Medical Administrative/Executive Assistant and Medical Secretary

Some people want to work in the medical field but don't like the sound of being a doctor or nurse. In these cases, the medical administrative assistant degree can be the key to a fulfilling career spent helping others, without having to go to medical school. The program covers a wide range of topics and trains you to perform all the duties expected from personal secretaries and special assistants for practicing nurses or physicians. Courses will cover medical terminology, health care operations, software applications, ethics, and professional standards. You'll also learn more about time management, office management, and will be prepared to work in any healthcare setting. Once you've completed your major, you will be able to take charge of clinics or medical offices. Even though you will need to keep yourself up to date with the latest software applications and office technologies, you will find countless opportunities to grow.

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Chaffey College
Rancho Cucamonga, CA
Delta College
University Center, MI
Century College
White Bear Lake, MN
Del Mar College
Corpus Christi, TX
Dordt College
Sioux Center, IA
Yuba College
Marysville, CA