Linguistics of ASL and Other Sign Languages

A program that focuses on the scientific and scholarly study of the development, structure, and use of American Sign Language (ASL) and other visual signed languages, both as vehicles for communication within the deaf community and in relation to spoken and written languages. Includes instruction in cognitive linguistics; ASL and sign language phonology, syntax, and morphology; sociolinguistics of the deaf community; comparative linguistics; and studies of specific sign languages, including, but not limited to, ASL, Auslan (Australian Sign Language), LSF (French Sign Language), Shuwa jiten (Japanese Sign Language), HamNoSys (German Sign Language), and Gestuno.

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Gallaudet University

Founded in 1864 in Washington, DC, Gallaudet University is a private, international institution that focuses on education for the deaf and hard of hearing. All classes are taught in both English and American Sign Language. Many students choose to...

“…This university radiates a welcoming atmosphere with students and faculty that are tight-knit and are accepting of one another no matter their status. The buildings are widely dispersed but overflowing with history as they offer varying activities,...” – Angelica-Jasmine from Plano, TX

Minot State University

Minot State University is a public institution located in Minot, North Dakota. Minot State is home to three colleges, of Business, of Education & Health Sciences, and of Arts & Sciences. On top of the wide variety of majors and minors provided on...

“…although you wouldn't guess it by school size and location, minot state university is a fantastic place to study. you can find great professors who have gone out into the world to work in their field and, one day, decided they'd rather settle down...” – Megan from Rapid City, SD

Ozark Christian College is a private, 4-year institution established in Joplin, Missouri. Academics at OCC are deeply rooted in Bible studies, giving students the opportunity to earn associate and bachelor-level degrees in subjects such as Theology,...

“…occ looks like a fantastic place to continue a person's studies. the spiritual side of things is also great, with chapel etc. the staff, students, and professors are all very kind and friendly. ” – Maranda from Springfield, MO