Mental and Social Health Services and Allied Professions, Other

Any instructional program in mental and social health services and allied professions not listed above.

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“…It's great! Take a bike though cause they seem useful. Have fun.” – Edwin from Cape Coral, FL

“…Johns Hopkins offers rigorous academics and research opportunities, and caters to a wide variety of academic interests. The smaller size of the school makes it feel like a home and connects you to the rest of your peers. There is a sense of unity...” – Vanessa from Thousand Oaks, CA

“…liberty is an absolutely fantastic school due to its involved staff, passionate students, and overall christian experience. as a christian school it carries certain stigmas, but i have found that despite the rules that are just there to protect us,...” – Jacquelyn from Crozet, VA

“…University of Cincinnati is a big school that offers a copious amount of sports and organizations. The professors are kind, open and willing to help. The main campus offers beautiful scenery, modern to historic architecture, and various stores...” – Naira from Mason, OH

“…Wayne state has turned out to be a great opportunity for me and has opened doors in several areas of life. Not only do they offer great curriculum and teachers, the student connections there are potentially limitless. I would recommend Wayne state...” – Reggie from Detroit, MI

“…old dominion university is an extremely diverse college. you have the opportunity to be involved in over 200 different organizations. old dominion university you give you the greatest college experience you have ever experienced in your entire life.” – Daisha from Ruther Glen, VA

Niagara University
Niagara University, NY

“…niagara university is a wonderful place to go for your undergraduate and graduate as well. with its small class sizes and extremely knowledgeable professors you are sure to get an excellent education. the professors and staff are very caring and...” – Michelle from Gasport, NY

“…palm beach state college is an affordable and highly diverse educational institutional in palm beach county. they offer many courses in hundreds of majors and also offer many great activities both on and off campus. also, palm beach state college...” – Ryan from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“…A wide variety of students from all different backgrounds, the school is was started as a social justice establishment and (almost) keeps this up. Plenty of political science and political justice majors, while also offering a great Psychology...” – Jessica from Naperville, IL

“…RWU is a fantastic school that thrives on building a student's academic performance. The staff and professors genuinely care about their students and will help them reach their life goals. It is truly a great place to learn.” – T from Stoughton, MA

“… great engineering and meterology programs. nice small school atmosphere with good interaction with professors, friendly students, good choice for school. ” – engineering major

“…this is an awesome school. since my first day i have felt welcomed, excited and challenged. it is a great place to be for so many different types of people.” – Samantha from Cambridge, MA

Regent University
Virginia Beach, VA

“…I love Regent University! I am enjoying getting my undergraduate degree in Biblical and Theological Studies there! I get so much support from the faculty and the community there, it is great! ” – Kylee from Brentwood, CA

“…An Excellent University! Building up to become one of the leading schools in the area. Safe and Affordable.” – Beau from Cincinnati, OH

“…To say the least, UAF is a unique, culturally diverse University. Fairbanks has opportunities available for students that no other university can offer (ice climbing, anyone?). Small class size and a community atmosphere make UAF the perfect place to...” – Kate

“…Assumption College provides students with the tools and skills for an independent and bright future. Classes are challenging, but not intimidating, because professors are always accessible to help. Assumption College is a small but comfortable...” – Jonathan from Holden, MA

“…a fantastic opportunity to enhance anyone's situation. northern virginia community college (nova) is the second largest junior institution. i would rate this school (from 1-10) 10 being the highest level of recognition.” – Brian from Bealeton, VA

“…I personally love FVSU. Its a great school to go for a great start at college life as well as to adjust to the real world. Fort Valley State University has all types of great teachers, majors, as well as campus life to me this is a great all around...” – Ryan from Grovetown, GA

“…a very rewarding experience for a relatively low cost. a small yet beautiful campus with everything you need relatively close by. a school that does more for you outside of the classroom as well as in.” – Daeshawn from Pittsbugh, PA

“…one thing i can't say enough is self-directed when it comes to the course work. passionate faculty and amazing opportunities for fieldwork and placed-based education. it is very easy to create at prescott college: independent studies, courses, clubs...” – William from Delavan, WI

“…the professors are exceptional. the campus is big and spacious. the advisers are so friendly.” – Deiara from Rockledge, FL

“…Provides a very strong medical education. Campus isn't too big to walk to classes. Offers in class and online education.” – Naomi from topeka, KS

“…tcc is a great starting point for continuing your education. there are many different classes and class schedules to fit your needs. tcc is constantly upgrading its facilities to keep up with other colleges and universities.” – Georgena from Norfolk, VA

“…the school is very organized and help a great help staff. the teacher are easy to talk and are willing to work with students. overrall the college is great.” – Tiffani from Fort Pierce, FL

“…University of Maryland- Baltimore is a clean safe campus. UM Baltimore shows dedication to diversity in the student body. UM Baltimore is home to an internationally recognized shock trauma facility. ” – Mary from Pasadena, MD

“…I love this school and their teachers are great.” – Pal from Seattle, WA

“…This college is pretty awesome! I know it seem cliché to say that but it is what it is. There is so much diversity! I moved here about 6 months ago from a small town in Minnesota. Everyone knew each other and there wasn't much diversity at all....” – Petr from Federal Way, WA

“…i think it is an excellent school. i can tell the professors really care about what they teach and are always there for students when they need help. i feel very comfortable in marian's environment. ” – Sara from Beaver Dam, WI

“…walsh university is a great learning environment. the staff, faculty, and students alike have every person's best interests in mind. walsh is truly concerned with furthering both education and well-being.” – Taylor from Navarre, OH

“…pitt community college is a great school. we have many resources to get help to gain understanding. i feel that this school could really further my education.” – Donteaz from Pantego, NC

“…tacoma community college has brought me nothing but happiness and hope. every teacher i've had has been engaging and professional, helping me understand and do great work. i would recommend tacoma community college to anyone, young and old! ” – Allie from University Place, WA

“…there teaching staff are the best. they walked me threw the process of becoming a student. there is also allot of resources to me tutoring, math-lab etc...” – Daniel from Bothell, WA

“…Very supportive, encouraging, and the discipline to learn is exhorted by the faculty, staff, and advisors.” – FRANK from Amelia Court House, VA

“…i love the small classes. i love the attention given by each professor. and the food isn't bad either! :)” – Camara from Lehighton, PA

“…cpcc is great, with small classes, two free gyms, and classes on every subject i've ever heard of. the staff are always helpful and informative. they offer classes to fit your schedule from 8:30 am to 10:00 pm m-f and online. and with five campuses...” – Adam from Concord, NC

“…TNCC offers a wide range of associate degrees, throughout two campuses convenient to just about anyone living in this region. The professors take genuine interest in the success of their students, offering feedback and going above and beyond to teach...” – Rebecca from Suffolk, VA

“…It's a great place to start off getting used to college particularly work load and grading. A convenient college because it has three campuses and online classes. Plus you are able to get a two-year degree or certificate for a cheaper price.” – Abreellen from Newburg, MD

“…A good school that has really great teachers. The content of the courses are on point. Would recommend to anyone wanting to get a two year degree. ” – Ashley from Bessemer City, NC

“…spokane falls community college has been a great first experience of college for myself. the staff and students are very friendly. the teachers aren't afraid to help you when you need help or are struggling in class. the location around the school...” – Cameron from Spokane Valley, WA

“…VWCC is a great resource for the Roanoke Valley. The campus is attractive and modern, and the curriculum and faculty are excellent. Best of all, they help keep costs in line!” – Kenneth from Roanoke, VA

“…North Shore Community college is a grate school to begin you academic career. They offer a MASS Transfer benefit that is worth looking into. You can cut 2 years of course work out (transfer as a junior) if you continue to a four year state college...” – Christen from Saugus, MA

“…This school is the best community college in the area. It has a wide variety of programs offered. They really help you to move on in your studies and to prepare you for the next step. ” – Barbie

“…skagit valley college is a great opportunity to explore how college life is. the teachers are very helpful and answer any questions that one may have. the class sizes are small which makes it easier to interact with others.” – Kaitlin from Stanwood, WA

“…the best college that recognizes exceptional academic capability,nurture and rewards it.instructors are friendly and willing to help you achieve your academic/career goals. resources like library and ilc enhanced the conduciveness of the learning...” – Samuel from Apex, NC

“…Clarion University has an abundance of tools such as an on-campus speech and hearing clinic, wonderfully trained and educated staff, and advancing technology for my major compared to other state schools. I feel extremely prepared to pursue my major...” – Lea from New Castle, PA

“…Gateway is a great school whether you're receiving an associate degree, a certificate, or just taking a class for fun. Gateway has a wide range of degree/certificate programs to satisfy different interests and career focuses. Since Gateway has...” – Megan from Mt. Pleasant, WI

“…It is a great school. It is small so I get all the one-on-one help that I need. ” – Mandi from Kamiah, ID

“…Lackawanna College has given a experience that i though t i would never be interested in. I have had the opportunity of meeting new people and enjoying the education that they have to offer. it has also given me the responsibility of being and...” – Charles from Scranton, PA

“…the instructors at clover park technical college are dedicated to their students success. i have been met with nothing but positive encouragement from my instructors to help reach my goals. clover park technical college is a top rate college. ” – Denise from Tacoma, WA

“…The faculty are very helpful in addressing my needs and concerns. The instructors are very efficient in the teaching style. The environment is very professional yet casual enough to feel comfortable.” – Holly from Lexington, NC

“…My school so far has helped me accomplish so many things. I have learned how to write essays more effectively and develop clear coherent sentences. The teachers here are very helpful and attentive to the needs of the students” – Isaac from Baltimore, MD

“…Small campus with many oppoutunities for success. Most professors will take time to get to know you. Excellent transfer advisors prepare you for transferring to a four-year school.” – Elisabeth from Galena, MD

“…Nash Community College has been an amazing experience so far. The professors are caring and helpful. I am not from the area, and every time I needed help locating an office or building someone was there!” – Rayeann from Zebulon, NC

“…Affordable and convenient, very flexible class schedules. Perfect for students that work full time jobs or have families. ” – Kevin from Westminster, MD

“…Mitchell Community College is the perfect environment for learning. With a small town atmosphere and progressive attitude, Statesville fosters education with Mitchell being its benchmark. Mitchell is an excellent college with a long and storied...” – Lee

“…Instructors actually care and are fun. There are many resource to draw from.” – Eryn from Sanford, NC

“…Excellent environment for business professional returning to school. Instructors will continue to challenge you and apply concepts to your industry/experience. Environments forces you to focus and be prepared.” – Patricia from Winston Salem, NC

“…Mansfield University(MU) is a small town rural college. It may be a small town rural college but there are plenty of things to do on campus and off campus. Most important MU offers small classes, that allow students to have more interaction with...” – Gabrielle from the Philadelphia area

“…J. Sargeant Reynolds Community College is a great start for anyone that is looking to begin their college education or to start over from scratch in their education!” – Allen from Richmond, VA

“…Wilkes Community College is a hometown community college that has the atmosphere of a place of higher education, but one can also feel close to home and feel the strong ties that it has to the community of Wilkes. I have thoroughly enjoyed my first...” – Josh from North Wilkesboro, NC

“…This school is a teacher accessible school. There is always someone willing to answer my questions. They print out your graduation plan on request.” – Latonya from Rocky Mount, NC

“…It's a good school. I enjoy the small classes that give me more one-on-one learning. I live 45 minutes away but it's worth the drive.” – Shantal from Burlington, NC

“…Grays Harbor College has many dedicated teachers ready to help students succeed. It is very modernized and has plenty of computers and resources available to students who might otherwise not have them. I enjoy learning there and can always find the...” – Caitlin from Montesano, WA

“…Nice school. A lot of distance ed options and with the mall site in Christiansburg, I don't have to drive all the way to Dublin. Very nice!” – Tony from Christiansburg, VA

“…I find College of the Albemarle creates a wonderful learning environment. All administrators are anxious to help students obtain their potential. I honestly feel ambitious for my next educational step from the influence of those on the COA- Elizabeth...” – Jessie from NC

“…Extremely knowledgeable and helpful to all students. Easily accessible for all programs offered. A wonderful community college environment.” – Traci from New London, NC

“…Going to this college is great decision because they provide so much help. ” – Craig from Newport, NC

“…Forsyth Tech is a great place to start your college education for many reasons such as saving money, phenomenal professors, and a great student body! The professors are very knowledgeable in what they teach and are interested in getting the students...” – Chelsie from Winston-Salem, NC

“…Very welcoming school, with a very intelligent, caring staff willing to work with students individually. The people are awesome and friendly. Id give this school a 9/10 stars 10 being the best.(9/10 not 10/10 only because there's no dorms.)” – Joshua from Nashua, NH

“…RACC is a wonderful in-between or starter school to go to when you're figuring out what you want to do and become. The teachers are helpful and always available to you when you have questions. You need to seek help in order to get it, especially with...” – Catherine from Reading, PA

“…A great place to meet new and exciting people. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and very helpful when it comes to their students. The campus is well maintained and beautiful, no matter the season.” – Tanya from Creedmoor, NC

“…RCC has very flexible class times, that makes an adult returning to college attainable. The staff and administration are knowledgeable and helpful.” – Sarah from Maxton, NC

“…Is a fun place to be! Its easy to get involved. Love the teachers!! ” – Danielle from Everett, WA

“…Beaufort County Community College is easy to adjust to. Beaufort County Community College is fun and more personal than a big university. Beaufort County Community College works with you to make sure you achieve your goals as fast as you want to.” – Ashley from Washington, NC

“…It is very helpful. I enjoy going to school here. The teachers are very helpful.” – beverly from Asheville, NC

“…i am very happy with nwtc. i like all of my teachers, and the advisors are always willing to help. ” – Kristin from Sturgeon Bay, WI

“…excellent understanding teachers. offers some degrees fully online. if you qualify for the pell grant it more then likely will pay for your whole school year.” – Melody from Haysi, VA

“…great instructors that have an open door policy with students. everyone here wants you to succeed and graduate and are more than willing to help you any way they can.” – from Mitchell, NE

“…They are the greatest. Always ready to help students get their gols in life. ” – myrtle from Bristol, VA

“…Northcentral Technical College is very helpful. I also like the gym, because it helps keep me active. It is a great place to earn a college degree.” – Sharissa from Schofield, WI

“…Western Piedmont Community College, WPCC, had greatly helped prepared me to go into a 4-year University. Attending WPCC was a challenged, but with the help of my instructors I managed to pass my classes. I am grateful to have attend WPCC. ” – Der from Valdese, NC

“…The entire staff at HCC has been very welcoming, helpful and informative. The team at HCC is friendly and has a homelike feel. It's very obvious on how much they want you to succeed and play a major part in your success.” – Roanoke Rapids, NC

“…this college works hard to make it's students feel comfortable and welcome. they do put effort into reducing the amount of stress a student feels, and calms the overwhelming new territory feeling that comes with the new experience. they definitely...” – Emily from NH

“…KVCC is a small school ideal for people that appreciate one on one learning oppurtunites. Tutoring is widely available. This college has the lowest tuition rates in the State of Maine.” – Amber from Waterville, ME

“…I really did enjoy going to BRCC. I saved a TON of money and learned a lot. It is pretty easy to pass the classes if you do the work. Counselors were not very helpful to me at first, but I have found the right counselor for me. Now they make it...” – student1

“…Great College, but they do not offer animation or game programming there. There are more classes in Claremont than in Keene though. Cheaper than some other colleges that I've seen.” – Anonymous

“…I love the affordability. I love the flexibility. The professors and advisors are there to help students succeed! ” – student from Tilton, NH

“…Southwestern Community College provides an excellent learning environment for the programs that I am taking. The classes are small which allows a more positive learning experience. The teachers are very knowledgeable at their subjects.” – David from Sylva, NC

“…A Great School for Right out of High School, After a year off or ten. I have never found nicer staff at a college or university and they are willing to help you till all of your problems are fixed without any complaints. Good School for the cost!” – Andre from Jefferson, NH

“…Sinte Gleska offers four year degree programs in Human Services, Business, Lakota Studies and Information Technology,generally, with several minors. The university is open to the general public and core studies involve the Lakota Culture. SGU is...” – Alicia from Parmelee, SD