International and Intercultural Communication

A program that focuses on the specialized knowledge and skills needed for effective communication in the international community and among people of different cultures; and that prepares individuals to function at the national and international levels as journalists, public relations specialists, travel industry representatives, intercultural trainers, and/or foreign service officers. Includes instruction in journalism, communications, intercultural and international relations, marketing and public relations, and global communications policy.

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“…USC is the place for opportunities. You are not only paying for a great education, but also connections and resume builders that will help you get where you want in life. USC is a school for leaders and overachievers. ” – Madison from Los Angeles, CA

“…Georgetown is a pre-professional University with a very diverse student body. Georgetown has a strong international reputation and many students travel abroad, study abroad, or work abroad during their four years. Georgetown is unique because it has...” – Lauren from Washington, DC

“…By far the most diverse private school I've ever encountered, I love it. Staff is always easily approachable! Extremely worth every cent I pay. ” – Cynthia from Chicago, IL

“…From my visit to the Foggy Bottom campus on June 12, 2012, I learned and saw first hand how amazing this school was. The school of business that I plan to attend even set up a one on one tour and counseling session. It was extremely helpful to hear...” – Ryan from Ripon, CA

“…Pepperdine University is a place for students who really want to make the most out of their college experience. The campus is absolutely phenomenal, the people are incredibly nice and most of all, the academics are challenging. However, Pepperdine...” – Pepp Student

“…I have had a great time during my four years at AU. Not only did I receive an excellent in-class education, but I was able to supplement this part of my education with an internship every semester. In addition, the study abroad program that I did was...” – Kaitlyn from Frankenmuth, MI

“…Chapman is a small school with lots of friendly familiar faces. Chapman has great enthusiastic professors that are very personable. Chapman is really a school that is all about you. ” – so you cant stalk me on facebook

“…Suffolk University is the perfect place for anyone looking to be immersed directly into the Boston community. The school community couldn't be better! The professors care about your success and there is always an event going on where you can meet...” – Ariel from Hooksett, NH

“…Utah State University is a great place to attend if you like to be outside (during the spring and summer of course). There are many things to do on campus. Classes are remotely easy to find. ” – Jenna

“…Florida Tech is a great campus for those who are interested int he sciences and want a small well rounded school. Don't let the idea of it being a tech school fool you, we have sports and a Greek life system that brings you excitement when your not...” – Sarah

“…St. John's University is an amazing school. Not only is the campus amazing but the people are great as well. You will feel more than at home here.” – Jessica from Elmhurst, NY

“…UB is essentially a diverse small friendly community providing a great atmosphere with much to benefit and learn from. The programs as well as courses satisfy my academic endeavor for the pursuit of knowledge. Living on campus is an individualistic...” – Brian from Yonkers, NY

“…If you are interested in studying abroad then Arcadia University is the school for you. It is very open to all cultures hence it is very diverse. Finally the professors and staff are very friendly and approachable and there is a one on one with the...” – Imoinda from Philadelphia, PA

“…RWU is a fantastic school that thrives on building a student's academic performance. The staff and professors genuinely care about their students and will help them reach their life goals. It is truly a great place to learn.” – T from Stoughton, MA

“…i am enjoying classes at fort hays state very much. i have had wonderful communication with my instructors and administrative offices. they have made my journey start out without any trouble or complications.” – Jessica from Austin, TX

“…It was everything I wanted in a college. The professors are smart and extremely helpful. I wouldn't want to go any place else. ” – Daniel from Plymouth, MA

“…The people here are really awesome, though some people will look at us and say that we are complete geeks. There is really no place better for engineering, especially if you are interested in hands on programs. Although we are far from civilization...” – Martin from Kewanee, IL

“…Wilberforce University is a very family oriented institution. Its atmosphere is just above average, having both good and bad times. The campus facilities are moderate but comforting.” – Dahrion from Southfield, MI

“…This school is a very advanced and close community college. Every teacher that works here truly cares for each and everyone of their students. The students here are also easy to get along because we are so close in a classroom. ” – Crystal from Manchester, CT

“…The teachers are always willing to help you, even if you just need to talk. The level of education and resources at this university are phenomenal; we have a wide variety of teachers that have excellent application experience to what they're teaching...” – Liliya from Alvarado, TX

“…fabulous, intriguing, inexpensive ” – Jessica from Laredo, TX

“…It is an Adventist school that focuses of God, Academics, and other programs. The professors are great and actually care about you. There are people who care about you and the academic advisors here are great/” – Seth from Santa Rosa, CA

“…I have always wanted to attend this college ever since I graduated high school. I am looking forward to going fall 2013. This is a new chapter for me and I'm awaiting to see the end result.” – Kimberly from Boonsboro, MD

“…Great college with teachers and faculty that actually care about you. Located right outside the Smokey Mountains it is a beautiful campus and is very well maintained. Awesome place to connect with people and further your education.” – samuel from Saint Charles, MO

“…Linfield is a small liberal arts college with strong academics programs. The professors go out of their way to help students whenever needed. However, most students are not very friendly.” – Thet from MCMINNVILLE, OR

“…The Pontifical Catholic University has a good preparation in their education. In my studies in psychology have had a very good experience and good preparation. I want to continue my doctoral studies in this institution.” – Heidie from Puerto Rico