Flight Instructor

A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to the training of pilots or navigators, to prepare them to fly and/or navigate commercial passenger and cargo, agricultural, public service, corporate and rescue aircraft, and fixed or rotary wing aircraft. Includes instruction in principles of aircraft design and performance, aircraft flight systems and controls, flight crew operations and procedures, radio communications and navigation procedures and systems, airways safety and traffic regulations, and governmental rules and regulations pertaining to piloting aircraft. Programs may qualify individuals to administer the FAA commercial air crew examinations.

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University of North Dakota

Founded six years before North Dakota achieved statehood, the University of North Dakota is a 4-year public university in eastern North Dakota and the state’s largest institution of higher learning. UND offers undergraduate degrees in over 225...

“…Right now I am taking general classes, some are the same that I took in high school like psych, chemistry, and precalculus but the teachers cover the material in much greater detail.” – Cassondra from Ham Lake, MN

South Dakota State University

Founded in 1881, South Dakota State University is a 4-year public school in eastern South Dakota and the state’s largest university. The oldest institution of higher education in South Dakota, SDSU awards bachelor’s degrees in over 200 academic...

“…SDSU has a great environment set up for learning and getting to that boring part of college we all dread...studying. The fact that most of the people in my dorm (Matthews) were involved in the same things as I am meant they were in a lot of my...” – Joshua from Madison, SD

The University of Maine at Augusta is the flagship campus of UM and is located in the state capital. All of UMA’s academic buildings are centered around the campus green, a large circular open space for students to congregate when the weather allows...

“…i really enjoy attending school here. its small enough that getting to know people throughout the year is easy. also, the opportunities available here are great! ” – anonymous

Dodge City Community College is a public, 2-year institution established on a 145-acre, suburban campus in Kansas. The college offers over 30 academic and vocational degree programs in a variety of fields, including Dietetics, Music, Agribusiness,...

“…Well your in Kansa for crying out lound!!! If you in joy rodeo this is the school for you. Basketball, Track & field and football these sports are good here too!! ” – Candace from Lauderhill, FL