Liberal Arts and Sciences/Liberal Studies

Liberal arts isn’t only a type of school, it can also be a general degree that allows for exploration in a multitude of topics, from business to science to humanities to philosophy. It will also include mathematics, science, literature, art, religion, and anthropology all in equal measures—since there are no “major” requirements, per se, students can take a wide variety of classes without as much worry regarding course type. A liberal arts degree is a sort of build-your-own education that can provide a wide-open range of options in many industries.

Lauded benefits of a general liberal arts education include the encouragement to read and think critically, not only attempting to solve problems, but asking why we have to solve them in the first place. There’s also a large emphasis on writing, as well as broad thinking. The liberal arts trademark is encouraging education across all kinds of humanistic inquiry, not in a specific area alone.


General liberal arts degrees are typically only offered at the baccalaureate level, since graduate programs are usually defined as delving deeper into a specific area or concentration. Liberal arts degrees are conferred at liberal arts colleges in 4-year programs, which are often distinguishable by small class sizes to keep the student-teacher ratio down. Most liberal arts colleges take advantage of the socratic method to education, using open dialogue in classes to create debate and spark ideas.

Some associates programs do exist at a few universities, including: Saint Leo University, Pennsylvania State University, Florida Institute of Technology, and New England College.

A liberal arts degree is applicable in almost any industry.

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