Pharmacy Technician/Assistant

In the healthcare field, each team member plays an important role in helping to take care of patients. No member is more important than the other and each needs the other to succeed. One vital member of that team is the pharmacy technician/assistant.A pharmacy technician/assistant handles many of the daily pharmacy operations, such as labeling, measuring, and weighing medications for dispensing; processing prescription orders; stocking shelves; taking inventory; maintaining patient records; and handling payments and insurance claims. They work in hospitals, pharmacies, grocery stores, and general merchandise stores. Work hours can be full- or part-time, and often include working at night, during the holidays, and on the weekends.Think you have what it takes to be a pharmacy technician/assistant? You must be organized and detail-oriented. Since many of the people who you deal with may be stressed or unwell, it also helps to be compassionate. In addition to the math and English courses you are required to take in high school, you should take courses in biology and chemistry.Part of the admissions progress for pharmacy technician/assistant programs is a background check and drug test. Your health records will also need to be up-to-date. The average pharmacy technician/assistant program is one or two years in length. Typical topics a pharmacy technician/assistant major can expect to study include recordkeeping, medical terminology, anatomy and physiology, pharmacology, biochemistry, and mathematics. Clinical practice, where a student works under the guidance of a registered pharmacist, is also a part of the program.Long before a student completes their program, they should check the state requirements where they wish to work. Many states require potential candidates complete a postsecondary training program or pass an exam, while others may require certification from the Pharmacy Technician/Assistant Board or the National Healthcare Association as well. In addition, membership in a professional organization, such as the American Association of Pharmacy Technicians, which offers a job board and other resources, is recommended.

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“…pima is an outstanding community college. the college makes it convenient for students with campus locations all around the city of tucson. the staff for the most part is very helpful, knowledgeable and friendly. ” – Shanna from Marana, AZ

“…south texas college is a good college for those who plan on transferring to a 4-year university. it's very affordable which puts an ease on the life of a college student. the classes are also small so it's easy to learn here.” – Myrabel from Mission, TX

“…Most helpful and successful at helping you succeed in your studies! There are still a lot of programs and transfer courses to choose from with all these budget cuts! Classrooms are up to date with the latest technology.” – Yessenia from Whittier, CA

Chaffey College
Rancho Cucamonga, CA

“…I must say that Chaffey College has been an outstanding college to have begun my scholarly journey. The fellow students that I have met here have proven to be quite a diverse and fantastic group. And best of all, I have been taught and academically...” – Pedro from Fontana, CA

“…This school is terrible when it comes to financial need. No one here knows much able ways to attend on a financial need basis. They are very slow with processing financial applications.” – Brittany from Detroit, MI

“…I would have to say that PSC is a 7.5 on a scale from one to ten. the reason for my anwer is their organization problems, and the fact that all students are not treated as equally. ” – Pre-Med from Pensacola, FL

“…tallahassee community college is the best community college to set your academic foundation if you are unsure or ready to attend an university just yet or just financially. professors at tallahassee community college really does care for their...” – Victoria from TALLAHASSEE, FL

“…Santa Ana College is a well rounded diverse school. The teachers and the rest of the faculty there are very friendly and hard working. It is a very homy campus.” – Lydia from Santa Ana, CA

“…their are the best.” – OLUWATOSIN EMMANUEL from VINCENNES, IN

“…i would rate it an 8 it so far seems like a good school. teacher's and support plus all options available for help are the best, definitely help many students in many ways. i think i will enjoy my first years here.” – Ashley from Ridgefield, WA

“…navarro is a well known that lives by it's model succeding together. it has made my self esteem higher, and made me know that i can do anything i put my mind to and always believe in myself. navarro also has made me a better person inside...” – Veronica from Saginaw, TX

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“…Nationally recognized for a reason. Almost every instructor I have had in my four years while attending have been passionate and genuinely interested in the success of their students at both an academic and personal level. The courses are challenging...” – Brandon from Forestville, CA

“…ATC really care about there students. The teachers will work one on one if you need it. This school will also work with your work schedule.” – LaTanya from Atlanta, GA

“…Baker College provides students with the materials and the support that they need to be successful at furthering their education. The environment is clean and comfortable to be in. If i was asked to rate Baker College on a scale of one to ten, I...” – Lakeisha from Saginaw, MI

“…Cape Fear Community College is great to work with, provides excellent teachers, and has two great campuses. In the heart of Wilmington, Cape Fear Community College is surrounded by great places to relax and spend time.” – Stephen from Newport, NC

“…I love foothill because the campus is beautiful and when you don't have time to workout climbing stairs and walking hills helps a lot. All my teachers have office hours to help me and my classmates are all friendly. I love the food here, it's just...” – Katie from Menlo Park, CA

“…i personally feel that oakton community college is a school full of unique people. as i pass by students like me, they carry things like instruments and artwork to show others what they are passionate about. that is what i love about college: we are...” – Michelle from Des Plaines, IL

Del Mar College
Corpus Christi, TX

“…del mar has great teachers who really care about education. the hometown atmosphere is amazing. this college is very affordable!” – Sara from Ingleside, TX

“…el paso community college is a great place to learn because the learning is more hands-on and personal. classes are usually available in different areas allowing less money on gas and more on educational materials. classes are also smaller allowing...” – Robin from El Paso, TX

“…JCC has wonderful instructors that help you succeed. Faculty are employeed in the subject matter they teach so they know what they teach. The small class sizes give way to more personal instruction.” – JACQUELINE from Adrian, MI

“…Spokane Community College is the first stepping stone to a great future. Their resources and faculty are highly regarded by many students as exceptional.” – Yolonde from Spokane Valley, WA

“…edmonds community college has a beautiful, homey campus. everyone here is friendly, welcoming, and it doesn't take long to feel like home on campus. the professors genuinely care about their student success, and create a positive learning atmosphere....” – Megan from Lynnwood, WA

“…Great online classes, teachers are hilarious, administration needs to lighten up, student employees are all girls which i hate because its sexist” – Kirk from Chandler Heights, AZ

“…Responsible, Scholarly, Trustworthy” – Meghann from Huntersville, NC

“…This school is a good one. I've gone to several different schools and this is my favorite one so far. I would rate them high.” – Amanda from Bidwell, OH

“…I am a student at Alvin community college, and I love being one.ACC has been ranked in the top 10 % twice in a row, I m glad something like this is only a mile away from my home. ” – Shayan from Alvin, TX

“…It is a great school to get your general education. Counselors make transferring an easy process. Also, it has many clubs and activities to keep you social.” – DeAngela from Elk Grove, CA

“…Casper College has provided me with the opportunity to further my education, develop my social skills, and become an overall well rounded student. The faculty that has assisted me in my endeavors has been more helpful than I ever could have imagined...” – Katherine from Casper, WY

“…It is a great place to get your start for college, especially if you want to get your general education out of the way. It is a small, but friendly campus with a variety of friendly faculty. There are a variety of classes available including winter...” – Margarita from Imperial, CA

“…Small and intimate classes have given me an opportunity to learn directly from the prof's and from other students. I am in the Visual Communication Program and I am learning more information quicker that other friends who went to larger colleges! I...” – Kaylyn from Sheridan, OR

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“…I like North Seattle CC, the class selection is good every quarter, there are great free tutoring resources, and activities going on often. The cafeteria serves some decent food too.” – Tiffany from Seattle, WA

“…A great school with diversity. Although it is very far from my house, this school made me feel I belonged.” – Viridiana

“…The layout of campus is easy to navigate. The teachers seem nice. Admissions Office was helpful.” – Georgeann from Fayetteville, NC

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“…The college overall is average. Teachers thus far have been great. Financial Aide department could use some more organization.” – Amanda from Myrtle Beach, SC

“…Johnston Community College is a tight knit place. he instructors will bend over backwards to help you out and there are advisers that are always available to help you when you need it. Its a great experience.” – Tamara from Wendell, NC

“… robert morris university is a very good school. the staff carry themselves in a very professional manner. robert morris have a nice diverse environment. i recommend robert morris university.” – William from Chicago, IL

“…ssc is a great institution for it's value alone. attending this school over a more expensive university allows me to take the prerequisites i need to further my education. the vast majority of professors i have had, especially the ones whose classes...” – Jessica from Longwood, FL

“…the instructors at clover park technical college are dedicated to their students success. i have been met with nothing but positive encouragement from my instructors to help reach my goals. clover park technical college is a top rate college. ” – Denise from Tacoma, WA

“…they are affordable, and effective. they have a small problem keeping up with the scholarships moneys that are incoming. it is a long process to get to see the correct person to make sure it gets documented in time to be of use. we had to pay for...” – Kendra from Conroe, TX

“… I think Southern Crescent a great place to learn. I have been out of school for 20 years, Southern Crescent got me back on track. The instructors are always willing to lend a hand. ” – Kawanza from Riverdale, GA

“…Teachers are willing to work with students for success. The tuition is reasonable. Financial aid is readily available for just about anyone.” – Cassandra from La Marque, TX

“…The faculty are very helpful in addressing my needs and concerns. The instructors are very efficient in the teaching style. The environment is very professional yet casual enough to feel comfortable.” – Holly from Lexington, NC

“…universidad del turabo is a great college where you can find peace of mind even after coming out of exams since it has a lot of green areas on campus. the education is great and the professors are easy to understand. easy to access and the people...” – Ricardo from Las Piedras, PR

“…Bossier Parish Community College online programs are extremely manageable, cost efficient and meet all requirements for my desired degree.” – MAry from Bossier City, LA

“…this is a good college to attend to get your core classes or complete your associates. i enjoyed doing the online classes because it allowed me to be able to work and go to school. although it is hard getting everything straight every semester with...” – kayla from chatsworth, ga

“…Austin Community College has a diverse array of educational programs available. They have wonderful staff would work exceptionally hard to accommodate the needs of their students while providing a top quality educational program. This is one of the...” – Michael from AUSTIN, TX

“…i would definitely give them the highest rating possible for various reasons. in their own way they exceed even the ivy league schools. 10 out of 10; 100 out of a 100; whatever the variable they are tops.” – Sandra from Rillton, PA

“…Excellent environment for business professional returning to school. Instructors will continue to challenge you and apply concepts to your industry/experience. Environments forces you to focus and be prepared.” – Patricia from Winston Salem, NC

“…augusta tech is an affordable college. yes, it's sorta old and classrooms are really outdated, but for the money well worth it. professors are informative and supportive.” – Melissa from Augusta, GA

“…this school is amazing. they take the time to make sure you love what you're doing while giving you the information you need in order to succeed! i am glad i made the decision to study here!” – Kayla from Hiawassee, GA

“…There campus its clean and neat. the people are very helpful. and th students have great opportunists to study there.” – Jaqueline from Laughlin, NV

“…Great options in the Graphic Design program allowing students to customize their Graphic Design experience. The campus is easy to access. The facility and staff are committed to helping all students succeed.” – Deborah from Blaine, MN

“…renton technical college has automotive instructors that are supportive of you in all aspects on your degree path, they have extensive knowledge in the field and are well rounded experienced individuals who also instill confidence and strive along...” – Shannon from Maple Valley, WA

“…allen community college is a great college for students looking to get started in their education. the staff is a great help in answering any questions you may have. they want you to succeed at allen, so anything they can do to help, they will.” – Cheyenne from Eudora, KS

“…Like most Puerto Rican colleges, UNE is very inexpensive compared to the US. The appearance and hygiene of the university is excellent. It is very well kept and the administration resources are great for students. Student activities are promoted...” – Kevin from Puerto Rico

“…i think this school is amazing. there is always some on there to help you if you need it. ” – Katrina from Austin, AR

“…Extremely knowledgeable and helpful to all students. Easily accessible for all programs offered. A wonderful community college environment.” – Traci from New London, NC

“…On a scale of one to ten I rate Columbus Technical College with an eight. I rate this technical college with an eight because this school has made changes for the better and I have noticed more organization in place. This college has added on since I...” – Jessica from Columbus, GA

“…great teachers/school in general, except their office workers could use a refresher on how to enter grades correctly! my transcript reads 2 c's where i had a's (in pe and algebra) and it cannot be fixed at all now. ” – Brittany from Winston-Salem, NC

“…The school was awesome. Always helpful! They understood me so well and me me feel like I was at home!”

“…Riverland Community College has been the perfect fit for me and my busy lifestyle. The class times are perfect for my life and the professors are understanding and empathetic toward those who deserve periodic slack. The staff takes the time to get to...” – Heather from Owatonna, MN

“…they have online courses for certain degrees, and the degree programs are offered at more places than just at the college for students who live around the missouri area. they also have smaller classes than other universities and colleges so you can...” – Kylee from St. Joseph, MO

“…Very helpful in helping students apply for financial aide. There are many adviser's that is very helpful in answering questions. Many teachers that takes their jobs seriously, and feels that it is very important for the students to learn. ” – Charlena from Detroit, MI

“…This is a wonderful college to attend! Everyone is ready and willing to lend a helping hand and it is also centered around helping people and healthcare. It really keeps things professional and you have a more one-on-one interaction with teachers.” – Sarah from Denton, NC

“…I give the school four stars!!! The school has amazing resources, almost fro every subject enrolled. There is an option to meet with your instructor for academic assistance, they take time to know their students. Resources include library, books on...” – Muriel from Columbus, OH

“…It is a great enviroment. The teachers are always willing and available for you if you need help. I feel safe at school because of the secruity that the school provides.” – April from Moultrie, GA

“…A great place to meet new and exciting people. The teachers are absolutely wonderful and very helpful when it comes to their students. The campus is well maintained and beautiful, no matter the season.” – Tanya from Creedmoor, NC

“…marion technical college is a great place to get a 2 yr degree or begin the first 2 years of a bachelor's degree. it is a small campus where people are friendly. the professors are helpful and want to see students succeed.” – Ann from Delaware, OH

“…This is a great school. It's small enough for one on one instruction if needed. The School provides a great environment.” – Jodelle from Grand Forks, ND

“…I rate Bronx Community College a 9 out of 10 because of the outstanding educational resources the campus provides, if not more than other two-year colleges. The professors are extremely knowledgeable and give students the confidence to reach out to...” – Sharon from Bronx, NY

“…Durham Tech is very organized. The staff is helpful. The teachers are there to help. ” – Kristen from Durham, NC

“…It is very helpful. I enjoy going to school here. The teachers are very helpful.” – beverly from Asheville, NC

“…MState is a nationally ranked two year college. It's friendly staff and faculty are there to help every step of the way. Small class sizes and teachers who are dedicated to teaching as their first goal equals great academic success!” – Angelina

“…Richard Bland College is a great school. The faculty and professors are very nice and respectful. They have challenging courses but the professors will gladly help with no problems.” – Brittanie from Petersburg, VA

“…I give North Dakota State College of Science 10 stars! All the students and teachers are very friendly. It's easy to find you way around and receive help if needed; which is VERY important to being successful. ” – Megan from Ashby, MN

“…tri-c is a good school to attend, even better if you have no idea what to do. tri-c will help student figure that out. they also help students not fall behind with many tutors. ” – Theresa from Lakewood, OH

“…they have a great student center. west shore is great with class sizes. i love going here because i feel like i get more out of my time and money.” – Shelby from Ludington, MI

“…10/10. I love this school. Teachers are here to help us students. Students and teachers are very encouraging and believing in students that we will accomplish our dream. ” – Sheriece from Hawthorne, CA

“…I love the school, they have treated me well. It has been easy to sign up for classes. I would not change schools for anything, great place to be.” – Jeffrey from Huntington, WV

“…TMCC has a great factulty to student ratio. Instructors are very helpful. Classes are small enough to where you get the interaction with instructors that you want/need.” – Megan from Dunseith, ND

“…Oconee Fall Line Technical College is very student oriented. It offers many opportunities for people who live in rural areas of Georgia. I do not regret choosing Oconee Fall Line Technical College to prepare me for my bright future.” – Jamie from Alamo, GA

“…Goals are achieved at WDT. The future looks bright and change is happening every year.” – Lenora from Rapid City, SD

“…Inter American University of Puerto Rico at Aguadilla is an institution with an excellent range of academic opportunities. Their curricula range from as simple a matter to the hardest part. That for the purpose of preparing the students for a...” – KENNETH from Vega Baja, PR

“…I never thought I could get a degree after my high school diploma, it's so much money and out of my reach with my job paying little. I felt stuck doing boring work and feeling I couldn't do much with my life. Then I found ORT. I got my degree so...” – Veronica from Los Angeles, CA

“…The best university in Business class. Accessibility Important” – Yasmin from Puerto Rico