Oral/Maxillofacial Surgery

A program that focuses on the advanced study of the diagnosis and intrusive and adjunctive treatment of diseases, injuries, and defects of the oral and maxillofacial regions, including functional and aesthetic aspects. Includes instruction in pharmacology, analgesia, anesthesia, anxiety control, surgical procedures and techniques, surgical instrumentation, exodontia, oral diseases and malfunctions, soft and hard tissue pathology, dentoalveolar surgery, infection management, and prosthetic implantation.

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University of Iowa

Founded in 1847, the University of Iowa is a 4-year public research institution in Iowa City, often considered one of the nation’s top college towns. Iowa grants undergraduate degrees in over 200 academic majors, minors, and certificate programs. The...


The University of Iowa is a fantastic place to go to gain a higher education. Many of my family members have attended and absolutely loved it. I am very excited to be attending Iowa this fall.

” – Alexis

Originally founded as the Tropical Medicine Institute, the University of Puerto Rico Medical Sciences Campus is a medical school affiliated with UPR in San Juan. The Medical Sciences Campus is home to six schools of Nursing, Medicine, Dental Medicine...