A program that focuses on the scientific study of extinct life forms and associated fossil remains, and the reconstruction and analysis of ancient life forms, ecosystems, and geologic processes. Includes instruction in sedimentation and fossilization processes, fossil chemistry, evolutionary biology, paleoecology, paleoclimatology, trace fossils, micropaleontology, invertebrate paleontology, vertebrate paleontology, paleobotany, field research methods, and laboratory research and conservation methods.

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Bowling Green State University-Main Campus

Founded in 1910 as a teacher’s college, Bowling Green State University is a 4-year public research institution in northwest Ohio. Bowling Green State is home to eight colleges conferring undergraduate degrees as well as an honors college. In addition...

“…I am constantly finding new things on campus I haven't seen before. Its really a great campus with a really awesome atmosphere. Most people would think having a cemetery in the middle of a school campus would be creepy but its not at all.” – Lauren from Carol Stream, IL

South Dakota School of Mines and Technology

The South Dakota School of Mines & Technology is a university located in the Mount Rushmore region. The institution was founded in 1885 to train students in the skilled trade of mining, and now offers a variety disciplines in the sciences. SD Mines...

“…south dakota school of mines is a great place for students who are considered geeks at their own school, and for those who may not fit in as well. don't come here for sports, come here if you want a great education. ” – Caitlin from Glendive, MT

Mesalands Community College is a 2-year college in eastern New Mexico. MCC offers 19 degree and eight certificate-granting programs, several of which are specific to the college’s western location such as Cowboy Arts and Farrier Science. The MCC Wind...

“…Beautiful school, cheap rent on properties/rooms, low tuition but a great program. Champion Rodeo Team, Wind Energy Research, Iron Pour, plus great support if you need help in your classes. Can't Wait!” – Sonja from Tucumcari, NM