Health Information/Medical Records Administration/Administrator

A program that prepares individuals to plan, design, and manage systems, processes, and facilities used to collect, store, secure, retrieve, analyze, and transmit medical records and other health information used by clinical professionals and health care organizations. Includes instruction in the principles and basic content of the biomedical and clinical sciences, information technology and applications, data and database management, clinical research methodologies, health information resources and systems, office management, legal requirements, and professional standards.

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“…With over 50,000 students at the University of Central Florida, it is easy to feel like a small fish in a big pond. But, with all of the opportunities afforded by this institution and all of the resources available, a little effort on the student...” – Alexis from Wellington, FL

“…The University of Washington is a challenging school that blossoms independence and creativity. The majority of all faculty members are enthusiastic about the subject they teach, and are willing to assist all students. This school provides excellent...” – Ronald from Honolulu, HI

“…Northwestern is a great school, blending first class academics and Big 10 sports in a way that typically isn't seen among comparable universities. Students are bright and are typically highly motivated, passionate, and active in leadership roles....” – Kayla from Camdenton, MO

“…Ohio State is it's own small world. Once you get involved, which is a must, you cannot walk across campus without seeing someone you know. From academics to sports, Ohio State is an excellent school with long standing tradition. ” – Amarilis from Newbury, OH

“…Settled in the middle of Pittsburgh, students learn in one of the best, most interesting, and understated cities in the country. Pitt has it all with beautiful academic buildings, an abundance of interesting classes, and sports teams unifying the...” – Debra from Harrington Park, NJ

“…Exciting and diverse” – Thomas from Philadelphia, PA

“…texas state is a picturesque school full of life, diverse, with a river that runs through it, and also full of people that are willing to help you on anything from personal problems, to math homework. ” – Genesis from Houston, TX

“…The campus is beautiful and not too spread out. All of my classes have been wonderful thus far, and really are shaped to my interests. There are so many study enhancements in this community to make sure that students do succeed. ” – Taelor from Columbia, SC

“…Rutgers University-New Brunswick has been all that I expected in a University and more. It has provided me with many different opportunities such as research and volunteer opportunities to gain experience in my field of interest while attending...” – Francesca from New Brunswick, NJ

“…This campus is small enough to get to your classes in a reasonable time, but still big to find fun things to do. They have great places to eat with lots of variety. The people are all really friendly.” – Alex from Cincinnati, OH

“…The University of Kansas has great professional schools with devoted professors who take education beyond the classroom. The campus environment is beautiful and the students population is very active in organizations. The University of Kansas houses...” – Zach from Overland Park, KS

“…iupui is has a great educational atmosphere that goes out of its way to teach its students valuable life experience. iupui is a university that teaches its students to try to make impact on its community by doing various volunteer activities. the...” – Arnesha from Jeffersonville, IN

“…illinois state university is a wonderfully diverse university. since being here, i have learned so many life lessons as well as the tools needed to become a wonderful teacher; as they are wonderful as well. all in all, illinois state is not a...” – Tiffani from Chicago, IL

“…East Carolina is a very great school where they care about their students education and well being. There are unlimited options for education fields . If you ever need help there is always someone at your service.” – Jasmine from Garner, NC

“…Although this is a commuter school, I love being here every day. The instructors are helpful and understanding of any situation you might be in and there are more opportunities on campus to get involved with than I had thought. You meet a lot of...” – Bart from Deerfield, IL

“…The environment is amazing and not only the teachers but everyone is very helpful. Western will your home away from home and you will be proud to call yourself a Catamount. At Western, there is so much to do academically and recreationally so you...” – Samantha from Clayton, NC

“…Grand Valley is a really cool school! Homeschooled all my life, I arrived here and felt instantly accepted and comfortable. The Christian groups on campus are wonderfully diverse and all very welcoming. Nice profs, good learning, beautiful campus,...” – Gabriel from Auburn Hills, MI

“…Tennessee State University is a campus that is filled with opportunity and chances to change your life. The atmosphere is a family oriented, and a welcoming vibe for new students. The staff care about you as if you were their own.” – Kiara from Ellenwood, GA

“…Toledo is a great college with a great business program I would recommend to anyone. The teachers are very helpful, respectful and understanding to your desire to learn more and more. The students are very friendly and also want to help you learn...” – Freeman from Bedford, OH

“…great student body everyone is really nice. Small town alot of things are close. And great if you want to attend a school down south and a historical black college.” – Kimia from Hazelwood, MO

“…This is a great school if you are looking for outcomes. They get you places in your life. However, initiative is key, they aren't going to babysit you. ” – Autumn from Coopersville, MI

“…The University is priced perfectly for in state students! The University is not to big but not to small. The University staff will go out of there way to help you if you have a problem and are respectful.” – Latrisha from Houston, TX

“…sacred heart is an excellent liberal arts institution! as a current student majoring in biology i am not only getting a great education as far as my major classes, but an all around education! sacred heart university has provided it's students with...” – Carina from Stratford, CT

“…It is the most beautiful campus I have ever laid my eyes on. The faculty and staff are eager for you to learn. I feel at home and safe on campus. ” – Mary from Vinemont, AL

“…A small private school in the midst of big changes in the upcoming years. Good community within the school that reaches out and makes use of the surrounding community as well. Teachers and advisers on the whole are very supportive and will do what...” – Britnee from Annandale, VA

“…Saint Louis University is a great school with a beautiful green campus. This school offers a variety of classes and community service opportunities to get involved in. It also has small class sizes and a great school philosophy of caring and...” – Melinda from Ellisville, MO

“…Kean University is a great school to attend if you like diversity, a beautiful campus, and a great education.” – Brianna from Piscataway, NJ

“…Duquesne University is a well rounded and dedicated establishment. Faculty to Student Ratio is 14:1 and students have more opportunities to succeed. While the university is pricy... it is defiantly worth every penny for it's investment into students...” – Ashley from Pitcairn, PA

“…Boise State University is a beautiful school. It is very socialized with tons of campus activities such as sports. I enjoy going to school here as well as living in the dorm on campus.” – Yonsoo from Boise, ID

“…If I were to give Park University a grade, I'd give it and A. Coming onto the campus I was told that the University was extremely diverse; I had no idea how diverse untill I stayed on campus! There is constantly a festival being held for a different...” – Akimmy from Independence, MO

“…I love WKU. Western Kentucky University is a magnificent school with faculty members dedicated to making sure that us students succeed. This School is definitely preparing me to excel & achieve all of my dreams. ” – Brooke from Lexington, KY

“…weber state is a great school. i love the diversity here. i have made so many wonderful friends as well!” – Karlie from Ogden, UT

“…the teachers here are great and they push you to your maximum limits so that you can fulfill your full potential. very friendly environment its just a little chilly in the winter and going to class becomes a chore. despite the weather, the teachers...” – Keri from Walla Walla, WA

“…Eastern Kentucky University provides students with an institution, that will allow them to excel in their chosen majors. The professors are helpful, friendly, and caring. There are also, many groups and clubs for any student's interests.” – Krichelle from Lexington, KY

“…the school is great pretty organized and has a good size classroom. only bad this is the parking and intuitions.” – Seng from New Iberia, LA

“…western governors is a very supportive online university. their flexible admissions schedule and courses allow adult working students the flexibility they need to achieve a higher education. a student can finish as quickly or as slowly as their life...” – Joey from Southaven, MS

“…chicago state university is perfect for any minority student who is conscious about fitting in with their peers. the teachers are very proactive and thorough when it comes to assisting a student with a dilemma. chicago state university's councilors...” – Juan from Chicago, IL

Indiana Tech
Fort Wayne, IN

“…great online study program for my major. independent study allows me to study around my schedule. wonderful people to answer questions and help with any difficult situation (application, financial aid, transfers, ect).” – Erika from Bryan, OH

“…Jacksonville University is the home to a diverse student body, but the schools variety does not stop there. Jacksonville has various social, cultural, greek, religious, performance arts, and other service organizations. The Jacksonville University...” – Chunia from Indianapolis, IN

“…the campus is very beautiful, and i could easily see myself living and learning here. the catholic atmosphere keeps it moral and enjoyable, and the prospect of attending daily mass right on campus is invaluable. it is unfortunately rather expensive,...” – Jacob from Elizabeth, CO

“…pima is an outstanding community college. the college makes it convenient for students with campus locations all around the city of tucson. the staff for the most part is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. ” – Shanna from Marana, AZ

“…they care about their students. they make sure that a students learn the material nice environment with small class size's which leads to better one on one learning.” – Christopher from Reynoldsburg, OH

“…the university of michigan-dearborn provides a superior quality education from a well known college yet close enough to home you can save the expense of living in a dorm and graduate without excessive debt. the small class size allows for more direct...” – Jessica from Livonia, MI

“…As a native northerner, I was very apprehensive about enrolling in a southern school-- especially one that is currently dealing with a national scandal. However, In the few weeks I have been here, my opinion has completely evolved. The academics, the...” – Devina from Marietta, GA

“…Fisher college is a place where you can learn and enjoy what your majoring in but it is in an area where you not only get to connect with those in your school but all over the place. It is very cozy as in size. The one on one interaction with...” – Jamie from East Haven, CT

“…Loma Linda University is a great, highly prestigious school. The staff I have meet thus far have all been great and very helpful. This is my dream school and I feel lucky to have been accepted. ” – Adahena from Moreno Valley, CA

“…Arkansas Tech University in my book rates about 7 out of 10. The campus and people are great and classes are small, the teachers really get to know their students. However, the accessibility features are outdated and need improving. ” – Christina from Russellville, AR

“…i love the small class sizes and personal attention. it is a great place for new students, older students and those returning after taking a break. i have never been disappointed with my experiences here.” – Shannon from Eastpointe, MI

“…UDM has a beautiful campus and a very helpful staff. Professors work with students and do everything in their power to make sure each student succeeds. UDM is small, but there is a place for everyone to fit in here.” – Amber from Sterling Heights, MI

“…Coppin State University has a lot to offer to new incoming students. The professors tried their hardest to make sure we are learning all we can with little resources. Coppin State University have also added different and new courses that students can...” – Ikea

“…Love how affordable it is to attend here and how easy it is to get the needed financial aid to have everything covered. I attend on-line and have found that the classes are easy to understand and the requirements for the classes are easy to fulfill. ” – SM from, OH

“…A great program that challenges yo and allows, you to develop professionally.” – Current Student!!!

“…missouri western have the best learning environment. faculty are friendly and are able to help students when needed. career advisors are also really helpful.” – Faizan from St Joseph, MO

“…San Diego Mesa College is an amazing school. The professors there are helpful and are passionate to teach what they know to their students. The school itself is a safe place to study at and go to.” – Daisy from National City, CA

“… It is my opinion that school is school wherever you go, but it is the people who teach there and attend with you and what the school is about that will either draw you in or repel you. The wee town of Ruston is as cozy as a campfire in December and...” – Leah from Shreveport, LA

“…Gordon College is a fantastic, beautiful college that strives to meet the expectations of its students. Its professors and staff are extremely helpful and understanding. This college has such a welcoming atmosphere, that a student has no trouble...” – Jordan from Senoia, GA

“…This is an amazing school. Everyone is incredibly helpful. They want you to succeed. ” – Jessica from Toms River, NJ

“…Previously named Macon State College, Middle Georgia State College offers a wide variety of expanding majors and minors. The campus is large, but not overwhelmingly large, and is accompanied by beautiful scenery. Middle Georgia State College is a...” – Kelly from Macon, GA

“…The atmosphere is pleasant. Every professor that teaches at CCGA is not only considerate but understanding to the students.” – Stephanie from Brunswick, GA

“…Get a fantastic head start. Oakton Community College is an inexpensive way to find your direction. You will leave with a solid foundation.” – Chloe from Evanston, IL

“…I am going on my second semester here, so it is sort of difficult to review this school before completion of my degree. With that said, some staff can be difficult to deal with depending on their mood, but as long as you are respectful and persistent...” – Ryan from VOORHEES, NJ

“…mt. hood is a wonderful way to get started on your academics, and help you find out what you want out of life. ” – Erica from Gresham, OR

“…New Jersey City University is an excellent school. The campus is beautifully structured and the student body is very diverse. Attending NJCU is a learning, as well as growing experience that I am grateful to be a part of.” – Imani from Jesery City, NJ

“…This school is a great eye opener to students. It's not too hard core, but just at the right level for students who are adjusting to college life. This school is perfect for those who want room to grow!” – Melissa from Lombard, IL

“…Great online classes, teachers are hilarious, administration needs to lighten up, student employees are all girls which i hate because its sexist” – Kirk from Chandler Heights, AZ

“…One of the best schools around in regard to students, faculty and support staff. I had the best time being a part of this school I acheived more things with the help of this school.” – Joshua from Isola, MS

“…rutgers newark located in the inner city. small size school. the school has great professors to work with” – Ebenezer from Irvington, NJ

“…this college is one of the best colleges out there for some one who is not to excited to go back to school. this school has short corse. it is an amazing place every one is extremely nice and you really do learn about what you love. ” – Joseph from Zelienople, PA

“…University of Wisconsin- Green Bay is a college filled with opportunities that never stop growing! It is a top notch school that will make your dreams come true. This school is small, but with a wide range of EVERYTHING! ” – Erin from Lakewood, WI

“…oit is a great school because of the one-on-one help you get from the teachers. they are very engaged and flexible to work with you, not to mention small class sizes. it also helps that oit is very cost-effective.” – Jaycee from Klamath Falls, OR

“…Trevecca has been a wonderful experience for me. You will find a community that wants to accept you and learn from you, if you are willing to seek it out. The professors actually care about their students here, too!” – a student

“…UMF is a great place for students that enjoy a modern and diverse lifestyle. There are many different kinds of people here, some from as far away as California and many foreign exchange students. The community and the professors are very supportive...” – Tori from Turner, ME

“…Independence University is a really wonderful college and I would highly recommend looking into it as an online school. The the courses are fun, the staff is extremely helpful, and they help you find a job in your career field after graduation! This...” – Nichole from Toledo, OH

“…DSU is full of caring students and staff members who are willing to help anyone who needs it. Everyone cares about your college experience and wants to make it worth your time. I love it here!” – Anastasia from Glendale, AZ

“…the university os wisconsin-stevens point is a great school. there are many teachers who care about their students. the education recieved is outstanding; i feel like i will be ready for my career when i graduate.” – Megan from Wisconsin Rapids, WI

“…Stephens College is the perfect fit for any young girl pursuing a career in almost any aspect of art. It has been very beneficial to me as a Graphic Design and Film Major. The students and staff can be considered as one large family, and the...” – Meredith from Leawood, KS

“…northwest is the best! the campus has a great vibe and everyone is very friendly and eager to help you with all of your needs. if you are looking for a college to be yourself in, this is the college for you!” – Shelby from Sarah, MS

“…The campus is nice and lively. Many of the services are ran by student employees allowing for a nice and no pressured talk, but allows for easy misinformation and problems. The classrooms are delightfully small and so far 3 out of 4 teachers have...” – Kice from Norman, OK

“…medaille make you want to be here and learn. makes you feel like your part of a family. is there for you throughout the school year to make sure your alright.” – Tianni from Buffalo, NY

“…I think the school is very organized and the professors are excellent!” – S from Brooklyn, NY

“…I jumped at the great opportunity to attend courses at McHenry County College right out of college because of financial reasons and academic reasons. At McHenry County Colleges, all students from the county have equal opportunity to complete basic...” – Kyle from McHenry, IL

“…It is a good campus for me. It is small and they see you as a person not just a number. Something i would want to graduate and my children to graduate at.” – Israel from clinton, OK

“…rogue community college is a very convenient location. the teachers are great with giving you all the help you need. the counselors are very knowledgeable and give you everything you need to be a success!” – Crystal from Gold Hill, OR

“…Ursuline college provides a quality education. The UCAP Program provides adult / non-traditional college students with a rigorous curriculum, experienced professors, and an accelerated schedule to attain your degree goals in an expeditious manner.” – Angela from Shaker Heights, OH

“…Southern University at New Orleans is an amazing school that will educated students to their fullest potential. It is also a great school that have a variety of organizations that you can involve yourself in. Southern University is also an...” – Tanyell from Harvey, LA

“…the university has a diverse, fun, and clean campus. the variety of classes offered can lead students into varying majors and professions and help get their foot in the door. on a side note, the location of the campus, here in the valley, offers...” – A student from Montana

“…A building-block school for anyone. Staff members that care about the development of their students. There is diversity in the student body. ” – Victoria from Decatur, IL

“…Central New Mexico Community College is a great beginning for students that want to put their aptitude of learning to test; a great starter college. It has easy access to all student services in one general area, with excellent staff and instructors...” – Janice from Albuquerque, NM

“…It is a great small college. The teachers care that you pass and they will help. Also there is no distributions” – Dare from Riverdale, GA

“…Cumberland County College is a really good school for any tyoe of student, person and it is very affordable. Also for students who didint do so well in high school and wants to improve there GPA.” – Curtis from Bridgeton, NJ

“…Northern Essex Community College is a great place to begin to further your education. The class sizes are reasonable with 20-30 students. This college has the most flexible class schedules in the area.” – Chanell from Groveland, MA

“…The faculty are very helpful in addressing my needs and concerns. The instructors are very efficient in the teaching style. The environment is very professional yet casual enough to feel comfortable.” – Holly from Lexington, NC

“…Great distance college with excellent classes. Shorter semesters gives students more flexibility to manage taking classes and working jobs. Great professors and a truly caring school. ” – Megan from Lebanon, NJ

“…Despite still dreaming of getting far away from this small area, I don't regret coming to MDCC; in fact, I'm so glad I did. I have grown and matured so much since coming to MDCC. I have developed from a timid girl who was too scared to say what was...” – Heather from Doddsville, MS

“…The Barton County Community College program offered at Fort Riley, Kansas was great. I loved the teachers and the selection of classes offered.” – Lynda from Newport News, VA

“…UAS is a school that feels like a family. Instructors are caring and compassionate and staff take a genuine interest in students. Resources are available to help students succeed.” – Katelyn from Kingston, WA

“…Not bad for a community college they have a lot of various 2 year programs to offer. They try to keep the students involved with various on campus events.” – Leah from Scales Mound, IL

“…The College of Saint Scholastica has not only helped me to feel confident about my future, but this school has helped me appreciate education, helped me to discover who I am, and helped me see that it is possible to do what I love. After attending...” – Rachel from Duluth, MN

“…Nationally recognized pharmacy program. Friendly faculty. Extremely involved pharmacy professionals.” – Meagan from Cabot, AR