Natural Sciences

A program with a combined or undifferentiated focus on one or more of the physical and biological sciences.

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“…Harvard is a place of innovation and discovery. It is a community of scholars, who are very intelligent, ambitious, and collaborative. The most distinctive feature of Harvard is the vibrant energy that characterizes its student body, and that drives...” – CLAUDIA from CAMBRIDGE, MA

“…Arizona State University is a great school. I attend the Walter Cronkite School for students of Mass Communication and Journalism and I love the experience I have gained from the college. I feel prepared for future jobs and work experience. ” – Kirsten from Phoenix, AZ

“…The University is a wonderful school because of its diverse student body, strong academics, and recreational facilities. There are so many great tutoring and advising resources available for me whenever they need help with certain classes. Also, I...” – Maria from Tucson, AZ

“…The University of Washington is a challenging school that blossoms independence and creativity. The majority of all faculty members are enthusiastic about the subject they teach, and are willing to assist all students. This school provides excellent...” – Ronald from Honolulu, HI

“…It's great! Take a bike though cause they seem useful. Have fun.” – Edwin from Cape Coral, FL

“…Exciting and diverse” – Thomas from Philadelphia, PA

“…Johns Hopkins University is an esteemed research university where students are pushed and challenged to achieve their potential and then surpass it. It's not a place where students come to have fun but a place where leaders, innovators, researchers,...” – Chidera from Philadelphia, PA

“…OSU & Corvallis has so much to offer (year-round) it's sometimes hard to know where to start. It has a beautiful, relaxed campus with nearly 25,000 students & Corvallis' central location provides easy access to plenty of activities in less than 3...” – Earl from Tangent, OR

“…Colorado State University has given me the best college experience I could dream of. There are opportunities for anything you could imagine - and these opportunities are everywhere! Everyone is friendly, and all anyone wants is for each and every...” – Bailey

“…The place where God wants me. The place that makes that's helping me become a better person. The place where I will make lasting friendships and life-changing, world-impacting decisions.” – Camila from Encino, CA

“…if you are an incoming freshman, i highly suggest you live on campus for the best college experience. if you wana find a roommate that works well with you instead of letting it be random, you should check out roomsurf . com thats how i met my...” – Brittany from Coronado, CA

“…Hofstra is a great college, with an at home feel that will increase your chance of success. The campus is clean, the professors helpful, and the food is good! There is no other college I would have rather attended.” – Lorie from Minnesota

“…San Jose State University is a beautiful campus where a person could just sit and hang out with their friends or go downtown where all other students are studying or just talking. SJSU provides a variety of activities including sororities...” – Kaela from Fairfield, CA

“…a large school with many opportunities (be it academics, socially, etc.) ” – Mina J from New York, New York

“…You can tell that (most) teachers really care about their students, and have been doing their best to be there despite all of the drastic budget cuts. It has impacted the availability of services, which is disappointing; but you can see where the...” – Liz from Daly City, CA

“…missouri state university is an absolutely wonderful school. the classes are generally small and close-knit. there are so many programs to join and feel welcome!” – Kelly from Hazelwood, MO

“…Colgate University is a Liberal Arts school on the top of a hill in the small village of Hamilton NY. It is a place where you are a part of a community and where you are likely to see at least three people you know on the way to class. Most of all it...” – Yekaterina from Amherst, NY

“…santa clara university is a school where staff and faculty care about you. the school focuses on enriching both the mind and spirit. in any class you take, you will learn the course material along with the impact that ethical decision-making has in...” – Raymond from San Jose, CA

“…Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is an amazing engineering-based campus, capable of preparing future engineers for their futures! Although expensive, the curriculum, opportunity, and experience are well worth it! I enjoyed my first year here,...” – Nikki

“…Case Western is a school that is very focused on academics and research. It is quite academically rigorous, but also very rewarding. Using "Think Beyond the Possible," as their motto, Case Western drives their students to achieve their goals, even...” – Elanda from Fairview Park, OH

“…kansas state university is an all around great university weither it be their sports team or academics. this university has such a welcoming atmosphere. manhattan and kansas state have a small town feel but in a bigger college experience.” – Student from Manhattan, KS

“…LMU has a beautiful campus with lots of potential for student involvement in clubs, sororities or fraternities while maintaining high academic standards. It is a jesuit school, but there is no mandatory religious involvement.” – Kyana from Los Angeles, CA

“…Oklahoma State University is an amazing place to live. The second I stepped on campus the current students and the staff made me feel like I was at home. The faculty is always friendly and willing to work with you, allowing you to have a successful...” – Alyssa from Sapulpa, OK

“…the university is good; it has a beautiful campus, nice friendly people, good teachers and a great surrounding community. the weather is a bit of a downside, and the surrounding community however is small if that is a concern. ” – Cody from Gillette, WY

“…Xavier is a private institution with a strong Jesuit focus. Xavier always has a welcoming atmosphere that makes campus immediately feel like home. The professors on campus are eager to teach and always make class interesting and engaging. ” – Kathleen from IL

“…Muhlenberg is such an amazing school in every aspect of student life. The accommodations are amazing and they're enhanced by all the students who fill them. You can always find something to smile about while you're on campus. ” – Anna from Scarborough, ME

“…The University of La Verne is a great university to attend because the class sizes are small enough to be able to interact with everyone, especially Professors. I find that it is easier to learn in a small classroom setting. What I love most about...” – RR from Duarte, CA

“…Visiting the school was an amazing experience, it was a beautiful campus. I would really recommend people who want to be around a friendly environment to visit, and attend.Being from New Orleans, the school feels like a great environment for me.” – Chelsey from Grand Prairie, TX

“…It is a small cozy college with a beautiful campus. Teachers are amazing friendly and caring about each student individually. The campus is old fashioned, but with a modern twist. ” – Wiktoria from Melrose Park, IL

“…csu is an awesome university. it offers outstanding courses and does just as the university's mission states, integrating faith in learning, leading, and serving.” – CSU student

“…the brenham campus is small enough to walk but big enough to get plenty of exercise. there are many clubs available to join and there is always free fun things going on. they also have great helpful teachers that really do care about their students...” – Faith from Bellville, TX

“…lincoln university is an outstanding school that is very affordable. it's close to where i live, the faculty is always willing to work with you (the students) to continue to uphold their wonderful credentials and to make sure that you are getting the...” – Haley from Jefferson City, MO

“…National University is a great opportunity for me, as a military spouse living overseas, to achieve my goal in receiving my degree. The advisor that I have been conversing with has been a great help and answers all of my questions. Everyone at...” – Acacia from APO, AE

“…UAF has a beautiful campus and a lot to offer its students. The engineering department is very helpful, encouraging, and educational (which is the goal, right?). However, the math department seems to greatly detract from the school, often believed to...” – Sarah from Anchorage, AK

“…Dallas Baptist University is a university that puts values student leadership. From academics, to relationships with Christ, to the workers, faculty, and classes, Dallas Baptist University values each student and member and offers every possible way...” – CHRISTINA from Austin, TX

“…This school is constantly changing and evolving. The student body is involved in the community and the promotion of everyone succeeding. This school is one of the best in the tri-state area, even if the football program has been cut....hey, we will...” – Tamara from Omaha, NE

“…Loma Linda University is a great, highly prestigious school. The staff I have meet thus far have all been great and very helpful. This is my dream school and I feel lucky to have been accepted. ” – Adahena from Moreno Valley, CA

Wagner College
Staten Island, NY

“…wagner is an excellent place to learn. the environment is calming and suitable for studying. there is also always someone wanting to help you become a better student. ” – Kari from Brooklyn, NY

“…such an amazing school and campus. the professors i have had so far are very nice, friendly and very helpful. the campus is really big and there are many places to study, there is always a quiet place to study. ” – Jazmin from Huntington Park, CA

“…This college is affordable and you can get a good education here. I love the atmosphere and the classroom's. The professor's are very well educated as well. ” – Briana from Longview, TX

“…I rate it high. I like that the campus is pretty close together. The cafeteria is awesome. ” – Kimberly from Tahlequah, OK

John Carroll University
University Heights, OH

“…It is a small school and a close-knit community, so it is a great place for those unsure of the larger universities. The campus is beautiful and it is definitely a great place to do studying outside in the warmer months. Also for those who are not...” – Valentina from PA

“…Madonna university is a very friendly atompshere. Madonna's professor are willing to help all types of students. The class sizes are perfect for all students to learn.” – Ashley from Coldwater, MI

“…Is daemen a amazing school? yes Has daemen done everything to help you get by on the first day? yes Can daemen be a great school even after you graduate? yes” – Nicole from Buffalo, NY

“…a ten out of ten rate is what cal state bakersfield deserves to receive due to the fact that it has taught me how to value our environment. also because it has had plenty of educational opportunities not only for my intended major but also for my...” – Alejandra from Bakersfield, CA

“…It has a great theatre program. It has a great sense of community. I am certain this is the place for me.” – Travis from Box Elder, SD

“…Provides a very strong medical education. Campus isn't too big to walk to classes. Offers in class and online education.” – Naomi from topeka, KS

“…Shorter has a low teacher to student ratio which is great for building relationships with teachers. The students at Shorter are friendly and the campus has a great atmosphere in general. Shorter's faculty definitely makes Shorter a great school. ” – Thomas from Dallas, GA

“…university of hawaii at hilo has variety range of ethnic groups. its campus allows a hawaiian language program. is a highly-accredited nursing program” – Aiko from Hilo, HI

“…Edgewood is a great school if you want to live in a larger city, but yet attend a small school. The class sizes are smaller, but the professors take the time to make sure every student succeeds. The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere is great for...” – Wisconsin

“…best thing about the school will always be the diversity of religion, culture and way of life. although it's a jesuit school, it accomodates everyone equally, matter fact, it has a muslim prayer space! i like the school but i detest the space area....” – Ifeoluwa from Short Hills, NJ

“…This is an amazing school. Everyone is incredibly helpful. They want you to succeed. ” – Jessica from Toms River, NJ

“…there almost always something to do. the people are extremely polite and the atmosphere is great. i love this school!” – Dakota from Johnstown, PA

“…Concordia is a community oriented university interested in the success of all of its past, present, and future students. This university is constantly trying to update, remodel, and stay up to date with the latest and nicest facilities and technology...” – Taylor from Waupaca, WI

“…Shawnee State University is an amazing school. They have all kinds of different opportunities for everyone. Also if you ever need help there is always someone close by.” – Erin from South Point, OH

“…Chico is a small community with many opportunities. The campus and residential areas are very close in proximity and cooperate well together. In fall, the already gorgeous campus becomes stunning with the changing of the leaves.” – Kjerstin from Chico, CA

“…i love it! judson is the perfect place for me and i know it's where i belong. i feel as though i am really a part of the community here and that i am valued.” – Ashley from IL

“…If you are looking for a university where you will feel at home, this is where you should be. On my first campus tour I was addressed by everyone & given all the attention necessary. I was able to ask questions and get a better understanding of this...” – Lizbeth from San Antonio, TX

“…Excelsior College is very supportive of its students. Excelsior provides a Counselor that makes contact with the student for continued support and eliminates frustration for the student. Excelsior makes frequent contact with the student to determine...” – Sylvia from Shaker Hts, OH

“…Very friendly and welcoming. The small campus allows you to get to know practically everyone on campus!” – Nikola from Newburgh, NY

“…obu provides such a friendly environment for all students. the professors make it a point to get to know you as a person and are so kind. i couldn't ask for a better mixture of a biblical education and amazing environment!” – Anna from Mcallen, TX

“…piedmont college is a family-oriented college. their main goal is to provide a peaceful and interactive atmosphere where the student can feel like more than just a number. piedmont also has some of the best teachers who are always willing to help you...” – Lily

“…I really enjoy the Christian atmosphere here at Roberts Wesleyan College. I really feel like the professors care for their students and the student: teacher ratio here makes it a more close knit environment. I feel like I've gotten a quality...” – Emelie from Rochester, NY

“…Hiram is a terrific place for meeting new people, that is my favorite part about the college. No matter what type of personality fits you best, whether you are athletic, outgoing, or shy, you will find the right group for you that will make your...” – Rima from Youngstown

“…felician college is a wonderful school to attend. academically, this college is higher then a good margin of others schools. especially the nursing program; a very tough course to get into and go through but it is all worth it in the end.” – Justin from Clifton, NJ

“…Lee College's Honors Program is one of the top programs in the nation. Lee College continues to make academic history. Lee College is diverse, helpful, and will provide a stable foundation for the rest of my life.” – Hai from Baytown, TX

“…The College of New Rochelle has the best nursing program and professors that's there to assist you on your journey. The College of New Rochelle is affiliated with some of the best facilities for clinical rotations. If you looking for an adequate and...” – Alicia from Yonkers, NY

“…Christian Brothers University has a remarkable staff. They really care about their students. It is a small campus, but Christian Brothers University has a lot to offer.” – Mark

“…Saint Mary's University of Minnesota is a small, liberal arts college. I was drawn to this university by the close-knit community atmosphere. I really appreciated getting to know my professors on a first-name basis and getting a lot of attention...” – Lauren from Mount Horeb, WI

“…The learning environment is wonderful. The classes are small enough to get one on one time with teachers. Most of the teachers try to make you and others better and try to help you succeed. Its a wonderful school!” – Kristine from Crete, NE

“…Very international student friendly. Very diverged. The best community college in Hawaii” – Ian from Honolulu, HI

“…Midland University is a tight-knit community with something for everyone. The education prepares students with real experience. The opportunities the school offers are amazing and it always seems to have a very active campus.” – Jack from Lincoln, NE

“…Massasoit is a great school to start you on your college journey. You save money and can get all your general courses out of the way. Some of my best professors were at Massasoit.” – MD from Randolph, MA

“…PUC is a great school in a beautiful natural setting. The campus atmosphere is tranquil and inviting. All of the students seem friendly and welcoming and all of the professors and staff members seem helpful and encouraging” – Emily from Bakersfield, CA

“…The University is beautiful and full of life. It has a lot of historical value to it. I know I will enjoy my time here” – Christopher from Mission, TX

“…lourdes is a very friendly, accepting, and easy-going school that has staff and students that are always willing to lend a helping hand. it's main ideals are to create a community of learning, reverence, and service and they truly do so! lourdes...” – Ellen from Toledo, OH

“…The instructors at Leeward Community College have terrific skills in teaching. They will spend extra time with their students and share some of their strategies to succeed. Also, the tutors help are a blessing to have.” – Loreen from Ewa Beach, HI

“…Great College, Smalls class size, and hands on learning.” – Eric from Grangeville, ID

“…Great professors that are engaging and trying to make students look at world issues and engagement. The class sizes are very small on average and you can be a student with a name opposed to just a number compared to larger campuses. Overall, the...” – Jesse from Moorhead, MN

“…The school is very neat and nice. The Faculty and Staff are not very helpful. There is a lot of hispanics.” – Yvette from El Paso, TX

“…STAC is small, but gives many opportunities to succeed. Here, you are not just a social security number - the staff knows your needs and caters to them. I would suggest this college to anybody.” – College Student

“…Hawaii Community College is an outstanding college. The staff are very helpful and understanding; also, the environment is full of ALOHA.” – Cire Ailuj from Kailua Kona, HI

“…overall laramie county community college has been a great experience both socially and academically. i'm challenged to do my best in and out of class with people that care about me. the teachers actually have a relationship with the students and push...” – Hailee from Cheyenne, WY

“…the teachers are great; the administration is for the most part very good. student life on campus is very active. great barrington consists essentially of main street and a few small streets adjoining to it, and can sometimes be boring.” – Theresa from Middletown, NY

“…Teachers are willing to work with students for success. The tuition is reasonable. Financial aid is readily available for just about anyone.” – Cassandra from La Marque, TX

“…The College of Mount St Joseph is a college that has a great teacher to student ratio (about 1:20). The staff and faculty are supportive of the students. It is away from downtown Cincinnati so there is a calmer atmosphere.” – Jeffrey from Milford, OH

“…hcc is the #1 college to be. everyone is so welcoming and we're just like family. we have the best staff and faculty members on campus that love us and help us to become great achievers in our careers.” – Mary from Honolulu, HI

“…universidad del turabo is a great college where you can find peace of mind even after coming out of exams since it has a lot of green areas on campus. the education is great and the professors are easy to understand. easy to access and the people...” – Ricardo from Las Piedras, PR

“…lyndon state college has to be one of the most affordable colleges across the united states. it also has a great diverse student body and has people coming in from all over. even though its a small college, lyndon is one of the best choices for those...” – Joshua from West Rutland, VT

“…with a freindly staff, bright campus, and wide subject range suny potsdam is the perfect school for anyone who is serious about getting their education. while attending, you can get involved with the numerous school organizations, greek life, or...” – Briana from Massena, NY

“…Bossier Parish Community College online programs are extremely manageable, cost efficient and meet all requirements for my desired degree.” – MAry from Bossier City, LA

“…It is a very culturally diverse atmosphere where you can meet people from all over the world. Most of the teachers are passionate about what they are teaching and there to help students when needed. This school is in a great location and has a great...” – Molly from Kihei, HI

“…great folks. once on campus you will get the feeling that you have 'arrived' somewhere. an amazing education, friends for life and all the best is what you will find here! very historic campus surrounded by a great community!” – Bobby from Drumright, OK

“…suny plattsburgh is a well known college for education and business as well as other majors and was one of the first colleges to be accredited. the populated town allows a wide variety of diversity among students. it is also a great opportunity to...” – Jenny from Brooklyn, NY

“…I love Indiana University-East. It has the home town, friendly, small community quality that makes it special. It is a small university with great teachers,a school that I am proud to be a part of.” – Patricia from Greens Fork, IN

“…Like most Puerto Rican colleges, UNE is very inexpensive compared to the US. The appearance and hygiene of the university is excellent. It is very well kept and the administration resources are great for students. Student activities are promoted...” – Kevin from Puerto Rico

“…I enjoy the one on one with the professors. The classes are small. The curriculum is challenging.” – Emily from Hinton, OK

“…i love it at rctc! the classes are awesome. i have met so many awesome new friends since i started school.” – Alexander from Sherburn, MN

“…The school is good for students who want the one-on-one teacher student time, since it is a small college. Also, with the new improvements it also is becoming better. The location is a great one because there are many things around for the students...” – Christina from Harrisburg, PA