General Merchandising, Sales, and Related Marketing Operations, Other

Any instructional program in merchandising, sales, and related marketing operations not listed above.

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“…this school is very different because it gives you a new environment. you are surrounded with more opportunities in part time jobs or actual careers once you graduate. you will never be bored at this school because there are a lot of things to do.” – Katherine from Buford, GA

“…By far the most diverse private school I've ever encountered, I love it. Staff is always easily approachable! Extremely worth every cent I pay. ” – Cynthia from Chicago, IL

“…High Point is a very clean, organized, and up-and-coming school in North Carolina. It is a four-year university, although it is working on expanding currently and creating new masters degree programs as well. It has a generally friendly atmosphere...” – Caitlin from Daleville, VA

“…Great place to go to school. Great place to be apart of organization. Great place to meet new friends.” – Takia from Detroit, MI

“…I feel the school is well rounded, has many majors to look into and a very supportive teaching staff.” – Mason from Berlin, CT

“…Illinois Tech is a vibrant institute with the largest diverse student population I have ever seen!. Education First! Fun last!” – Amadou from Lynnwood, WA

“…If you are interested in studying abroad then Arcadia University is the school for you. It is very open to all cultures hence it is very diverse. Finally the professors and staff are very friendly and approachable and there is a one on one with the...” – Imoinda from Philadelphia, PA

“…Choosing to attend LIM College has been the best decision I have ever made. I love the tight-knit community and industry experience that LIM offers. Every one is a familiar face to me, and I like that! ” – Maura from Maspeth , NY

“…South Dakota State University has a great campus. The buildings are beautiful. The classrooms are easy to find and the professors are willing to help with any questions.” – Sheela from Lamberton, MN

“…lincoln university is an outstanding school that is very affordable. it's close to where i live, the faculty is always willing to work with you (the students) to continue to uphold their wonderful credentials and to make sure that you are getting the...” – Haley from Jefferson City, MO

“…orange coast college is one of the best community colleges in california, in transfer rates, athletics and academics. there are so many resources and opportunities to succeed and move forward, weather you want to transfer to a university or to get a...” – Jasmine from Costa Mesa, CA

“…Howard Community College is a very great school and can,t wait to attend this fall. Campus is great, friendly people and great is very affordable school ” – Linda from Columbia, MD

“…I can say that I haven't even attended VUU but I already feel welcomed to this university. Amazing.” – Kierra from Trevose, PA

“…Baker College provides students with the materials and the support that they need to be successful at furthering their education. The environment is clean and comfortable to be in. If i was asked to rate Baker College on a scale of one to ten, I...” – Lakeisha from Saginaw, MI

“…anne arundel community college is a great college at an affordable price. the faculty and teachers are great, and you get the same experience as a private college.” – Jake from Lothian, MD

“…great place to start. they have wonderful professors who care about you. a caring staff who is there to help you. ” – TRAMAR from Southampton, NY

“…it's a great college to attend especially if you can't afford or don't want to go to a four year school” – Joseph from Latham, NY

“…Love this University because it caters to it's students as far as the advisers going out of their way to help in anyway they can. We have the best meal plan in the country due to the culinary that run the many choice on-campus restaurants. The...” – Ryan from Harwich, MA

“…This college is excellent. The teachers are great and really want to help you. The value is good.” – Joe from New City,NY

“…HCCC helped me realize what I wanted to do in life. My professors were all very kind and helpful and taught me about many different fields in my subject making it easier to choose my life goals. I recommend this college to my friends and my brother...” – Kimberly from Northville, NY

“…Orange County Community College helps students broaden their horizons. The Professors that teach there take the time out to help there students. Orange County Community College motive is to help students achieve their goal.” – Angelica from Washingtonville, NY

“…i would give schenectady county community college a 10 out of 10. the educators at this college are very helpful, and caring about the education of the students. they are the best.” – Alexander from Melrose, NY

“…Teachers play close attentions to there students. They make themselves readily available so that students will always get the help they need. In addition my professors have experience in the field I want to get into and I love to hear their stories...” – Tiffany from Bronx, NY

“…broome is a great low-cost institution for students to explore their interests and prepare for their careers. i have been to a four-year institution on scholarship and i can say that broome's quality of education is comparable at a much cheaper cost!” – Kevin from Vestal, NY

“…this college is a small, yet very dense campus. there is plenty of space to study and do homework with endless availability of great resources, including the brilliant faculty members. this college is highly recommended for first time college...” – Monica from Quensbury, NY

“…I would rate Sullivan a 10. Its the perfect for school if your looking for diversity and a new environment. Its also a good school if you don't want a big campus.” – Dominique from Monticello, NY

“…Moraine Park is such a wonderful tech college. All of the staff is very caring and helpful. They really want everyone to succeed and get their degree!” – Heather from Beaver Dam, WI

“…This school is awesome. They have very supportive staff, who respond quickly to your needs as well as some of the best teachers I've ever encountered. Their campus is also amazingly beautiful and I feel very welcomed there. ” – Auriel from Bronx, NY

“…I believe LRSC is a well rounded minor college that will work with their students. I give LRSC an eight because they have a great starting point for students who fear the bigger colleges and the universities. they have most of the programs or if not...” – Michall from Riverdale, MI

“…The Inter American University of Puerto Rico, San German campus is very beautiful and very fun place to be. There you make a lot of friends and you feel accepted. The best this about this university is that when you graduate from there, you will...” – Madeline from Puerto Rico

“…i love this campus. my professor is the best help a lot. my roommates now his my family here.” – salvador from Puerto Rico

“…Excellent customer/student care, excellent facilities. Several 4-year program and some two-year transfer opportunities. ” – Amanda from Ponce, PR

“…Inter American University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla is an institution with an excellent range of academic opportunities. Their curricula range from as simple a matter to the hardest part. That for the purpose of preparing the students for a...” – KENNETH from Vega Baja, PR

“…The best university in Business class. Accessibility Important” – Yasmin from Puerto Rico