Natural Products Chemistry and Pharmacognosy

A program that focuses on the scientific study of biologically active compounds found in naturally occurring sources such as plants, animals, and microbes and their use and/or modification as medicinal substances. Includes instruction in medicinal chemistry, organic medicinals, pharmacological therapeutics, pharmacokinetics, molecular biology, structural chemistry, enzymes, nucleic acids, economic botany, ethnobotany, bioprospecting, bioassay, compound identification and isolation, mass spectrometry, and analytical instrumentation and techniques.

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University of Illinois at Chicago

The University of Illinois at Chicago is a public research university located in the Windy City. UIC’s 15 colleges and schools offer 87 bachelor’s degrees, 53 certificates, and more than 150 graduate degrees, as well as multiple research...

“…” – KN major.

University of the Sciences

The University of the Sciences is a healthcare, science, and pharmacy education institution in Philadelphia. USciences is home to three colleges conferring bachelor’s degrees in 20 scientific fields of study and the university also hosts a pre-med...

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Kingston University London

Located just 25 minutes from central London, Kingston University offers internationally-recognized qualifications and welcomes around 100 new students from the USA every year, with many more on Study Abroad and exchange programs. Founded in 1899, the...