Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies

Liberal arts and sciences/liberal studies majors typically have a broad range of things they enjoy learning about. If you're struggling to find just one major that encompasses all of your interests, a liberal arts and sciences/liberal studies major may be the program that's right for you. Majoring in liberal arts and sciences/liberal studies allows you to study social sciences, biological sciences, physical sciences, and the humanities. It allows you to have some variety in your coursework, but dive deeper into all the subjects that interest you. Depending upon your interests, earning a liberal arts and sciences/liberal studies degree can provide a number of career opportunities. If your school allows you to choose a specialty, your future career may be in that area. However, if you chose the major for the variety, there are still opportunities for you. Some liberal studies students go on work in politics, teaching, advertising, public relations, social work, and journalism.

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