Intercultural/Multicultural and Diversity Studies

A program that focuses on the dynamic social relations between and among majority and minority groups and different minority groups, and ways to promote mutual tolerance, inter-group cooperation, and the leadership and management of diverse groups and diversity issues in family, educational, recreational, and work settings. Includes instruction in ethnic and cultural studies, group psychology, sociology, anthropology, conflict resolution, human services and resources, and applications to various functional environments.

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“…By far the most diverse private school I've ever encountered, I love it. Staff is always easily approachable! Extremely worth every cent I pay. ” – Cynthia from Chicago, IL

“…utsa has a diverse student population, a wide range of student services (including an excellent gym facility, complete with cooking courses, personal trainers, and rock-climbing wall), and a rapidly growing academic program with professors from all...” – Catherine from Helotes, TX

“…villanova is a medium-sized school with large-scale opportunities and resources. they value community, academics, sports, and the arts. there is something for everyone, and anything is possible here.” – Lauren from East Brunswick, NJ

“…It's honestly a great place to be if you're looking for a nice and simple environment. All resources are made available to students and the classes are small so students can receive a lot of attention from their teachers. Seeing how Ithaca College...” – Malika from Ridgewood, NY

“…Biola University is a welcoming place where faith is integrated into the classroom with professors who seek to love, pray and care for you and teach you to the best of their abilities. The best thing about Biola, however, is the community of students...” – Morganne from Snohomish, WA

“…One of the best in the midwest! My experience has been great, everybody is dedicated to making the Elmhurst Experience better. Beautiful campus, great reputation.” – Chad from Lombard, IL

“…This school is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. The people on campus and the residents of Bowling Green (the city) are always working together to connect students with real life experiences such as jobs and internships. Also, BGSU is big...” – Rayia from Highland Park, MI

“…wheaton college is a school for the serious christian student. it is intensely focused on academics, athletics, and an intentional christian perspective on life. if you want to grow as a christian scholar, attend wheaton college.” – Daniel from Wheaton, IL

“…Wright State was the perfect size college for me; Big enough to get the real college life feel, yet small enough to feel like a tight knit community. The classes are really interesting, even the general education classes that are required for every...” – Kaytee from Fairborn, OH

“…Here's the truth: Trinity University is an overlooked, academically solid liberal-arts college with a lingering, somewhat-deserved reputation as being filled with upper class, suburbanite, WASP-y Texans. While some students fit the bill, there are...” – Daniel from Alvarado, TX

“…wofford is an amazing college with a plethora of opportunities! academics are excellent and students have close relationships with their professors. wofford offers something for every type of individual from greek life to service freternities,...” – Ashlee from LaGrange, GA

“…Palm Beach Atlantic is a Christian Liberal Arts university that focuses in the student's writings and critical thinking. I really like this about PBA because it helps develop our ideas and opinions and not only develops them, but it also helps the...” – Francis from West Palm Beach, FL

“…southeastern is an amazing experience no matter where you are in your life. it seems as though every professor and administrator are on your side and are truly trying their hardest to give you the most.” – Derek from Sebring, FL

“…this is a very good school. the professors are very helpful and willing to help you. there's is always something to do.” – Ariana from San Antonio, TX

“…the university of maryland-baltimore county is a small, public university just outside of the city of baltimore. umbc strives to create well rounded students through a core curriculumn which includes arts and humanities, history, mathematics, foreign...” – Daniel from Bowie, MD

“…Union University is the best school on the face of the earth. Teachers really care about the success of the student and encourage the students to do their very best. Almost all of the students there are friendly and genuinely care about their peers.” – Justin from Belmont, MS

“…such an amazing school and campus. the professors i have had so far are very nice, friendly and very helpful. the campus is really big and there are many places to study, there is always a quiet place to study. ” – Jazmin from Huntington Park, CA

“…great school. great facilities. great resources. ” – Randy from pasadena, TX

“…This is a great little college with a beautiful campus. Grocery stores are literally just around the corner so there is no need for a car, just a good, comfy pair of sneakers. Most of the staff is pretty great, too.” – Jessica from West Bloomfield, MI

“…FPU is the perfect school for students looking for a college that places equal importance on academics and building relationships. The school's motto is Founded on Christ and it is lived out everyday on campus by students, teachers, and faculty alike...” – Corie from Madera, CA

“…If you are a Christian, loves going to church and loves school. Nyack is for you! Worship and praise in the elevators (usually Monday), teachers who actually care about your academic achievements, and students who would not mind helping to achieve.” – Joanna from Flushing, NY

“…this is a really great campus. it's small, but personal, you really get to know the students and professors on a personal level which is really important. it's a close knit community that helps you grow academically and as a person. ” – CASEY from Knoxville, TN

“…The AGS program is great for working students because we meet class one night per week. The classes are five to seven weeks in length. The professors are all qualified in the subject they are teaching. The classes incorporate your Christian values...” – Mildred from Camden, SC

“…William Carey University is a wonderful school for prospective students looking for a pleasant atmosphere and Christian atmosphere. William Carey University really strives to encourage every student to never give up on their visions. Willaim Carey...” – ShaQuenna Arrington

“…i love it! judson is the perfect place for me and i know it's where i belong. i feel as though i am really a part of the community here and that i am valued.” – Ashley from IL

“…belhaven is an excellent school for the adult learner. whether just starting or returning to college, the adult program will get you on the road to earning your degree quickly. the classes are rigorous, and the professors are committed to student's...” – Rita from Houston, TX

“…! Craigslist/FB search for books! Enjoy, seriously it goes by fast and then you're standing at graduation like.. how the hell?!” – I didn't like highschool and yet I'm graduating college AUGUST 2012, FUCK YES!

“…This college is great for anyone who strongly desires to learn and to become a better person, focusing on God and carefully studying the Bible. The faculty and students are all passionate about God. The professors work hard at encouraging the...” – Joy

“…um has a very friendly atmosphere. the school is small so everyone knows everyone. classes are small so teachers know students by name unlike most colleges.” – Tabitha from Mobile, AL

“…Trevecca has been a wonderful experience for me. You will find a community that wants to accept you and learn from you, if you are willing to seek it out. The professors actually care about their students here, too!” – a student

“…Great school, good community and great teachers! The campus id nice and small, giving the feel of close community. Students and staff are very friendly and helpful!” – Rebekah

“…There is an opportunity for a close relationship between instructor and pupil. It is a positive and healthy atmosphere. It is culturally diverse and there are plenty of opportunities to familiarize yourself with the rest of the world without even...” – Anne from Lindon, UT

“…great advancement opportunities for students after college. great internship opportunities and helpful placement in them. great helpful and encouraging staff. ” – Stephanie from West Valley, UT

“…Westminster College has a beautiful campus, caring professors, friendly atmosphere and well rounded educational paths. There are plenty of on campus activities - always enough to keep you busy. You can be yourself here, you don't have to put on a...” – Jessica from Lake Lynn, PA

“…Northwestern is a nice Christian college, where I have enjoyed the company of many people. It is a smaller college, but there is always something to do. The atmosphere at Northwestern is remarkable, and one can enjoy a one on one relationship with...” – Braden from Brooklyn Park, MN

“…the teachers are great; the administration is for the most part very good. student life on campus is very active. great barrington consists essentially of main street and a few small streets adjoining to it, and can sometimes be boring.” – Theresa from Middletown, NY

“…This is an amazing place. I feel very lucky to be able to study here. My professor' s are very accommodating.” – Dutchboy

“…Great Professors who genuinely care about their students. Beautiful campus (your money goes to the grass upkeep hahaha jk) Great community to grow and flourish in your knowledge, both academically and internally. ” – John from Olathe, KS

“…It is a spiritual growing school that will change you as a person (positive). The school's environment welcomes new students and is very active volunteer and help your neighbor essence. If you are looking for a good Christian school to improve...” – Irvin from Dallas, TX

“…It's a really great place. I transferred to another university for one semester and it didn't feel like home, like BUA and that's the reason I'm going back this semester. The students and the stuff make the university a great place to be at. I would...” – Vanessa from Peru