Industrial Production Technologies/Technicians, Other

Any instructional program in industrial production technologies not listed above.

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“…Purdue is basically a land of opportunity; you get out of it what you put in, and much, much more. More majors and minors than you can imagine, even more clubs and organizations--something for everyone! I love this school and campus to the bottom of...” – Marie from Goose Creek, SC

“…This is a top school. Eventful, sociable, and academically fit for me. I recommend MSU!” – Michael from Springfield, MO

“…msu has an absolutely breathtaking campus. the engineering curriculum is challenging and engaging, pushing each student to apply themselves inside and outside of the classroom. best of all, the people and seemingly endless campus activities make each...” – Thomas from Pontotoc, MS

“…The university is very clean and a small campus. Not very diverse, predominantly white. There isn't a whole lot going on, but you find things to do.” – Sara from Farmington Hills, MI

“…Valdosta is a very fun school. There is a good balance between academics and social life in the town!” – Marcia from Columbus, GA

“…Through Central Washington University, there are thousands of students who have the potential for educational success. Because of this, and because of Central's great ability to contribute to the education of its students, I would give the school a...” – Haellie from Buckley, WA

“…The university of Nebraska Lincoln is an up-to-date college with exceptional recreational and educational facilities. I enjoying be a student here. However, as an out-of-state student I would like there to have more financial aid options.” – Alexandria from Fair Oaks, CA

“…pima is an outstanding community college. the college makes it convenient for students with campus locations all around the city of tucson. the staff for the most part is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. ” – Shanna from Marana, AZ

“…Not a bad school for someone wanting a cheap yet quality education. I was always told not to base a college on it's campus but Northwest really does have a beautiful campus - trees and squirrels galore, bell tower, majestic-looking Administration...” – Chris from Maryville, MO

“…UAF has a beautiful campus and a lot to offer its students. The engineering department is very helpful, encouraging, and educational (which is the goal, right?). However, the math department seems to greatly detract from the school, often believed to...” – Sarah from Anchorage, AK

“…saginaw valley has great cafeteria food. there are a lot of activities on campus that you can enjoy. they are also located near shopping centers and a bus line to get you back and forth. ” – Dominique from Saginaw, MI

“…a very rewarding experience for a relatively low cost. a small yet beautiful campus with everything you need relatively close by. a school that does more for you outside of the classroom as well as in.” – Daeshawn from Pittsbugh, PA

“…Love how affordable it is to attend here and how easy it is to get the needed financial aid to have everything covered. I attend on-line and have found that the classes are easy to understand and the requirements for the classes are easy to fulfill. ” – SM from, OH

“…Tidewater Community College has a wonderful variety of programs that are just as diverse as the students who attend. TCC is military friendly and allows for a smooth educational process. From TCC you can go anywhere from, work or continuing on with...” – Celeste from Portsmouth, VA

“…Middlesex is a great school with top quality professors. Tuition is low priced for high quality education. In addition, the campus is very safe.” – Jacquelin from Hopelawn, NJ

“…Southeast Missouri State University is a friendly, safe, and inexpensive college. Anybody who gets the chance to take a tour of the campus will never turn back. This is a great college to further their education that will take them places for the...” – Melissa from Chester, IL

“…i give tulsa community college thumbs up” – Henia from Tulsa, OK

“…Unlike a large university like MSU the Lansing Community College campus is small and personal. The teachers are willing to go the extra mile to help you succeed. The nursing program is top notch in the state and country and well accredited.” – Karen from Haslett, MI

“…they have very helpful instructors and they will do anything they can to help you succeed in class. the campus is well kept and very big with great facilitys. i love uaa because everyone there, including students, will help you in anyway they can.” – Lucinda from Palmer, AK

“…Previously named Macon State College, Middle Georgia State College offers a wide variety of expanding majors and minors. The campus is large, but not overwhelmingly large, and is accompanied by beautiful scenery. Middle Georgia State College is a...” – Kelly from Macon, GA

“…Exceptional value. Going to CMC to first obtain my Associate's degree was a strategic option for me as a student pursuing a degree in neuroscience. I took high-level classes, including Physics and Chemistry, and I feel I received a better education...” – Grace from Vail, CO

“…excellent school for the money. great class selection that transfers to almost any college in michigan and elsewhere for credit, and not just general credit. the teachers are mostly part time from either emu or uofm.” – Benjamin from Stockbridge, MI

“…Shawnee State University is an amazing school. They have all kinds of different opportunities for everyone. Also if you ever need help there is always someone close by.” – Erin from South Point, OH

“…Wayne is so friendly that you never feel homesick. I live in Bowen and it is one of the best dorms to live in, due to all the activities that go on in it. Campus has a lot of new equipment and recent technology that you feel so outdated when you come...” – Allison from David City, NE

“…I am really enjoying my time in this school. The campus is easy to decipher, the teachers care about what they do, and the tuition is manageable. Wonderful starter school, for graduating high school students and returning adults alike.” – Ashley from Shawnee, OK

“…This is a great college for career building. Small student to lecturer ratio which provided excellent supervision of students during class and project work. Excellent student services, for any help and support just ask and you are taken care of.” – Ibrahim from Yeadon, PA

“…great place to start. they have wonderful professors who care about you. a caring staff who is there to help you. ” – TRAMAR from Southampton, NY

“…the teachers at the college really care about our future and are always there to help you when you need them” – Christopher from Lancaster, CA

“…a school that has many opportunities. non traditional students are welcomed. teachers are willing to take time and help you.” – D. from Adrian, MI

“…this college is one of the best colleges out there for some one who is not to excited to go back to school. this school has short corse. it is an amazing place every one is extremely nice and you really do learn about what you love. ” – Joseph from Zelienople, PA

“…When i visited McPherson College i felt at home. None of the other colleges I visited made me feel like i belonged. The campus is perfect and the soccer team accepted me and my skills in no time.” – Tessa from Loveland, CO

“…This school is a good one. I've gone to several different schools and this is my favorite one so far. I would rate them high.” – Amanda from Bidwell, OH

“…Depending on the professor, may or may not prepare you well. The hardest are the best, usually, and the easiest ones are the worst. As an engineering major, with hard work there are plenty of intern options, as most professors work/worked on APG.” – Keith from Abingdon, MD

“…Henry Ford Community college is a very diverse school with many different ethnicities. I believe it is a wonderful learning experience because there are so many different cultures bringing their own experiences and life lessons to the classroom. It...” – Kayla from Allen Park, MI

“…Baton Rouge Community College is a good college to attend. You can attend at the college not only for 2-years but for 4-years as well. They help with financial aid and student loans.” – MEGAN from Baton Rouge, LA

“…The campus is beautiful. The cafeteria has terrific food. The teachers are awesome.” – Megan from Pass Christian, MS

“…Millersville is a good size campus where everything is in walking distance. You always see familiar faces and are always meeting new people. Lots of things to do both on and off campus with a group of people or just to venture off by yourself.” – Karina from Annville, PA

“…Its small enough to get to classes easily yet big enough to feel like a college. My teachers are great and always willing to help with homework. They have all kinds of programs for any major a person could want.” – Losia from Battle Creek, MI

“…Clarion University is in the heart of a small town in Western Pennsylvania, and the atmosphere is great. The staff is friendly and willing to work with students, the college of business is prestigious, and the classes contain a lot of information...” – Blayze from Saltsburg, PA

“…BSC is a great place to get your first two years of generals before going off to a larger, far away, more expensive university. It also provides a great variety of 2 and 4-year degrees. The campus is very nice and easy to find your way around.” – Margalit from Bismarck, ND

“…Everyone are super friendly. I couldn't ask for a more helpful staff. The teachers are amazing.” – Jennifer from Hugo, OK

“…Good place to go in between decisions of what you want to do with your life. Make sure the advisers know what you plan to do. Otherwise, they may lead you astray from your goal.” – Tessia from New Bern, NC

“…Its a great place for kids fresh out of high school to come and learn and make great friends in the process. There are also people that came back to school due to growing families loss of jobs etc. to get a degree here. Overall its a truly great...” – Andrew from Berrien Springs, MI

“…The college has good library, computer labs and internet resources. I had a very good math teacher. The college has limited courses for my major. ” – Student from Irmo, SC

“…The Barton County Community College program offered at Fort Riley, Kansas was great. I loved the teachers and the selection of classes offered.” – Lynda from Newport News, VA

“…I would rate Washington State Community College, at a 8 out of 10. Simply because the teachers don't have a lot of experience. However, I am learning about what I enjoy!” – Megan from Belpre, OH

“…This school is a teacher accessible school. There is always someone willing to answer my questions. They print out your graduation plan on request.” – Latonya from Rocky Mount, NC

“…I think Alpena is awesome with easy access to tutors and a free gym. You can go to the library almost all the time, and it makes for easy studying. Finally the other students, teachers, and staff are always willing to help with directions. ” – Heidi from Sterling, MI

“…Alabama Southern Community College is a great school. You have one on one time with your teacher. The teachers are outstanding and show compassion for what they do.” – Rotaija from Monroeville, AL

“…Super personalized help due to small classes.” – Carolyn from Lee's Summit, MO

“…Seemed Great! The teachers were very friendly, and the classes were small. Best of all, they accept the A+ Scholarship!” – Myriah from Poplar Bluff, MO

“…As at any college you will have professors you like more than others but also you will get out of the classes what effort that you put into them. Isothermal offers a wide variety of majors to support many different interests of the people in our...” – James from Forest City, NC

“…salem community college is a very good school. the people are kind and everyone is very welcoming. whatever help needed you will reveive.” – elijah from bridgeton, NJ

“…The Community College of Beaver County is a great school for students who are looking to save some money with a low tuition. Community Colleges often get a reputation of being easy; however, they are just as challenging as four-year colleges. CCBC...” – Jessica from Monaca, PA

“…SOWELA has become one of the best decisions of my life. Not only do they do their best to make the student's lives easier but they also believe in giving back to their students. The teachers here genuinely care, and that is something remarkable!” – Amber from Lake Charles, LA

“…Mountain Empire Community College has been a wonderful transition institution for me. This is a difficult decision making time for young adults like me, and their instructors and staff have always been super helpful. I believe anyone attending this...” – Logan from Jonesville, VA

“…Pierpont has a great Criminal Justice program. Teachers are very friendly and helpful. Scheduling classes and getting started is very easy.” – Nicole from Fairmont, WV

“…Small classes, excellent and determined teachers and excellent students. ” – Kristi from Sorrento, LA

“…WITC is a fantastic school for both recent high school graduates and adults returning to school to advance their current skills or pursue a new degree. WITC has four campuses in NW Wisconsin that offer day, evening and online courses. WITC offers...” – Katherine from Frederic, WI

“…It is a great college. Paul D. Camp cares about their students. Paul D. Camp is highly recommended in my area.” – Keith from Suffolk, VA

“…Kent State at Trumbull is affordable with a convenient location and exceptional staff. The classes are small which affords students and teachers more one-on-one time. Students get the big university feel without the big university cost or confusion.” – Megan from Warren, OH