Health Unit Manager/Ward Supervisor

A program that prepares individuals, under the supervision of nursing or medical service administrators, to supervise and coordinate the operations of one or more patient care units in hospitals or other health care facilities. Includes instruction in planning and initiating administrative procedures, personnel supervision, interpersonal skills, general and/or specialized health care operations and procedures, and consultation with other medical, nursing, and administrative team members.

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Southern Illinois University-Carbondale

Founded in 1869, Southern Illinois University in Carbondale is a public flagship university and the oldest university in the SIU system. SIU is home to ten colleges and schools conferring undergraduate degrees as well as an Honors Program. For...


Its nothing like High School, to make the grade you have to study and go to class, but I am leaning alot and am enjoying class...Now if only I didn't have 8am classes

” – Amy from O Fallon, IL

Delaware County Community College is a public, 2-year institution established in Marple Township, Pennsylvania. Along with its main campus location, DCCC also maintains a number of satellite facilities in Sharon Hill, Upper Darby, Downingtown, Exton...

“…! Craigslist/FB search for books! Enjoy, seriously it goes by fast and then you're standing at graduation like.. how the hell?!

” – I didn't like highschool and yet I'm graduating college AUGUST 2012, FUCK YES!