Kindergarten/Preschool Education and Teaching

A program that prepares individuals to teach students in formal settings prior to beginning regular elementary school, usually ranging in age from three to six years (or grade one), depending on the school system or state regulations. Includes preparation to teach all relevant subject matter.

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“…The University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill's campus, to me, is a great metaphor for the university as a whole; first off, it's full of color and zest, with all the beautiful trees everywhere. In addition, many of its buildings have very strange...” – Audrey from Athens, GA

“…The University is a wonderful school because of its diverse student body, strong academics, and recreational facilities. There are so many great tutoring and advising resources available for me whenever they need help with certain classes. Also, I...” – Maria from Tucson, AZ

“…UMD, College Park is a school full of opportunities and great education. It has a campus feel, but is large enough to feel like it's own town and easy access to Washington, D.C. and other commercial areas, providing plenty of opportunities for...” – Jennifer from Western Maryland

“…It's great! Take a bike though cause they seem useful. Have fun.” – Edwin from Cape Coral, FL

“…this school is very different because it gives you a new environment. you are surrounded with more opportunities in part time jobs or actual careers once you graduate. you will never be bored at this school because there are a lot of things to do.” – Katherine from Buford, GA

“…This campus is small enough to get to your classes in a reasonable time, but still big to find fun things to do. They have great places to eat with lots of variety. The people are all really friendly.” – Alex from Cincinnati, OH

“…unique. rigorous. rewarding.” – Pre-med from Portland, OR

“…I don't know what I love more, this school or this city! You get to experience New Orleans, but live in the nicer area! I really feel as though I am receiving a first-rate education!” – Alyssa from Clermont, FL

“…This is a really fantastic school, although it's a tad expensive. Teachers are all very qualified and challenge you to independently work, and think(however they are more than happy to help). ” – Nicholas from Palm Coast, FL

“…appalachian state university is a wonderful school that fosters an amazing environment for learning and personal growth. in such a short time i have grown to love this university and the small college town that surrounds it as my own home away from...” – Joseph from Winston Salem, NC

“…It is a great school that has something for everyone. The teachers make a point to be available as often as possible and to learn the students names in their classes (even if they are large classes). The campus is beautiful and makes you feel at home...” – Katherine from Winston-Salem, NC

“…East Carolina is a very great school where they care about their students education and well being. There are unlimited options for education fields . If you ever need help there is always someone at your service.” – Jasmine from Garner, NC

“…a great mid-size university with numerous course offerings and majors. you can enjoy the smaller university atmosphere while having access to the amenities of the city of huntington wv. while small. there is a multi-cultural feel and it is one of...” – Amanda from Le Roy, WV

“…This university has a diverse, smart, and eclectic student body. The classes never fail to impress me, and neither does the sheer beauty of the campus.” – Molly from Fort Smith, AR

“…loyola has a gorgeous campus,, and is in a quiet, diverse area of a great city. being a relatively expensive, private institution, however, means that the make-up of the university is not nearly as diverse. the small size and great reputation will...” – Jason from Chicago, IL

“…the amount of diversity will almost insure that you can never feel out of place. the atmosphere around campus will make you want to come back to school. the academics will challenge you and bend your mind. ” – Zyiad from Falls Church, VA

“…The environment is amazing and not only the teachers but everyone is very helpful. Western will your home away from home and you will be proud to call yourself a Catamount. At Western, there is so much to do academically and recreationally so you...” – Samantha from Clayton, NC

“…UNCW is everything I could have possibly wanted. I love the school, the classes, and I love the teachers. I had a bit of a rough start, but with the help of Advisors and the Intervention program I've gotten my GPA doubled.” – Alaina from Mooresville, NC

“…Toledo is a great college with a great business program I would recommend to anyone. The teachers are very helpful, respectful and understanding to your desire to learn more and more. The students are very friendly and also want to help you learn...” – Freeman from Bedford, OH

“…Very Military Friendly school. The faculty and staff are very helpful and knowledgable. Very cost effective for those on a limited budget.” – Alexander from Fayetteville, NC

“…Kean University is a great school to attend if you like diversity, a beautiful campus, and a great education.” – Brianna from Piscataway, NJ

“…A&T is a wonderful institution! They provide lots of scholarship, and internship opportunities, and provide other services to their students to ensure success after graduation. I also found out at A&T that as long as I asked for help, I received help...” – Keira from Buffalo, NY

“…Bowling Geen Stae University is a very diverse campus. I admire it because the faculty and staff reach out to the students because they genuinely care about them. I honestly feel like BGSU has so many different opportunities for students to network...” – Brandii from Detroit, MI

“…I love the atmosphere here at UNI. The students are amazing and the professors are always there to help. The class sizes are perfect for someone who is looking for a college that has a lot going on but isn't too big.” – Christina from Cedar Falls, IA

“…Jackson State University is a wonderful place to get your foot in the door and a jumpstart on your career. Combine the family environment with the professional of the student body and youll see why we are one of the best HBCU'S. At JSU we are in the...” – Kasey

“…Furman is exciting, but rigorous academically, but you can be successful if you are organized and willing to get help. Furman will give you a network and lifelong friends. It will also give you amazing study skills and prepare you for the future.” – Perry from Mauldin, SC

“…i had a great first semester at stevenson. the classes were tough but i was able to get assistance when i needed it. i plan to attend here next year as well.” – Morgan from Mardela Springs, MD

“…Eastern Illinois University is a place where you can be a part of many different things. There are awesome spots to study around campus and people to help you along the way. The writing center and tutors are a great thing to take advantage of. ” – Olivia from Minonk, IL

“…Bowie State University is a small school with about 6,000 students. While mostly commuter, it serves those in the Baltimore-Washington metropolitan area and is easily accessible by public transportation. Most importantly, the campus is a tight-knit...” – Julius from Landover, MD

“…I would rate North Park a number one school. I left North Park after my first year because I thought another school would be better. Believe me once your at North Park with the great teachers and the super help you get from everyone you will not...” – Taylor from Chicago, IL

“…Frostburg is a great college for all students. The thing I favor most about Frostburg is the size of the school. The school is a size where not everyone knows each other, but the classrooms are smaller which makes professors more available for help...” – Davonne from Stevensville, MD

“…The U of M has exceptional opportunities for those undergraduates who want to pursue research. The campus has a very diverse population with students coming from all over the world. The classes are difficult, but numerous sources of help are...” – Staci from MN

“…Buffalo State is very diverse. They have a really great program for my major and I love the fact thats in the middle of the city and surrounded by art.” – Aleeah from Buffalo, NY

“…North Carolina Central University is the best school in North Carolina. The professors an administration there strive and help you with what they can. North Carolina Central University was the best option for me because it opened up new doors in my...” – Charisma from RoanokeRapids, NC

“…This school is absolutely amazing! Not only are you able to branch out and learn so many things, but you also get to meet new people and make new friends. There are so many things you can do here.” – Sharice from Hampton, VA

“…umd is a fantastic but underrated school. not many people know about it outside of minnesota and wisconsin, and even fewer consider it during their college search, but it is a wonderful school nonetheless. it has miles of trails, a great city down...” – Jill from Grayslake, IL

“…Rhode Island College is a college which offers a wide-variety of majors. The campuses are very easy to navigate around. The OASIS Department is very helpful in picking your classes.” – Joshua from Smithfield, RI

“…I think WSSU is a good university to attend. The students have school spirit and attend the on campus events. The motto at WSSU is enter to learn and depart to serve and here at WSSU if you are serious about your education that is what will happen.” – Arnita from Winston Salem, NC

“…This college is all you can ask for. Not to many people in classes and is a small university where learning material is much easier to grasp on.” – Adam from Bridgeport, CT

“…mesa community college is one of the largest community colleges in the nation and it is located in a busy area. but it still manages to have classes that are small enough that they can deliver a personal, meaningful student-teacher experience. on top...” – Charles from Chandler, AZ

“…Catawba is a great school for those who came from a small high school such as me, and for those who don't want to be couped up in a lecture hall with 200 other students taking BIO 101. Here at Catawba the teachers know your name and want to see you...” – Jay from Lexington, NC

“…the college of new jersey is a great undergraduate college. the class atmosphere feels wonderful. the professors are are always willing to help in anything.” – Zuleica from Newark, NJ

“…The campus is absolutely gorgeous, perfect for those from a small town or a big town wanting to size down. If anyone is struggling in anyway the professors are always willing to help, but only if you ask. ” – Brittany from Vilonia, AR

“…An Excellent University! Building up to become one of the leading schools in the area. Safe and Affordable.” – Beau from Cincinnati, OH

“…Minnesota State University- Mankato is small, cheap, and has easy navigation. Mankato also has brand new dorms, a free bus system, cheap parking, and a well-rounded student body. The classes are small and very personal as well. I think it is a great...” – Libbie from Stillwater, MN

“…I absolutely love Eastern Connecticut State University because of all it has to offer. The campus is beautiful, the dorms are comfortable, the people are friendly, and there's always something to do on campus. Plus Eastern is the biggest bang for...” – Rachel from Versailles, CT

“…Benedict college is a great college, progressing well and growing its campus as well as its student body. I'll rate my School a 4 out of 5” – Terrel from Richmond, VA

“…Westfield State University is an outstanding college to attend. Although it is a public university, the quality of education and resources is equivalent to, if not better than some of the top private institutions in America. The professors and staff...” – Kaiya Hill

“…i currently play football for greensboro college. i would say the staff there are outstanding including all the professors. i have learned a great deal in a short time.” – Dre

“…The campus is so nice, and easy to navigate. I am in the process of applying for Shepherd and they keep me updated on any paperwork I should be expecting in the mail. The admission counselor is so nice and really easy to keep in contact with; every...” – Kacie from Craigsville, WV

“…Monroe Community College is a great engineering school. They are very advanced in the technological field when it comes to the courses offered, clubs, and professors. The professors there are very friendly, challenging, easy to discuss things with,...” – Matthew from Ava, NY

“…a very rewarding experience for a relatively low cost. a small yet beautiful campus with everything you need relatively close by. a school that does more for you outside of the classroom as well as in.” – Daeshawn from Pittsbugh, PA

“…Shaw university is a diverse school. Shaw university has excellent instructors. Shaw univesity strives on excellence. ” – Dywanda from Greenville, NC

“…Your basic college, very affordable with great professors. Good for getting started, and I recommend using this as a starter college if you plan to transfer. Be patient with the registrar! ” – A Student from Nevada

“…black hills state is an excellent school, there are very friendly people, and helpful staff. the campus is in a very beautiful location in the black hills of south dakota. there are always fun activities going on around campus. ” – Sarah from Spear, SD

“…Love how affordable it is to attend here and how easy it is to get the needed financial aid to have everything covered. I attend on-line and have found that the classes are easy to understand and the requirements for the classes are easy to fulfill. ” – SM from, OH

“…bemidji state university has a friendly staff and student community. the college offers great work study opportunities as well as many off campus jobs. along with all of the academic choices, bemidji state university also has a beautiful campus that...” – Grace from Faribault, MN

“…Saint Xavier University is a wonderful school with so many resources that are available on campus for example their library has the most resources in the Chicago land area. Saint Xavier is all equipped and up to date with the latest equipment such as...” – Vanessa from Chicago, IL

“…emporia state university is a great school, it is a very student driven campus with lots of opportunity's to get involved with the community and different clubs. the teachers and staff are very welcoming and go out of there way to make sure all needs...” – Natasha from Osborne, KS

“…Wheelock College is an excellent school for student who want to improve the lives of children and families. Wheelock College is for students who want to inspire a world of good. Wheelock College is for students who have the natural ability to help...” – Cianalyn from Chicopee, MA

“…ECSU is a great school located in the small town of Elizabeth City, NC. The town is peaceful and there is always something going on both on campus and in the city for students to participate in. The faculty and staff will make you feel at home and do...” – Janell from Hampton, VA

“…The parking at this school is wonderful. You are always near your classes. I feel that many of the teachers here are worn out on instructing. They simply are not very excited about teaching anymore nor answering questions. ” – AZ Heat

“…they have very helpful instructors and they will do anything they can to help you succeed in class. the campus is well kept and very big with great facilitys. i love uaa because everyone there, including students, will help you in anyway they can.” – Lucinda from Palmer, AK

“…Erskine College has wonderful opportunities that allow all students to achieve their goals. With rigorous academics and many opportunities for extracurriculars everyone can find their niche here. Professors and faculty are always available to help...” – H from SC

“…I love the atmosphere here at Highlands. Yes, it is a small school and a small town, but that is how I like it. I would rather be able to have my professors actually know who I am, rather than just have me as a number in their system. ” – Stephanie from Albuquerque, NM

“…Shawnee State University is an amazing school. They have all kinds of different opportunities for everyone. Also if you ever need help there is always someone close by.” – Erin from South Point, OH

“…prince george's community college is encouraging and inspiring. the professors, students, and faculty there are very helpful. the academic environment is even better, and will surely help one to reach their goals.” – Chantel from Glenn Dale, MD

“…glenville has a wonderful learning environment. great classes and teachers. and wonderful students.” – Miranda from Glenville, WV

“…New Jersey City University is an excellent school. The campus is beautifully structured and the student body is very diverse. Attending NJCU is a learning, as well as growing experience that I am grateful to be a part of.” – Imani from Jesery City, NJ

“…Good, Helpful, Expensive. ” – Estephanie from Sleepy Hollow, NY

“…If you are looking for a small, close knit school Cabrini is perfect. It is close to the city with the security of the suburbs. With the connections that I make here, I know that I will be successful in life. ” – Gabby from NJ

“…I think Keystone is the perfect school to grow and learn, the faculty and students there are very nice. And the campus is beautiful. Most of the classes are small so it is easier to learn and have your questions answered it you have any.” – Kristy from Duryea, PA

“…The campus is beautiful. I love being on this campus and spending time with my friends and hanging out. My classes are enjoyable and teachers are willing to cooperate.” – Whitney from Caldwell, OH

“…Rose State is a great school. The staff are friendly and helpful. Good school choice.” – Raven from Midwest CITY, OK

“…mississippi valley state is a very vibrant school. the instructors are always willing to helpthe students. the campus is growing and easy to learn. ” – Valerie from Holcomb, MS

“…it's a great school with great teachers! my criminal justice teachers have been great along the way, and are willing to help you whenever you need it! classroom sizes are not too big so the teacher will know your name and will become friendly with...” – Corey from Fall River, MA

“…Casper College has provided me with the opportunity to further my education, develop my social skills, and become an overall well rounded student. The faculty that has assisted me in my endeavors has been more helpful than I ever could have imagined...” – Katherine from Casper, WY

“…I really liked the campus and small class sizes. Everyone seemed to know each other and were very personal. I felt at home.” – Brandon from Eden, MD

“…the school is good at making you feel at home, the classes aren't over sized or stuffed to the brim. they actually care about us achieving what we want to do in life and they give us great adviser's to help us understand. pembroke is cultural every...” – Juana from Stedman, NC

“…overall the college has been a great choice! from the day i registered i had help from the students to administration. i feel secure and i am not afraid to ask questions ” – Chrystal from Phoenix, AZ

“…Good Community College. Nice small campus, easy to navigate. Small class size and lots of personal attention from instructors.” – Michelle from Norton, OH

“…UMC is one of the best schools I have ever been to! Very friendly staff and students! Great academic programs to fit everyone's need.” – Alex from Burnsville, MN

“…This is a warm and caring community college with staff in offices who are invested in helping students. No matter what the circumstances a student is dealing with, someone has a suggestion or help. The instructors are caring and interested in you,...” – Mark from Santa Fe, NM

“…indiana university-purdue university- fort wayne indiana is the perfect college for me. not only is the price right, it is close to home but also gives me the opportunity to be away from home. with all the educational degrees, it can be the perfect...” – Kaleigh from Mishawaka, IN

“…i have never been so impressed with a college and the variety of classes offered. the instructors are amazing and make every attempt to help you in any way possible. i have been to unr and i am so much happier at tmcc.” – Jacquelyn from Reno, NV

“…Wonderful faculty that actually cares. There are teachers here who actually want you to succeed. More importantly, the cost of going here is cheap, and there is a diverse community.” – Xavier from Northbridge, MA

“…you have a lot of one on one time with's a small school and everybody knows who you's a open school so you don't have to take the act or sat and your gpa doesn't matter.” – Jessica from Deming, NM

“…This college is very competitive, cost effective & current. The campus is beautiful, large, and most importantly, functional. The faculty, staff & students are friendly and diverse.” – Nicole from Whitehouse Station, NJ

“…This is a GREAT school. The eduaction is awesome. The campus is a little dull.” – LaCoya from Strong, AR

“…Athens is a great school.It has excellent instructors who are actually concerned about your education. Friendly staff and high tech education ” – Dana from Hayden, AL

“…This college was very easy for me to commute to and from. I believe I received a great deal of knowledge here. The teachers were helpful and understanding.” – Megan from Rockaway, NJ

Rust College
Holly Springs, MS

“…rust is a college that was organized to allow education to blacks doing tough times. the school is a great place for studies to be excelled. the academics are very fair and you determine your path's pace.” – Ondre from Holly Springs, MS

“…great college for students who do not have the schedule that will allow for on-site classes. the teachers are all very good at answering questions or concerns, and stay in close contact with the students. ” – Daniel from Phoenix, AZ

“…Cincinnati Christian University prizes community over everything else. The school takes pride in being well connected and well networked throughout christian community. The school has excellent courses from professors with excellent insight.” – Jerry from Lawrence, MA

“…Great college with teachers and faculty that actually care about you. Located right outside the Smokey Mountains it is a beautiful campus and is very well maintained. Awesome place to connect with people and further your education.” – samuel from Saint Charles, MO

“…Miami University-Hamilton is a great environment for students just starting out with college. The staff is ready and willing to help out whenever you need it. Miami University-Hamilton also provides tons of ways for the student body to get together...” – Allison from Hamilton, OH

“…HCCC helped me realize what I wanted to do in life. My professors were all very kind and helpful and taught me about many different fields in my subject making it easier to choose my life goals. I recommend this college to my friends and my brother...” – Kimberly from Northville, NY

“…EGCC has many diversified programs for everyone from nursing to education to office administration. EGCC has excellent instructors willing to go the extra mile to help their students excel in each course. The staff and advisors assist the students...” – Kelly from Middlefield, OH

“…a great college if you're looking to be challenged academically and professionally. perfect for liberal arts majors or undecided students. one of the best business schools in the western new york area. ” – Rhiannon from Dansville, NY

“…the majority of the teachers show they do career about the success of students and are passionate about their jobs. the low student to teacher ration allows teacher to apply effort for each individual. ccri's lost classes are an excellent choice to...” – Jeff from Cranston, RI