Music Management

A love for music is a must in order to be a music manager. Having a few business skills wouldn't hurt either. As a music management major, you will learn the ins and outs of the music industry. There's more to the industry than music, however. You will also be introduced to the backstage issues of the industry, such as potential ethical dilemmas, legal matters, and financial topics.Music management majors not only study music theory and music history, they also take courses in management, marketing, promotion, and music law. Other courses might include business and financial management; marketing and fundraising; personnel management and labor relations; event promotion and management; music products merchandising; artist agency and promotion; and applications to specific activities, such as managing theaters, recording studios and companies, bands and other ensembles, individual artists, and music organizations.A bachelor's degree is usually required for a career in this field. Career opportunities exist in a number of areas, including management of music organizations or individual/group musicians. While earning this degree, your program may provide a chance for you to make numerous contacts in the field, including options for internships with recording studios, music publishers, or orchestras.

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