Holocaust and Related Studies

A program that focuses on genocide in human history with particular reference to Twentieth Century genocides such as that of the Ottoman Armenians during World War I and the Nazi Holocaust during World War II. Programs also focus on topics such as survivor studies and counseling, war crimes research and prevention, reconciliation and compensation, ethical and spiritual issues, holocaust art and literature, and legacy and effect in relation to subsequent generations.

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Kean University

Founded in 1855, Kean University is a public school in northeast New Jersey and the state’s first public post-secondary institution of higher learning. Kean grants undergraduate degrees in over 50 areas of study and graduates the most teachers in the...

“…Kean University is a great school to attend if you like diversity, a beautiful campus, and a great education.” – Brianna from Piscataway, NJ

Stockton University

With a main campus surrounded by the Pinelands National Reserve, Stockton University is a 4-year public institution in southern New Jersey. Stockton grants bachelor’s and graduate degrees in over 160 academic fields of study. To promote...

“…The professors at Stockton are really helpful, passionate, and professional. The other students at Stockton seem to not be as motivated as other college students. It is a very small college without much prestige.” – d, NJ

Keene State College

Keene State College is a 4-year public liberal arts college in southwest New Hampshire and a member of the University System of New Hampshire. Keene State confers bachelor’s degrees in over 40 academic fields of study. Throughout the school year,...

“…since i have transfered to keene state college, i have felt at home and like i belong. it's a wonderful school with a great environment. the classes make me learn better and i feel more one-on-one with my professors and iep coordinator. i know that...” – Chantel from Plaistow, NH

Gratz College
Melrose Park, PA

With a campus in the Philadelphia metro area, Gratz College is the first independent college of Jewish Studies in the United States. Gratz offers bachelor’s degrees in Jewish Studies and Jewish Professional Studies as well as an undergraduate program...

“…The staff and professors at Gratz are extremely professional, helpful, and encouraging. I am a distance student, and I have to say that the learning experience has been outstanding. This was a great choice for grad school.” – Stephen from Alameda, CA