Poultry Science

A program that focuses on the application of biological and chemical principles to the production and management of poultry animals and the production and handling of poultry products. Includes instruction in avian sciences, nutrition sciences, food science and technology, biochemistry, hatchery design, and related aspects of human and animal health and safety.

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Texas A & M University-College Station

Opening its doors on October 4, 1876, Texas A&M University’s College Station campus was the first institution of higher education in Texas. A&M is home to 16 colleges and schools conferring undergraduate degrees in over 125 academic programs. This...

“…I'm a chemical engineering major, which in my opinion is the hardest major at school not only because of the homework but because it challenges you to think in a completely new way. While other schools might emphasize by-the-book engineering, you're...” – Bryn from Dallas, TX

University of Georgia

The University of Georgia is a land- and sea-grant public research university in Athens, GA. Founded in 1785, University of Georgia is one of three public universities to hold the title of the oldest public university in the US. With 17 different...

“…Although most intro classes are large (300+), the teachers are for the most part very friendly and available during office hours and for any additional meetings. All of the professors and grad assistants are very knowledgeable. ” – Caitlyn from Lilburn, GA

University of Maryland-College Park

Founded in 1856, the University of Maryland-College Park is a 4-year public research university in Maryland’s Capital Region and the flagship campus of the UMD system. UMD hosts 12 colleges and schools granting undergraduate degrees in 92 academic...

“…I recently completed my first year at Maryland this past Spring and after looking back on my learning experiences at the university, I can definitely say that I have learned and will continue to learn a lot while attending this school. Not only will...” – Stephanie from Frederick, MD

Auburn University
Auburn University, AL
Auburn University

Auburn University is a 4-year public research institution and the second largest university in Alabama. Auburn encompasses 15 colleges and schools offering undergraduate degrees in over 140 academic majors. Outside of the classroom, Auburn is home to...

“…I'm in the engineering program and I am learning tons about software and how computers work. I highly recommend Auburn to anyone who is looking for an engineering school. ” – Marissa from Stafford, VA

North Carolina State University at Raleigh

North Carolina State University is a public land-, sea-, and space-grant research university located in the state capital, Raleigh, home of the annual state fair and Winterfest. The largest university in the Carolinas by enrollment, NC State is home...

“…NC State has challenged me to grow personally and academically. Even though campus felt huge at first, it wasn't hard at all to learn my way around the place and find some great places to study. I love meeting new people in classes and getting to...” – Michaela from Oak Ridge, NC

University of Wisconsin-Madison

From its main campus located atop a hilltop in Wisconsin’s state capital, the University of Wisconsin-Madison is a 4-year public institution and the flagship campus of the UW system. Founded in 1848 at the same time that Wisconsin achieved statehood,...

“…I have learned so much since I began my schooling at University of Wisconsin-Madison. There is such a variety of classes to choose from which makes it easy for you to find classes that you are interested in. The professors here challenge you to think...” – Hannah from Andover, MN

University of Arkansas

Situated on a hilltop overlooking the Ozark Mountains, the University of Arkansas is the flagship campus of the UA system and the largest university in the state. Arkansas is home to six colleges and schools hosting undergraduate degree-granting...

“…I am an International Business student in the Sam M. Walton College of Business at the University of Arkansas. Throughout my time at the University of Arkansas I have learned more than I ever imagined. My business classes were focused and interactive...” – April from Fort Smith, AR

Mississippi State University

Originally founded as the Agricultural and Mechanical College of the State of Mississippi, Mississippi State University is a 4-year public university in eastern Mississippi. MSU is home to eight colleges and schools conferring undergraduate degrees....

“…This school involves so much more beyond the classroom. You learn not only what your intended major requires but you also learn valuable life skills. Furthermore, you learn to react with a variety of different people and races which will also help...” – Marco from Mississippi State, MS

Stephen F Austin State University

Stephen F. Austin State University is a public institution located in Nacogdoches, Texas. It ranks #22 in Top Public Schools by the U.S. News & World Report. The university offers its students the chance to participate in Moot Court, Model UN, and...

“…Four out of five of my classes, and I'm ignoring my math class because it's not my strong point, had teachers that were not afraid to engage with you and make sure you know what you needed and wanted to know. When I feel like a teacher wants me to...” – Jennifer from Hitchcock, TX

Hinds Community College is the fourth largest institution of higher learning in Mississippi. It is a public 2-year community college maintaining five campuses and six academic locations, the main campus located in Raymond, MS. Hinds Community College...

“…Great place for freshman college students. The teachers are wonderful, and there is plenty of help being provided to every student. They strive to help every student to become successful.” – Destiny from Brandon, MS