Population Biology

A program that focuses on the scientific study of the natural history, life cycle behavior, and ecosystem dynamics of single species and multi-species communities, and the patterns and causes of diversity within and among such populations. Includes instruction in biostatistics, population dynamics, population and quantitative genetics, RNA and DNA sequences, genomics, evolutionary ecology, natural adaptation and hybridization, geographic differentiation, life history and life cycle studies, and animal and plant demography.

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University of California-Davis

The University of California in Davis is a public institution in northern California and one of the largest universities by enrollment in the UC System. UC Davis is home to four colleges conferring undergraduate degrees and six professional schools....

“…If your looking for a great learning experience, there is something important that you have to know, it all depends on YOU. So if you are, the advice I would give you and stuff you've probably already heard is to get to know your professor, research...” – Vianey from rancho cucamonga, CA

Texas State University

Founded in 1899, Texas State University is a 4-year public school in south Texas and the largest campus in the TSU system. TSU hosts nine colleges conferring undergraduate degrees in 98 academic majors. Every year, Texas State unveils a Common...

“…The professors here at Texas State strive very hard to get their students on the right track. The school offers many educational tools like instructional assistants, tutors, SLAC, math learning center, writing center, library assistance, and many...” – Karla from San Marcos, TX