Food Preparation/Professional Cooking/Kitchen Assistant

A program that prepares individuals to serve under the supervision of chefs and other food service professionals as kitchen support staff and commercial food preparation workers. Includes instruction in kitchen organization and operations, sanitation and quality control, basic food preparation and cooking skills, kitchen and kitchen equipment maintenance, and quantity food measurement and monitoring.

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Washburn University

Originally founded as a combination high school/private Congregational school, Washburn University is a 4-year university in the Kansas state capital of Topeka. Washburn hosts five colleges conferring undergraduate degrees in over 200 academic fields...

“…I knew that coming into college was expected to be a bit tough compoared to high school, which I never really had to work hard in high school to succeed well. Although, just from my first week of classes at Washburn, I learned more than I really...” – Leah from Abilene, KS

Mt Hood Community College

Mt Hood Community College is a public, 2-year institution located primarily in Gresham, Oregon, with a satellite location in Portland. The campus features a wide variety of facilities for students to visit, such as the Visual Arts Center Gallery, the...

“…Some classes have challenged me, but in many others, I have to challenge myself to grow. In some of the introductory courses, it would not take much effort to receive an A in the class. Doing the minimum will hurt you in the long run though.” – Bryan from Gresham, OR

Monroe County Community College is a 2-year college in southeast Michigan. MCCC is home to five academic divisions offering degrees and certificates in over 35 fields of study. For students who wish to earn paid on-the-job experience while studying,...

“…As is to be expected with college, I have learned more here in under a year than I did in four years of high school. Over all, I'm thrilled with the school! These classes have been challenging, but nothing too far out of my league and I feel that I...” – Kara

Grayson College is a public community college with an open admissions policy serving Grayson County in Texas. The Viticulture and Enology Program at Grayson includes T.V. Munson’s home, the Vinita House, and the campus also hosts Six Ninety One, a...

“…The teachers here are really dedicated to helping the students learn. They are almost always available by phone and always are by email. The added addition of Blackboard makes communicating with your teachers and fellow classmates much more simple.” – Beth from Sherman, TX