material and do well on the course....” – genericstudent2

University of Chicago

Founded in 1890, The University of Chicago is a private urban research institution. U of Chicago is home to an undergraduate college noteworthy for establishing the fields of Ecology and Sociology. In addition to classroom facilities, the U of...

“…The University of Chicago is an urban neighborhood filled with Gothic architecture and students passionate about learning. While the workload at times feels unbearable, getting to learn from some of the best professors in the field makes up for it....” – Alana from Benton Harbor, MI

Cornell University

As an Ivy League, a research institution, and one of three private land-grant universities in the US, Cornell University admissions are highly competitive. Since Cornell was founded in 1865 in Ithaca, NY, it has been a co-educational, nonsectarian...

“…With the exorbitant amount of majors offered, it is extremely easy to find your niche at Cornell. As an engineer, I was worried about immediately being funneled into classes filled to the brim with only math and science majors and engineers. I was...” – Samantha from Ithaca, NY

University of Michigan-Ann Arbor

Founded in 1817, University of Michigan in Ann Arbor is the state’s oldest university. U of M has very high research activity and is a often referred to as a Public Ivy. The university at Ann Arbor offers upwards of 260 degrees for undergraduates,...

“…The classes here are pretty intense. I'm a student in the college of Engineering, where group work is an important part of most classes. Most of the core classes like calculus, physics, and chemistry are very large classes, but they all have smaller...” – Elizabeth from Rochester Hills, MI

George Washington University

George Washington University is a private university maintains three campuses, with the main campus located in Washington, D.C., just four blocks from the White House. George Washington University offers 75 undergraduate majors and 69% of students...

“…This is my first semester and I'm taking six classes and I've definitely learned a lot. First thing I learned is not to take six classes, especially not your first semester. It's a big load, but I'm handling it well and I love my classes. I'm in...” – Arianna from Brookline, MA

Stony Brook University

Originally founded as a school for math and science teachers, Stony Brook University is a 4-year public university on Long Island and part of the State University of New York system. Stony Brook is home to 12 schools and colleges conferring degrees...

“…Stony Brook University is known for its science and engineering-you need to work for your grades. People are smart and motivated and it's very easy to find someone to help you. The more you put in, the more you will get out, especially since...” – Mika from California

Lehigh University

Founded by a local industrialist and philanthropist, Lehigh University is a 4-year private school in eastern Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. Lehigh is home to colleges of Business, Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Health, and Education granting...

“…Even though I'm taking mostly prerequisite classes right now, they are more advanced than anything I'd taken in high school and the teaching styles of the professors are conducive to learning. The learning that occurs on campus isn't limited to...” – Stacy from Hope Valley, RI

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

The largest public university in New England, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is the original campus in the UM System. UMass is a land-grant university with the “Highest Research Activity" and the U.S. News & World Report ranks the UMass...

“…Due to the wide range of educational opportunities--whether those are research-based, scientific, liberal, political or extra curricular--The University of Massachusetts Amherst ensures that there's a niche designated for every type of student. With...” – Ashley from West Yarmouth, MA

Case Western Reserve University

Founded by the merger of Western Reserve University and Case School of Applied Science, Case Western Reserve University is a 4-year private research institution in Cleveland. Case Western features nine schools conferring bachelor’s degrees in 95...

“…You will definitely work harder than you ever did in high school, but at the end of every class, you will also know that you actually learned something. Everyone at Case is very focused on their career goals, and the coursework teaches you exactly...” – Brittany from Macungie, PA

Bennington College

Bennington College is a private liberal arts institution located in the rural town of Bennington, Vermont. It is a nonsectarian institution with a “selective” admissions process. All students must complete an annual 7-week internship through the...

“…I recently had a tour at Bennington College and I also attended an information session. The impression I got was that Bennington College offers students an amazing education for several reasons: 1. Students learn what they want to learn: Students...” – A high school senior from northern VT