Network and System Administration/Administrator

A program that prepares individuals to manage the computer operations and control the system configurations emanating from a specific site or network hub. Includes instruction in computer hardware and software and applications; local area (LAN) and wide area (WAN) networking; principles of information systems security; disk space and traffic load monitoring; data backup; resource allocation; and setup and takedown procedures.

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“…This school is amazing. The teachers are very understanding and seem to love their jobs. The campus is very beautiful, clean, and very easy to navigate.” – Kirby from Chesapeake, VA

“…I absolutely love my university. If you plan on attending higher education for Pharmacy, Engineering or Business -- The University of Toledo is most definitely the choice for you. Also, if you happen to be outgoing and like meeting new people then...” – Kevin from Ashland, OH

“…The college is great!! It won the Aspen award, as the best community college in the nation!!! The campus is very nice.... people are very friendly, and eager to help when you need it... I certainly recommend any one in Orlando to attend Valencia...” – Andreas from Orlando, FL

“…A&T is a wonderful institution! They provide lots of scholarship, and internship opportunities, and provide other services to their students to ensure success after graduation. I also found out at A&T that as long as I asked for help, I received help...” – Keira from Buffalo, NY

Broward College
Fort Lauderdale, FL

“…Broward College is a good school. They really help people learn, compensating for disabilities, and different learning-styles.” – Jennifer from Lauderhill, FL

“…palm beach state college is an affordable and highly diverse educational institutional in palm beach county. they offer many courses in hundreds of majors and also offer many great activities both on and off campus. also, palm beach state college...” – Ryan from Palm Beach Gardens, FL

“…awesome on-line school for those who have family, jobs or require flexibility. mentors are very supportive and always available. you must be self motivated to succeed at on-line learning though. ” – Elizabeth from Middle River, MN

“…Houston Community College is great! It's easier to learn here, because of the smaller classes. In addition, the classes are more affordable.” – Lashandra from Houston, TX

“…the campus is very beautiful, and i could easily see myself living and learning here. the catholic atmosphere keeps it moral and enjoyable, and the prospect of attending daily mass right on campus is invaluable. it is unfortunately rather expensive,...” – Jacob from Elizabeth, CO

“…I absolutely love Santa Fe. It's such a small college with a big college attitude. Everyone is very friendly and always open to lend a hand. It's a great place to start as a freshman” – Arelis from Apopka, FL

“…This college is all you can ask for. Not to many people in classes and is a small university where learning material is much easier to grasp on.” – Adam from Bridgeport, CT

“…the recent change in collin turning into a 4 year university has helped the university and student reach a higher level of education. it has made it possible to become more prepared to transfer into a larger state university such as utd. overall the...” – Ernesto Plano, Tx

“… I feel that this school will give me the start to my academic college career I need. I plan to attend for one full year. Soon after transfer to another college geared more towards my career choice.” – Alex from Tampa, FL

“…I am so glad I chose to attend this school. The core curriculum helps you plan your education so that you are able to make the most of it. I have found nothing bad to say about this school whatsoever.” – Tiphanie from Mansfield, MA

“…My experience so far has been very rewarding the professors and faculty have gone out of there way to make me feel at home.I look forward to going to my classes each day. I plan to make the most of every opportunity in order to make my dreams a...” – Miranda from Port Orange, FL

“…sac is offering so much more than what they first did when i attened in 2003. i love the fact that everything is spread out and doesnt seem so cluttered, and no one has to walk shoulder to shoulder like some colleges. also very clean!!!!” – Pearl from San Antonio, TX

“…This school is an excellent way to learn with a broad areas to major in. It also is affordable some classes have tutoring specific to that class. I like being able to enjoy school activities and the fact I can meet people with simular interest. A+ ” – Lillian from Portland, OR

“…This school is terrible when it comes to financial need. No one here knows much able ways to attend on a financial need basis. They are very slow with processing financial applications.” – Brittany from Detroit, MI

“…St. Petersburg College cares about assisting their students in many ways to achieve their graduating goals. Teachers are realistic and teach appropriately without prejudice. Advisors lead the students in the direction they need to go to reach their...” – Tammy from Pinellas Park, FL

“…is a really good college. the faculty here is excellent. one of the things that i like here is that polk state college have a really good nursing program in which im willing to take.” – Pablo from Haones City, FL

“…tallahassee community college is the best community college to set your academic foundation if you are unsure or ready to attend an university just yet or just financially. professors at tallahassee community college really does care for their...” – Victoria from TALLAHASSEE, FL

“…I think that it is a wonderful college. It offers many different degrees and programs. They also have professors that really understand the students and are very helpful as well.” – Cheyanne from Earlville, NY

“…the professors are exceptional. the campus is big and spacious. the advisers are so friendly.” – Deiara from Rockledge, FL

“…Community really have a great team. They really take the time out to help you move forward in your future career and there courses is really great.” – Cassandra from Philadelphia, PA

“…they are really on you on what to do and how to do it. the key is to stay consistent and pay attention. review your notes and don't slack off.” – Pete from Jacksonville, FL

“…It's a very good school to go to. They have people here to help you when you need it. It's a very safe school. ” – Alessa from Urbana, IL

“…Butler has opened my eyes to the possibilities that a school can offer. Butler has also opened my eyes to seek a higher education for the benefit of my family. Butler is a fantastic regional community college, which has a reputation for students who...” – Mario from Wichita, KS

“…ATC really care about there students. The teachers will work one on one if you need it. This school will also work with your work schedule.” – LaTanya from Atlanta, GA

“…The people here are really awesome, though some people will look at us and say that we are complete geeks. There is really no place better for engineering, especially if you are interested in hands on programs. Although we are far from civilization...” – Martin from Kewanee, IL

“…I would give Baker of Flint a 4 out of 4 because they have a great staff that cares about teaching you the things that you need to know. The facility is very well kept and everyone is very friendly.” – Elizabeth from Flint, MI

“…brookdale community college offers various educational opportunities for students less financially capable than others. however, the guidance office can be very unstable when it comes to integrity. on the other hand, most staff members and professors...” – Ann from Manalapam, NJ

“…MiraCosta College is a lot like your average community college, just newer, cleaner and smarter. The professors here really care about students, and seem to love their job. The school also generally seems to have more funding available than many...” – Virginia from Oceanside, CA

“…very personable and small classes. experienced teachers. world class learning.” – Seth from Cedar Rapids, IA

“…Touro college is a small school with smaller classes which allows the professors to build individual relationships with students. The professors are interested in the students overall and display enthusiasm for their area of study. The campus is...” – Sara

“…essex county college is a good college for new jersey students to start from before one enters to a four year college; as a result, nj students receive many benefits in essex county from scholarships to helpful programs. essex county also supply:...” – Pablo from Newark, NJ

“…Small and efficient. The school is great for student teacher connections. The learning environment is a great positive atmosphere I have benefited greatly from going there for a year. ” – Jonathan from DOYLESTOWN, PA

“…good college. classes are interesting. professors are very helpful. ” – Lidor from Great Neck, NY

“…Class A for accredations of college, Outstanding teaching reference, overall inprovement of the newest foundation added to accomadate the school.” – Breanne from Indianapolis, IN

“…GCSC's staff is great! They are some of the most professional, passionate, and concerned teachers and staff I have come across. You must apply yourself though, to succeed.” – Daniel from Chipley, FL

“…don't knock it off because it is in laredo. quality education at a fraction of the price you would pay at a university. ” – Rudy from Laredo, TX

“…grcc is a great school. parking is convenient if you buy a pass and everything you need is accessible on campus.” – Paula from Black Diamond, WA

“…i have not taken any classes at chattahoochee technical college, but so far i have really enjoyed the staff they go out of their way to make you feel at home. i love how all the fees are included into your tuition. ” – Lacey from Cartersville, GA

“…This school is a good one. I've gone to several different schools and this is my favorite one so far. I would rate them high.” – Amanda from Bidwell, OH

“…It was a no brainer that I would be attending MCCC before I went to North Carolina. The campus is so clean and welcoming. Also every single person that works there helps students out the best way they can. I am so thankful to have had people help me...” – Melissa from Souderton, PA

“…northwest florida state college (nwfsc) offers some of the best a.a - transfer degrees and a variety of classes. i couldn't be more pleased with how much money they saved me as i get my bachelors! they have many convenient locations and has a great...” – Selyna from Crestview, FL

“…phcc is an excellent college! the professors come from various careers, backgrounds, and teaching positions, so students receive a quality education just as they would receive at a university. also, the price paid for this education is extremely...” – MJ

“…Staff is very welcoming and helpful. Curriculum is clearly outlined. Beautiful school grounds.” – H

“…This school offers a several different programs. They have a great support structure. They even offer a free health club and clinic to registered students.” – Kecha from Fitchburg, WI

“…The class times are reasonable and 45 minutes per class is perfect. Doesn't delay or cancel as much as they should. Dorms aren't the greatest but living off campus and going to school is much better.” – Briana from Kenton, OH

“…LMC is a good community college to get a boost on your education. From what I've seen of their music program, this is a good school to get started with. Affordability is a plus.” – Jackson from Berrien Springs, MI

“…Great College, Smalls class size, and hands on learning.” – Eric from Grangeville, ID

“…Lake Superior College is a fantastic place to learn! The campus itself is very welcoming and modern, all the teachers are eager to teach and help you learn the way that suits you, and they have a great deal of clubs and activities to participate in!...” – Corina from Duluth, MN

“…South Florida Community College is a great campus to be a student on. It has a community feel to it than most big universities because most of the students that go here have grown up with each other most of their lives. South Florida Community...” – Jenha from Sebring, FL

“…I love school at CWI. Wonderful professors, instructors and class size. People are friendly and courteous here, and no worries about trying to make a good impression around campus, everyone seems to get along great. I'm thankful to go to school here...” – Jennifer from Nampa, ID

“…Nice and clean campus. The staff is very friendly and helpful. The classes are easy to understand and the setting is very calm.” – ANGELA from Covington, GA

“…SMCC is a friendly environment with many pluses as to why you should attend. They have a wide variety of degrees and jobs on campus. They are also located on the scenic Maine ocean and it is a very clean environment.” – Travis from Livermore, ME

“…I love this college! All the classes are easy to find and registration is a breeze! Not only that but all the teachers are professional and very helpful.” – Amanda from Sycamore, IL

“…ssc is a great institution for it's value alone. attending this school over a more expensive university allows me to take the prerequisites i need to further my education. the vast majority of professors i have had, especially the ones whose classes...” – Jessica from Longwood, FL

“…Southern Crescent Technical College is an up and growing college for anyone aspiring to earn a degree. The school has more discussion and brainstorming in my past and current classes than when I attended Gordon State College. The school has a lot of...” – Taylor from Williamson, GA

“…it is one of the nicest community college in connecticut. and it is very affordable, secure, accessible, and easy for transportation. the school curriculum is well designed. it has well organized and helpful academic center” – Meron from Hartford, CT

“…This institution values an in-depth opportunity to provide students of all income classes with a well-rounded education. The student population is one of the most diverse that I have seen, which only enriches my education. The instructors and...” – Nandita from Minneapolis, MN

“…st. ambrose university is a small, liberal arts college. it is diverse in the acedemic and social possibilities for their students. laslty, it is a very warm and welcoming place, a home away from home. ” – Emily from Arlington Hts., IL

“…Massbay is a really good school to attend. The teachers are all passionate about their work and try there best to help their students learn to there full abilities. I definitely recommended this school for a great education. ” – Michelle from Leominster, MA

“…The new bookstore is awesome! I also love the recent changes in the cafeteria! The Ace Lab is great too!” – April from Chipley, FL

“…The advisement offices are nice, and the people are helpful. Financial Aid has been a little less than helpful. The classes themselves have been challenging. ” – Mary from Winder, GA

“…BPCC has a hometown feel to it. If you do what you are suppose to do, then everything almost always falls into place. I have never spoken to a rude person employed by BPCC.” – Jacquelyn from Longview, TX

“…Georgia Northwestern has a wide variety of degrees/certificates to choose from. It is close to home and great for moms that work but want to go back to school. The staff are very friendly and always very helpful.” – Mandy from Taylorsville, GA

“…this school can help you find what you want to do with your life. you can easily change your degree or major in a jiffy. the people there are quite nice and helpful.” – Jodie from Newnan, GA

“…The kindness of the staff has simply blown my mind. Online information runs quick and you get quick answers back. Every one has been very helpful. ” – Theresa from Willmar, MN

“…This school is very beneficial when it comes to getting you to the career that you want. The teachers are very helpful. The school is very easy to get around.” – Cheyenne from Haddock, GA

“…Comfortable, healthy learning environment. Teachers will help the students one on one to succeed. Advisers are always will to help find a job for someone in their field.” – Jeffrey from Petrolia, PA

“…augusta tech is an affordable college. yes, it's sorta old and classrooms are really outdated, but for the money well worth it. professors are informative and supportive.” – Melissa from Augusta, GA

“…this school is amazing. they take the time to make sure you love what you're doing while giving you the information you need in order to succeed! i am glad i made the decision to study here!” – Kayla from Hiawassee, GA

“…There campus its clean and neat. the people are very helpful. and th students have great opportunists to study there.” – Jaqueline from Laughlin, NV

“…This college is the best I have ever attended, the teacher, and resources available are excellent, teacher to student ratio is very good. ” – Francois from Savannah, GA

“…Great options in the Graphic Design program allowing students to customize their Graphic Design experience. The campus is easy to access. The facility and staff are committed to helping all students succeed.” – Deborah from Blaine, MN

“…kaskaskia college is based in centralia, il, but is also quite spread out in the surrounding area. it's a great school to attend for cosmetology, nursing, automotive, or for quickly (and cheaply) getting your generals out of the way for other degrees...” – Michelle from Vandalia, IL

“…the professors are outstanding. they really care about their students and make their selfs avalible for extra help. the college is an amazing place to be.” – Athena from Alexandria, KY

“…location teachers education” – Quinshanta from Bradenton, FL

“…wonderful teachers, and other staff. i'm looking forward to taking more classes there this summer. thank you!” – Danielle from Oregon, IL

“…I am very happy with the education I have received so far. That is why I am not interested in changing schools. The instructors are very knowledgeable and helpful.” – Michael from Riverside, TX

“…a great school.many options for your major.great staff.” – Dixie from Solomon, KS

“…excellent tutoring services. knowledgeable and personable instructors. very affordable.” – Jeremiah from Shiloh, IL

Belmont College
Saint Clairsville, OH

“…Belmont College is an excellent local college. Belmont College students and faculty make you feel welcomed. You are truly accepted here at Belmont.” – Derek

“…On a scale of one to ten I rate Columbus Technical College with an eight. I rate this technical college with an eight because this school has made changes for the better and I have noticed more organization in place. This college has added on since I...” – Jessica from Columbus, GA

“…They have really good professors for the most part. Easy to get to and easily accessible campus. Very competitive programs.” – Ariel from Chicopee, MA

“…I love going to this community college because it is convenient. I also like the teachers. I would tell anyone to go to this college.” – Chelsie from Defiance, OH

“…It is a small clean college with small classes. The instructors are very professional. I would recommend this college to people looking to futher the education.” – Michael from jacksonville, FL

“…Wayne County Community College District has the most helpful and dedicated staff, and are always willing to go that extra mile to help see a student succeed. WCCCD is easily affordable and still able to receive the best education. WCCCD is...” – Chelsea from Lincoln Park, MI

“…ACC is a great school especially in the nursing field. The professors and staff are friendly, helpful and always willing to answer any questions. I am so glad to be attending this school to earn my nursing degree.” – Krystallyn from Alpena, MI

“…central maine community college is a great two year school. this is my first semester and everyone is so helpful. i have mostly a's in my classes and my professors are always willing to help improve my grades” – Daysi from New York, NY

“…YVCC is a great transition school for students to get used to being in college. They have amazing professors and since class sizes are like that in high school they learn your name and really help you reach your goals for that class. One of the...” – Ariah from Boise, ID

“…It is a great enviroment. The teachers are always willing and available for you if you need help. I feel safe at school because of the secruity that the school provides.” – April from Moultrie, GA

“…good college, good teachers.” – Anjelica from Bangor, ME

“…Wonderful! Close to home, easy to get started. Knowledgeable professors. ” – Kelli from Gainesville, GA

“…love this school the did everything in their abilities to get me in here. my loans would not go through but thankfully they kept trying untill they reached the problems , and then my classes were paid . im so thankful for the faculty in this school...” – Felecia from Statesboro, GA

“…Wiregrass Georgia Technical college is the best college for anyone wanting to continue their education. All age ranges, moms, dads, grandparents, are all at this college, it is so empowering to see all these generations, wanting to expand their...” – Nikki from Valdosta, GA