Make-Up Artist/Specialist

A program that prepares individuals to professionally apply cosmetic makeup preparations and perform complete and specialized appearance makeovers including hairdressing, wig work, masking, temporary prosthesis applications, cosmetic applications, and related costuming for leisure or for professional stage, camera, clinical, or security purposes. Includes instruction in period and contemporary hairstyling and costuming; wig work and hairpiece application; synthetic hair and masks; cosmetic preparations and treatments; makeup artistry; attachment, removal, and camouflaging of prostheses; health and safety; client consultation and care; pre- and post-production operations; set and crew conduct and relations; script, instruction, and prescription interpretation; labor relations; and business practices.

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San Juan College is a 2-year community college with four campuses in northwest New Mexico. SJC houses six academic departments conferring degrees and certificates and its Native Studies program includes courses on Native American history, art, and...


SJC is a great school that helped me get back on track and succeed in my education goals.

” – Adam from Bloomfield, NM
The Arts University at Bournemouth

With campus a short distance from the English Channel, Arts University Bournemouth is a school of the visual and performing arts in southern England. AUB awards undergraduate degrees in 23 artistic and creative fields of study such as Make-Up and...