Political Science and Government, General

Political Science is a great major for those who are interested in politics, political campaigns, political theories, public policies, and anything government-related. As a political science major, you will learn about your own government as well as international governments and how they differ and operate. Expect to take courses about the history and philosophy of politics and government, laws and regulations, international relations, and types of government structures. Internship opportunities for political science majors exist in law offices, universities, public administration offices, justice system agencies, consulting firms, international operations, and government agencies. As a political science major, expect to take courses about laws and regulations, types of government, international relations, political theories, history, and many other courses related to society. Depending on the profession you plan to pursue, the type of training you do is important. Many political science majors intern at law firms, public offices, courthouses, social working firms, and research with university professors. Like other liberal arts majors, political science is a very versatile major. Many political science majors become attorneys, judges, political scientists, policy analysts, state legislators, paralegals, professors, mediators, social workers, or corporate managers, among many other professions.

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Boston College
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Auburn University
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