Polymer/Plastics Engineering

A program that prepares individuals to apply mathematical and scientific principles to the design, development and operational evaluation of synthesized macromolecular compounds and their application to specific engineering uses, including the development of industrial materials with tailored properties, the design of lightweight structural components, the use of liquid or solid polymers, and the analysis and control of polymerization processes.

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Auburn University
Auburn University, AL
Auburn University

Auburn University is a 4-year public research institution and the second largest university in Alabama. Auburn encompasses 15 colleges and schools offering undergraduate degrees in over 140 academic majors. Outside of the classroom, Auburn is home to...

“…I'm in the engineering program and I am learning tons about software and how computers work. I highly recommend Auburn to anyone who is looking for an engineering school. ” – Marissa from Stafford, VA

Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University

The Virginia Polytechnic Institute and State University, also known as Virginia Tech, is a 4-year public research university in western Virginia. Virginia Tech encompasses nine colleges offering bachelor’s degrees in 110 academic majors. To promote...

“…There is such a wide range of classes available to take at Virginia Tech. Think of anything and the university will have a class that focuses on that idea or is similar to it. Most classes are very engaging and the teachers really care about the...” – Michael from Kapolei, HI

The University of Tennessee-Knoxville

Founded two years before Tennessee achieved statehood in 1794, the University of Tennessee-Knoxville is the flagship campus of the UT system and the first public university west of the Appalachian Divide. UT is home to nine colleges and schools...

“…I have completed a total of 34 hours at the UT campus. So far, I have learned a lot from my professors. While some classes are huge (200+), others allow for one-on-one time with other students and faculty. Even in the 200+ classes, discussion...” – Brittany from Morristown, TN

Lehigh University

Founded by a local industrialist and philanthropist, Lehigh University is a 4-year private school in eastern Pennsylvania’s Lehigh Valley. Lehigh is home to colleges of Business, Engineering, Arts & Sciences, Health, and Education granting...

“…Even though I'm taking mostly prerequisite classes right now, they are more advanced than anything I'd taken in high school and the teaching styles of the professors are conducive to learning. The learning that occurs on campus isn't limited to...” – Stacy from Hope Valley, RI

University of Massachusetts-Amherst

The largest public university in New England, the University of Massachusetts-Amherst is the original campus in the UM System. UMass is a land-grant university with the “Highest Research Activity" and the U.S. News & World Report ranks the UMass...

“…If you take the right Gen Ed classes, they can be very interesting. Definitely try to take classes that interest you or you will very likely be bored out of your mind. However, I so far get the impression that most professors and instructors are...” – Samantha from Springfield, MA

Case Western Reserve University

Founded by the merger of Western Reserve University and Case School of Applied Science, Case Western Reserve University is a 4-year private research institution in Cleveland. Case Western features nine schools conferring bachelor’s degrees in 95...

“…The classes are very challenging and you definitely have to earn your grade, but when you look back at all you've learned, its worth it!” – Meaghan from Harrah, OK

Western Washington University

Western Washington University is a public institution located in the coastal city of Bellingham. WWU offers more than 160 academic programs on the campus, which is surrounding by 6 miles of trails for students to explore. The university was named a...

“…WWU’s faculty can be characterized as innovative, challenging, and accommodating. Most every classroom is equipped with the technology to allow for multi-media presentations, so you will never have a talking head professor. The professors try to...” – Patricia from Brush Prairie, WA

Stevens Institute of Technology

Situated on a hilltop across the river from New York City, the Stevens Institute of Technology is a technological and engineering university in northeast New Jersey. Stevens is home to four schools conferring bachelor’s degrees in 35 academic majors...

“…Stevens provides a challenge, yet most of the learning is practical or hands on. I feel exceptionally prepared for real world work in the future!” – Angela from Sparta, NJ

University of Southern Mississippi

The University of Southern Mississippi is a 4-year public school in southeast Mississippi. Southern Miss is home to colleges of Arts & Sciences, Business, Education, and Nursing as well as the sixth-oldest acceptance-based Honors College in the...

“…The Professors here are really dedicated to making sure the students understand the material. The classes are fun and easy to get to.” – Janna from Slidell, LA

University of Massachusetts-Lowell

The University of Massachusetts Lowell is the second largest public university in the state and maintains six colleges that collectively offer more than 175 degree programs. Programs at UMass Lowell span and interconnect the disciplines of business,...

“…UMass Lowell won't just teach you about writing, math, and science- it takes you beyond to learn about yourself. One must learn to manage time well with so many campus activities. The school also has a great amount of diversity, which helps students...” – Jessica from Bradford, MA

University of Wisconsin-Stout

Founded by a lumber magnate, the University of Wisconsin-Stout is a public university in northwest Wisconsin and the UW system’s designated polytechnic university. UW Stout features six career clusters offering undergraduate degrees in 50 academic...

“…Just in my first year here at Stout, I have learned countless amounts of information spanning from who I am to what I learn in classes. Stout is a very technological school, when I first came to stout all I knew about computers was how to use...” – Lindsey from West Allis, WI

University of Akron Main Campus

University of Akron is a public land-grant institution and research university located in Akron, OH. Akron is home to seven colleges conferring bachelor’s and associate degrees, as well as a Student Recreaction and Wellness Center that features a...

“…The classes are generally small and the professors are fantastic. After you finish your electives, all the major-specific class are enticing and exciting. I'm glad I chose Akron over a smaller school. There are tons of opprotuniteis here for...” – Abby from Bellville, OH

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Erie-Behrend College

Pennsylvania State University-Penn State Erie-Behrend College is a public institution located in suburban Erie, PA. PSB is a residential college and has one of the largest campuses in the Penn State System. Mechanical engineering, e-commerce, and...

“…Although what you learn depends mostly on you the teachers also have a part in how a student learns. At Penn State the teachers take extra time out of their day to assist you along with most of the other staff. Everyone is willing to help and be...” – Danielle from Erie, PA