Planetary Astronomy and Science

A program that focuses on the scientific study of planets, small objects, and related gravitational systems. Includes instruction in the structure and composition of planetary surfaces and interiors, planetary atmospheres, satellites, orbital mechanics, asteroids and comets, solar system evolution and dynamics, planetary evolution, gravitational physics, and radiation physics.

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Harvard College

Harvard College is an undergraduate liberal arts school located in Cambridge, MA, within Harvard University. Founded in 1636, this private, very selective, Ivy League college is the oldest institution of higher learning in the United States and was...

“…Yes, I learned a lot here, but really, you can learn a lot anywhere you go. Learning depends less on the college and more on the student – obviously, the more work you put into your education, the more you’ll get out of it. I’m a freshman at...” – Linda from West Chester, OH

University of California-Berkeley

Founded in 1868, the University of California at Berkeley is the original member of UC System with a campus overlooking the San Francisco Bay. UC Berkeley is known for its liberal student activism, most notably The Free Speech Movement student...

“…UC Berkeley is big, and the number of people can be overwhelming, but there's something for everyone here. The location is great-- downtown Berkeley is just a short walk away, and San Francisco is accessible by bus. Although the classes can be...” – M from NorCal

University of Arizona

Founded in 1885, the University of Arizona is a 4-year public institution in Tucson and the first university established in the Arizona territory. Arizona features 21 colleges and schools offering undergraduate degrees. In addition to classroom...

“…The University of Arizona is great university that offers opportunities for undergraduate research. This is particularly unique, because it allows for the students to actively engage in research early in their careers. Overall, the University of...” – Madeline from Denver, Colorado

Massachusetts Institute of Technology

The Massachusetts Institute of Technology, more commonly referred to as MIT, is a private research university that focuses on scientific and technological research. Located on 166 acres of land in Cambridge, MA, MIT maintains five schools hosting 30...

“…The material taught in the lecture hall of MIT is...difficult. There's no way around it. But don't fear, you won't be alone in thinking it is. However, the professors are always available during office hours as well as the TAs so receiving help on...” – Peter from Cambridge, MA

University of Arkansas

Situated on a hilltop overlooking the Ozark Mountains, the University of Arkansas is the flagship campus of the UA system and the largest university in the state. Arkansas is home to six colleges and schools hosting undergraduate degree-granting...

“…It is an excellent school to attend that delivers a quality education! Between the faculty and students it is very diverse, there are lots of things to do outdoors, there are always sporting events to attend, the arts also thrive at the U of A. Best...” – Marissa from Fayetteville, AR

Hampton University

Founded in 1868 after the Civil War to provide education to freedmen, Hampton University is an Historically Black College and University on the Virginia Peninsula. Hampton is home to eight undergraduate colleges conferring bachelor’s degrees and...

“…Hampton University is an excellent school when it comes to academics.l The professors are very interested in their students. They provide office hours as well as email addresses in order for their students to contact them. All of my professors...” – Asia from Winterville, NC

Florida Institute of Technology

Founded as Brevard Engineering College in the midst of the Space Race, Florida Institute of Technology is a private research university with a focus on STEM programs. FIT is home to colleges of Engineering, Aeronautics, Liberal Arts, and Business. In...

“…When you come here, you must be alert and ready to learn. This school is perfect for you, if you like one and one interaction. The classes wont pass 50 students. Professors are always available, the student center will always be watching your grades....” – Angeline from Palm Springs, FL

California Institute of Technology

The California Institute of Technology is a 4-year private science and engineering university in Pasadena. Caltech confers undergraduate degrees in 28 scientific fields of study. In addition to classroom space, Caltech is home to several research...

“…You will learn more than you thought was possible. Sometimes it will seem impossible. It isn't.” – Kimberly from Bloomington, IL

Stonehill College

Founded by the Congregation of the Holy Cross, Stonehill College is a Catholic liberal arts college in southeast Massachusetts. Stonehill confers bachelor’s degrees in over 80 academic programs and all students are required to participate in a...

“…At Stonehill, I feel as though I am learning a lot. I am currently a biology major. My classes are challenging although they are doable. There are only 2,500 students in my school which leads to an average classroom size of 25. My professors all...” – Nina from Mount Sinai, NY

Ohio Wesleyan University

Established by a local pastor in a former hotel, Ohio Wesleyan University is a liberal arts college in mid-Ohio. OWU confers bachelor’s degrees in over 90 fields of study and more than a quarter of the student body chooses to double major. Throughout...

“…Although it has a 66% acceptance rate, the classes are far from easy. Class sizes usually fall between 6 and 30 so participation is a must. Professors are fully invested in the enrichment of the students, so as students, we are expected to be focused...” – Jen from Spring, TX