A program that prepares individuals to apply technical knowledge and skills to install, operate, maintain and repair local, long-distance, and rural electric power cables and communication lines; erect and construct pole and tower lines; and install underground lines and cables. Includes instruction in cable installation and repair, fibre-optic technology, trenching, mobile equipment and crane operation, high-voltage installations, maintenance and inspection, safety, remote communications, and applicable codes and standards.

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“…Well, this is the second college I attended and I love it so much more. It is really easy to find your niche and you have so much support available for you. From Res life to the academic realm, CMU is a great school to attend!” – Andrea from Denver, CO

“…idaho state university is a good school, with high standards in academics. the professors at this university will help in any way possible to get you the best grade and the knowledge of the subject along with it. i would recommend this school to...” – Morgan from Logan, UT

“…Utah Valley University has given me the confidence I needed in myself to stand out amongst the thousands of students around me. I moved from Utah just recently to go to school on the East Coast, and with the education that I received from UVU, I have...” – Kalli from Arlington, VA

“…I enjoy learning at LCC. My only disappointment is that there seems to be more busy work just for the sake of habit then for reason of learning. My best learning has come from classes that are engaged in the classroom and make us think outside the...” – Sandy from Lansing, MI

“…Chandler Gilbert Community College is an extremely well-rounded school. They offer dozens of programs to fit every students educational and individual needs. CGCC is committed to providing the best experience for each student with highly-qualified...” – Kayla from Mesa, AZ

“…brookdale community college offers various educational opportunities for students less financially capable than others. however, the guidance office can be very unstable when it comes to integrity. on the other hand, most staff members and professors...” – Ann from Manalapam, NJ

“…Class A for accredations of college, Outstanding teaching reference, overall inprovement of the newest foundation added to accomadate the school.” – Breanne from Indianapolis, IN

“…Smaller than the average college, but definitely worth the money to go there!” – Sara from Wisner, NE

“…Great place, three campuses” – Daniel from Hughesville, MD

“…North Shore Community college is a grate school to begin you academic career. They offer a MASS Transfer benefit that is worth looking into. You can cut 2 years of course work out (transfer as a junior) if you continue to a four year state college...” – Christen from Saugus, MA

“…Having a great time while learning a great deal.” – Douglas from Corvallis, OR

“…This college is very competitive, cost effective & current. The campus is beautiful, large, and most importantly, functional. The faculty, staff & students are friendly and diverse.” – Nicole from Whitehouse Station, NJ

“…BSC is a great place to get your first two years of generals before going off to a larger, far away, more expensive university. It also provides a great variety of 2 and 4-year degrees. The campus is very nice and easy to find your way around.” – Margalit from Bismarck, ND

“…Nash Community College is a school that gives a positive look in the small city. The school isnt that big as a university or and other community collge, for its exciting and fun to go to. there are alot of things to get into. The staffs and students...” – Mia from Nashville, NC

“…I am very happy with the education I have received so far. That is why I am not interested in changing schools. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Michael from Riverside, TX

“…I personally rate Trinidad State Junior College a 10 because the size of the school is perfect for me. The professors are great about taking time to help students when we need it and will make sure they get back to us as soon as possible if they are...” – Alexandra from Trinidad, CO

“…ACC is a great school especially in the nursing field. The professors and staff are friendly, helpful and always willing to answer any questions. I am so glad to be attending this school to earn my nursing degree.” – Krystallyn from Alpena, MI

“…The faculty and staff are very helpful and curtious. The instructors in the Degree programs are very methodical and organized on how and what a student needs to know to accel in your field of study. OSUIT gives you great opportunities to learn and...” – Brandon from Okmulgee, OK

“…Marshalltown Community College has an amazing student life. The minute you walk into the college, you will be greeted by the amazing students and staff. I highly recommend it.” – Rachel from Marshalltown, IA

“…i've really enjoyed continuing my education at longivew community college. it has been a good place to experience the transition between high school and college. you do have to work for your grades and attend class but it gives you a taste of the...” – Ashley from Lees Summit, MO

“…Absolutely fantastic online student support system. Lots of options for online degrees. Very affordable.” – Jennifer from Champlin, MN

“…The hospitality of the staff and students is amazing. I loved attending this college. The atmosphere really made it a great experience. ” – Leticia from Henderson, NV

“…A very under looked technical college with a massive selection of technical occupations. The students are very friendly and hyped to start the school year. The teachers are awesome and look forward to teaching.” – Matthew from Saint Louis, MO

“…Mitchell Tech is great! There is a lot to do on and off campus. Not to mention the Faculty is very helpful when needed.” – Sheritha from Mitchell, SD

“…They have good online course choices. I have enjoyed going to MWCTC. This has been a good experience.” – Jennifer from Rochester, MN

“…Metropolitan Community College is a college for people of all ages. Its smaller more person classes, which makes it a more comfortable learning experience. Since the classes are smaller you also get more one on one learning.” – Molly from LaVista, NE