Film/Cinema/Video Studies

Film and cinema studies is a visual arts program that focuses on the study of history, development, theory, and criticism of the film/video arts, as well as the basic principles of film making and film production. The major teaches the fundamentals of filmmaking from pre to postproduction. As a film and cinema studies major, you will study film history, theory, and criticism, as well as the basics of film production. You will also examine related arts such as television and video. This major offers the chance to gain hands-on experience in film-making, how to operate a camera, and editing footage. You'll learn how to discuss and write about films critically. You'll also learn about the connections movies have to history and national identities. You'll even learn what all those people listed in the credits actually do. Students graduate prepared for careers in the art/design/culture sector as directors, video and film recorder operators, photographers, art directors, production assistants, runners, location/props managers, and broadcasters.

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Boston College
Chestnut Hill, MA
Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO
Vassar College
Poughkeepsie, NY
Eckerd College
Saint Petersburg, FL