Financial Planning and Services

Is it your goal to work in the finance industry, but you're unsure about working in traditional banking? A financial planning and services major is a dynamic program that will allow you to reach your goals in a variety of environments. This industry bridges the gap between businesses and individuals and allows you to think critically and make decisions in your clients' best interests. While in college, you'll study how to plan and manage the finances of an institution or individual, how to manage investments and portfolios, how to provide financial consulting services, and how to invest strategically. Because majoring in financial planning and services gives you a broad education, there are different career paths you can take. You could be an investment counselor, loan officer, or even start your own business as an independent financial planner for companies or individuals. While employment opportunities are plentiful, getting a master's degree could improve your chances of landing top clients or a spot at a respected firm.

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Molloy College
Rockville Centre, NY