French Studies

A program that focuses on the history, society, politics, culture, and economics of France, other Francophone countries inside and outside Europe, and the French colonial experience and the associated French minorities around the world.

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“…new york university is an academically strenuous and challenging school in the heart of downtown new york city. the campus is new york city, with lots of grand old buildings, mainly centered around washington square park. each of their programs are...” – Isabella from Los Angeles, CA

“…brown is awesome because it is very challenging and definitely a rigorous education, but students generally work together as opposed to competing against each other. the spirit on campus is one of acceptance of everything and everyone and anyone can...” – Danielle from North Potomac, MD

“…The University of Washington is a challenging school that blossoms independence and creativity. The majority of all faculty members are enthusiastic about the subject they teach, and are willing to assist all students. This school provides excellent...” – Ronald from Honolulu, HI

“…Florida State University is an all-around excellent school and has provided me with a positive educational experience. Florida State also has a beautiful campus with many traditions that create an inclusive environment including the famous mascots...” – Alix from Oconomowoc, WI

“…It's great! Take a bike though cause they seem useful. Have fun.” – Edwin from Cape Coral, FL

“…Colorado State University has given me the best college experience I could dream of. There are opportunities for anything you could imagine - and these opportunities are everywhere! Everyone is friendly, and all anyone wants is for each and every...” – Bailey

“…Emory is surprisingly the perfect grounds for culturing new ideas. Even though it doesn't have a football team, Emory is still high in spirit and makes up for it in swimming and soccer. Above all, Emory is the perfect combination of nature-esque...” – Sindhu from GA

“…Iowa State has a beautiful campus: a large lake, a scenic atmosphere, and beautiful buildings. I could not believe the outstanding facilities I was able to tour nor the close but large feeling of the campus itself. Definitely ready to start my...” – Kaitlyn from De Witt, IA

“…I have had a great time during my four years at AU. Not only did I receive an excellent in-class education, but I was able to supplement this part of my education with an internship every semester. In addition, the study abroad program that I did was...” – Kaitlyn from Frankenmuth, MI

“…I'm so happy to be at Dartmouth. It wasn't my first choice school, but I can't imagine a better place for me now that I'm there. Dartmouth people are some of the least pretentious and yet most talented people in the country, and they constantly amaze...” – '16 from ME

“…I don't know what I love more, this school or this city! You get to experience New Orleans, but live in the nicer area! I really feel as though I am receiving a first-rate education!” – Alyssa from Clermont, FL

“…Around campus, there is a general environment of smart, open-minded individuals who are, by a large margin, happy to be at Wesleyan. The free exchange of ideas is valued greatly by students and professors alike. The professors are very engaging and,...” – Brendan from Middletown, CT

“…Wake Forest is a very prestigious school. It is a very strong school academically, and makes you think outside of the box. On a scale from 1 to 10 I rate my experience here at Wake Forest as a 7.” – Eldridge from Portsmouth, VA

“…Case Western is a school that is very focused on academics and research. It is quite academically rigorous, but also very rewarding. Using "Think Beyond the Possible," as their motto, Case Western drives their students to achieve their goals, even...” – Elanda from Fairview Park, OH

Skidmore College
Saratoga Springs, NY

“…Skidmore College is the perfect school if you're looking for a small liberal arts college. The classes are small and intimate, the professors brilliant and personable, and the courses are wide-ranging for those who are unsure of what they are...” – Taylor from Waterboro, ME

Colorado College
Colorado Springs, CO

“…At Colorado College, you take one class at time for three and a half weeks as part of what we call the block plan. You have eight blocks each school year to spend getting to the heart of a subject. Colorado College is a spirited, friendly school with...” – Hannah from Saint Louis, MO

“…Brandeis is an amazing university with tons of opportunities. It provides the fun vibe of a summer camp while also fostering great knowledge and a professional atmosphere - you form great relationships not only with your peers, but with your...” – Alexandra from Seattle, WA

“…A beautiful campus with lots of outdoor trails, the dorms are beautiful and spacious and the campus is fairly compact which makes walking really easy. The campus encourages biking and there are racks everywhere. The food is really good to and there...” – Cierra from Frederick, MD

“…they have a lot to offer no matter what your major or even if you are undecided. the campus has a lot of diversity and you can expect to meet a lot of different people. the campus is large and set in a quiet little town which is very proud to have...” – Ciaira from Hillsboro, NH

“…Everyone on campus is there to help you succeed and feel at home. The atmosphere is comforting and energetic. The courses all intersect at some point and this allows students to make connections and learn as much as possible through the courses.” – Melissa from Salem, OR

“…Beautiful school with a great sense of community. It is the perfect medium size school where class sizes are small and professors know your name. There are many excellent professors that will keep you engaged in class.” – Emily from Big Lake, MN

“…Bowdoin is unique as its name. Though the campus is small, the hearts of the people here are big. Bowdoin is truly a place of the common good.” – Symone from Calumet City, IL

“…SMU is a small university in a big city. The beautiful campus is a welcoming place for students who want to get involved and meet people from around the country and world. SMU offers endless ways to get involved and Dallas is the perfect city for...” – Paige from Edmond, OK

“…Swarthmore is a great place to pursue your academic passions and push yourself to realize your full potential. It's not for everyone; the academics can be pretty intense, depending on your major and if you choose to enter the Honors Program, and the...” – Sarah from Wynnewood, PA

“…Attending Wellesley was the best decision I have ever made. It is an empowering and inspiring place. It has provided me with opportunities I would have never imagined.” – Meagan from Wellesley, MA

“…Simply put, I love Barnard and truly almost everyone I know does as well. I have never felt more independent, challenged, or excited as I do living in New York City and taking classes at Columbia. And because of Barnard, I also feel empowered as a...” – Barnard_2014

“…Muhlenberg has a small campus and student body, but it provides a caring and intimate environment for students. Students are encouraged to customize their experience by becoming involved in the many clubs and activities offered on campus. ” – Laura from Massapequa, NY

“…The University of La Verne is a great university to attend because the class sizes are small enough to be able to interact with everyone, especially Professors. I find that it is easier to learn in a small classroom setting. What I love most about...” – RR from Duarte, CA

“…Saint Joseph's University is a great school to graduate from and a place where the campus is close enough to the inner city but far enough not to be apart of the chaos the inner city comes with. A very comfortable atmosphere and campus.” – Dawn from Oviedo, FL

“…Seattle Pacific University is a great school. They have good food, great faculty, and kind fellow students. I believe my next three years here will be very good.” – Josiah from Battle Ground, WA

“…If you are interested in studying abroad then Arcadia University is the school for you. It is very open to all cultures hence it is very diverse. Finally the professors and staff are very friendly and approachable and there is a one on one with the...” – Imoinda from Philadelphia, PA

“…Rhode Island College is a college which offers a wide-variety of majors. The campuses are very easy to navigate around. The OASIS Department is very helpful in picking your classes.” – Joshua from Smithfield, RI

“…scripps will challenge you to grow academically, personally and politically. i wouldn't be who i am today if it weren't for the people i met and the education i received here.” – Kristie from South Gate, CA

“…it is a great place to live and to study. i have met lifelong friends here after only one semester. i could not imagine a better school for me.” – Ryan from Shawnee, KS

Coe College
Cedar Rapids, IA

“…Coe is a great place to plug in and make new connections. The professors here give a lot of personalized attention and actually care, and there are lots of incredible opportunities. You receive a great education by having a lot of fun,” – Leeann from Mount Vernon, IA

“…Moravian is an amazing college that offers many opportunities to its students. Everyone is nice and the professors want you to succeed. I am happy that I made the decision to attend college at this wonderful school.” – Laura from Eagleville, PA

“…It's a small school with professors that care about you. It has a unique location being at the international border. It isn't an intimidating campus.” – Jillian from West Branch, MI

“…Wheaton College is a microcosm of life beyond college, where you can explore your independence and network. The campus allows you to utilize open space and stretch your creativity as far as you are willing to. Students learn the value of concepts...” – Alfonso from Brooklyn, NY

“…Emory and Henry is a small, private Methodist School in Emory, Va. Emory and Henry on average has 1,000 students. There is something for absolutely everyone at Emory and Henry College. ” – Student

“…simon's rock offers a strong academic program with a quirky and varied student body. people come here for a challenge, stay for the professors, and leave with the skills to be competitive students and citizens. there is a lot of learning and growing...” – senior

“…It is one of the most uplifting campus' I have ever been on, because everyone understands the importance of Christian Science. The small size of the campus means that you get one on one time with all your professors, and they are able to take a...” – Hannah