Pre-Law Studies

Pre-Law isn’t generally considered a major, much like Pre-Dental, Pre-Vet, or Pre-Med. It refers to any undergraduate major intended to prepare students for law school at the graduate level. Unlike with those other faux-majors, though, there aren’t any course requirements for entering into law school. The only qualifications needed are completion of a baccalaureate with a high GPA and passing the Law School Admission Test, more commonly known as the LSAT.

Baccalaureate Level

There are very few schools offering what’s labeled a Pre-Law degree. Some institutions are beginning to offer Legal Studies as an option, but, again, there are only a few. There’s only one recognized bonus in opting for a Legal Studies/Pre-Law degree, and that’s forethought. There’s automatic demonstrated, long term interest in becoming a lawyer with those two majors, but that shouldn’t be the sole deciding factor on an undergraduate major.

There’s some disagreement over what the best degrees are for students who intend to get a law degree, but English, business, and any engineering or science degrees are typically well received.

The general advice provided by most law school admissions offices is for students to major in something that they’re passionate about. While there may be some distinctions between STEM versus arts and humanities degrees, the ultimate defining factors are the same: a high GPA and a good score on the LSAT.  

While there’s one universal job title for individuals with a Juris Doctor (JD), Lawyer, there are so many types of lawyers that knowledge in any area is applicable. Majoring in environmental sciences can lead to work as an environmental lawyer, whereas majoring in any area of the artsy or creative world could lead to a job as a creative arts lawyer. A diverse, passionate student is often what admissions offices at law schools are looking for.

The Law School Admissions Test (LSAT): A half-day standardized test offered six times a year and proctored by the Law School Admission Council (LSAC). It consists of six parts, four scored multiple choice and two unscored, an experimental section and a writing portion. The three most important skills for the test are logical reasoning, reading comprehension, and writing skills.

Doctorate Level

Juris Doctor, JD, degrees are the highest available in law and typically take three years to complete. The curriculum will include courses on torts, contracts, property, criminal law, constitutional law, and civil procedure. Most law schools will also require courses on ethics, as well as legal research and writing, and require students to participate in Moot Court (mock trials).

After graduation, most students will go on to take the Bar Exam (BE).

The Bar Exam is a required examination to practice law. It’s typically split into two parts. The Multistate Bar Exam, or MBE, is required in every state except for Louisiana. Created by the National Conference of Bar Examiners, the test is broad. State bar exams, part two, encompass state-specific laws. Some jurisdictions will require a third part, the Multistate Performance Test, or MPT, which tests graduates on their practical skills in realistic situations.

Careers for graduates with a JD who have passed the bar exam include: Lawyer. The median salary for all Lawyer position hovers around $75,000, but that can vary dramatically depending on specialization, education, and years in practice. The starting salary for a Corporate Lawyer can be as low as $30,000 or as high as $100,000 (mostly depending on place of employment and Law School name), though the average median salary is around $98,000. On the other hand, a Public Defender (Criminal Lawyer) can expect a median annual salary of $51,000. At a private law firm, a Criminal Lawyer can begin as high as $115,000 per year. Medical and Patent Lawyers provide the highest average median salary, both coming in around $131,000.

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“…michigan state had everything i was looking for in a university-challenging classes, all types of students, and a beautiful location to call home. as an undecided freshman, i appreciated the wide variety of available classes and majors. the 500+...” – Rachel from Ann Arbor, MI

“…UMD, College Park is a school full of opportunities and great education. It has a campus feel, but is large enough to feel like it's own town and easy access to Washington, D.C. and other commercial areas, providing plenty of opportunities for...” – Jennifer from Western Maryland

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

“…The university is a fun place to meet new people. It gives you a great education and the professors are really interested in teaching the topic. The location of the university is also great and has many surroundings to help you enjoy your college...” – Kayla from West Jordan, UT

“…This is a really fantastic school, although it's a tad expensive. Teachers are all very qualified and challenge you to independently work, and think(however they are more than happy to help). ” – Nicholas from Palm Coast, FL

“…The environment is very open and accepting, it gives everyone the opportunity to create a home. The curriculum is intense, however the instructors are more than equipt to teach college students, and willing to help outside of class. Overall, the...” – Monica from Glendale, AZ

“…The people are extremely nice and helpful when you need help or get lost. The students are friendly and open to the incoming freshmen. The campus is beautiful and fun to explore.” – Crystal from Noblesville, IN

“…RPI is a challenging school and is for those who are technically oriented. I was always the top of my class in high school and now I fight for every A, which is the challenge I was looking for all my life. If someone does not like the idea of being...” – Hannah

“…Utah State is awesome! Literally best decision of my life! So much fun and great people!” – Garrett from Hastings, MN

“…creighton is a school that many people would like to attend for the catholic atmosphere but you don't have to be catholic to go to creighton. it's a home away from home type of school. you will be able to find many people here with your same likes,...” – Jennifer from El Cajon, CA

“…The physical functionality of the school has its ups and downs. Though there are some students here with non-academic goals, there are just as many dedicated, aspiring professionals. The teaching and administration, and the opportunities offered are...” – Ashaun from Carbondale, IL

“…fit is a fantastic school for engineering and psychology! the professors are experts in their fields and they will personally help the students in any way possible. i have never met a person on campus who was mean or negative towards me, and a beach...” – Amy from Cincinnati, OH

Eckerd College
Saint Petersburg, FL

“…eckerd college is like no other college you'll find, often times referred to as camp eckerd. located on the waterfront, this very small college focuses largely on protecting environmental and marine habitats. eckerd provides amazing people, programs,...” – Mattie from St. Petersburg, FL

“…Through Central Washington University, there are thousands of students who have the potential for educational success. Because of this, and because of Central's great ability to contribute to the education of its students, I would give the school a...” – Haellie from Buckley, WA

“…Philadelphia University offers a great variety of assets. They provide students such as myself with excellent food, a top notch library, and a campus center to hang out. I find my experience here to be most wonderful when dorming because everything...” – Michael from Philadelphia, PA

“…This school is the perfect size, not too big, not too small. The people on campus and the residents of Bowling Green (the city) are always working together to connect students with real life experiences such as jobs and internships. Also, BGSU is big...” – Rayia from Highland Park, MI

“…Barry is a SMALL private school that attends to those who are serious about their future careers. It has everything a person needs to be a successful and happy student. The campus is really nice and it is a comfortable place to be.” – Elle, NY

“…it's a cool school. everyone is friendly. they know what they want to be as a school.” – TraMaunte from St. Paul, MN

“…on a 1 to 10 i rate oru a 10. it is truly a fine university academically, athletically, and spiritually. it is an honor to say i attend oru!” – Michael from North Carolina

“…Grambling State University is a great place to start your college career. I fully enjoyed my first semester there with all the things that they have to offer. If you choose Grambling as your college, I'm pretty sure you will not be sorry.” – Jasmine from Colfax, LA

“…A friendly, fun environment. The School is really involved with the Community and vise verse. A great size and good pricing, I'm paying the same or less than I would have to go to some of my in-state School” – Kaitlin from Skokie, IL

Indiana Tech
Fort Wayne, IN

“…great online study program for my major. independent study allows me to study around my schedule. wonderful people to answer questions and help with any difficult situation (application, financial aid, transfers, ect).” – Erika from Bryan, OH

“…RWU is a fantastic school that thrives on building a student's academic performance. The staff and professors genuinely care about their students and will help them reach their life goals. It is truly a great place to learn.” – T from Stoughton, MA

“…I visited the TU campus a couple of weeks ago and fell in love with the school. The staff and student ambassadors were so friendly and helpful that it made me feel right at home. Definitely at the top of my list!” – Samuel from O Fallon, IL

“…palm beach atlantic university is a great school where the people have kind-hearts, caring personalities, and helpful hands. it is located near the beach and inter-coastal and has a wonderful areas to bike, walk, jog or enjoy the environment. the...” – Karlea from Boynton Beach, FL

“…Denison University is an exceptional private liberal arts college in Granville, Ohio. Although the campus is small, the diversity of both students and academics makes the university a perfect match for students, who are looking to create an...” – Recent Grad - 2012

“…great school to attend. small class sizes gives me more of an opportunity to get one on one contact with the instructors. the instructors that i have had are very knowledgeable on what they teach.” – Krystal from Aurora, IL

“…I love the hands-on learning at UF. All of the professors are helpful and most will go out of their way to help you when you need it. Everyone also makes you feel like an individual instead of just another number.” – Ashley from North Ridgeville, OH

“…I am so glad I chose to attend this school. The core curriculum helps you plan your education so that you are able to make the most of it. I have found nothing bad to say about this school whatsoever.” – Tiphanie from Mansfield, MA

“…cedarville looks amazing! i love that it is such a strong christian environment, and i love the rules, too. the academics make me very happy as well. ;)” – Natalie from Port Huron, MI

“…National University is highly acredited college with demending but excellent instructors. Classes are 4 week single subject formany which makes it easier to focus and finish the classes than the semester format. National University has excellent...” – Lubov Dixon

“…Marville college is a great community! Everyone is friendly and will love to get to know you and help you in anyway possible. The teachers and students are also great at teaching you new ways to stretch your mind. ” – Kiera from Maryville, TN

“…Goucher is a place where the weird kid from high school can come to be themselves. There is so much freedom here and you are encouraged to plan any kind of events you want. The campus is full of life.” – Tianna from Pitcairn, PA

“…Wilmington University is a very good school. They love their students and love what they are doing. They have the best curriculum but they don't offer a couple of studies that I would be interested in.” – Celita from Elkton, MD

“…William Peace University is number one on my list of colleges I'd like to attend. The school has a variety of majors to choose from which is very exciting. The students and staff seem very friendly as well. ” – Prospective Student from Raleigh, NC

“…Blackburn college is very adapatable. This school is very career focused, teachers as well as students. The campus is a huge part of the community.” – Justina from Waukegan, IL

“…It is basically a giant family in which I love everyone there. I've learned a lot because they retaught me how to study and teachers are more available since it's a small college and there aren't 400 people classes. I have had a great college...” – Aaron from Columbia, SC

“…Texas Wesleyan is a school beyond words. Their small selection of students provides comfort, help, and fun for everybody. Texas Wesleyan has an amazing team that will help freshman along their first year in college.” – Jeaneth from Fort Worth, TX

“…It's a good school, but one where you only get out what you put in. This school has a surprising degree of academic rigor, but only if you seek it out; it has a lot of advanced and specialist scholarship opportunities, but only if you seek them out;...” – Jay from Dayton, OH

“…Madonna university is a very friendly atompshere. Madonna's professor are willing to help all types of students. The class sizes are perfect for all students to learn.” – Ashley from Coldwater, MI

“…This school is the prefect size for anyone. The programs are very good. Everyone makes you feel comfortable.” – Dylan from Slingerlands, NY

“…amarillo college is wonderful. the instructors are engaging and helpful. the classes are challenging, yet interesting. ” – Katharine from Amarillo, TX

“…i give them five stars for their teachers, advisers, and councilors, but only four stars with there financial aid office. they are positive and accommodating towards people that have difference goals and live different life styles. the only quarrel i...” – Jessica from Newberry, IN

“…it is a very nice school and the people there are quite friendly. the professors are great and will help you with whatever you need. ” – Shel

“…Both the town and the school are big enough to meet new people and find opportunities, but small enough so you don't feel lost in the crush. Classes are sized to give you a great connection with your professor and peers. On-campus groups come up with...” – Rachael from Renton, WA

“…Snow College has helped me to become a well-rounded young adult. This institution has aided me in the process of becoming an excellent student and a contributing member of the community. I have loved every second of my experience at Snow College. ” – Amber from Spanish Fork, UT

“…Limestone College provides the perfect environment for the students who'd prefer not to be on big campuses. The classes are pretty small, which gives the teachers a chance to have one on one time with each student. Not only is Limestone College an...” – Niketa from Batesburg, SC

“…FPU is the perfect school for students looking for a college that places equal importance on academics and building relationships. The school's motto is Founded on Christ and it is lived out everyday on campus by students, teachers, and faculty alike...” – Corie from Madera, CA

“…The professors really get to know you and are willing to help you in any way possible. The traditions are one of my favorite parts. The whole community is very personal.” – D.j. from Daleville, AL

“…Butler has opened my eyes to the possibilities that a school can offer. Butler has also opened my eyes to seek a higher education for the benefit of my family. Butler is a fantastic regional community college, which has a reputation for students who...” – Mario from Wichita, KS

“…anne arundel community college is a great college at an affordable price. the faculty and teachers are great, and you get the same experience as a private college.” – Jake from Lothian, MD

“…the professors are serious. fontbonne is a great college!! this university is worth attending.” – Carrie from Saint Louis, MO

“…I'm very excited to be attending Avila University. The staff and faculty are so friendly and supportive. Also, there are many clubs and activities to choose from! ” – Katie, KS

“…Oklahoma Christian University is a wonderful college for those who seek to follow God and even those who are unsure about their faith. Professors are kind, supportive and friendly. The student body isn't just your graduating class, it's like a giant...” – Lindi from Needville, TX

“…Good faculty, close to home, great programs.” – George from Amarillo, TX

“…Pfeiffer University is a comprehensive private not for profit methodist liberal arts university in rural Misenheimer North Carolina. The University presents many opportunities for students to experience new learning opportunities and cultural lessons...” – Sarah from New Market, MD

“…mt. hood is a wonderful way to get started on your academics, and help you find out what you want out of life. ” – Erica from Gresham, OR

“…i love it! judson is the perfect place for me and i know it's where i belong. i feel as though i am really a part of the community here and that i am valued.” – Ashley from IL

“…As a high school Senior I have advanced my ranking with the help of Kilgore College dual credit courses from 17 to now ranked 4th in my graduating class, graduation May 25th. Kilgore College's help line and staff have been there to make any...” – Kadi from Gladewater, TX

“…Temple College makes it easy for us students to find our way to our classes, meaning they give us maps and once you find what one building is you are certain to find which way you are going. We just made improvements in the parking lots and it looks...” – Toi from Killeen, TX

“…Webber International University has a warm welcoming environment, not only are the faculty members intelligent and well prepared the students are motivated and determined to continue to glorify WIU's reputation. The never ending strive for excellence...” – Elizabet from Lake Wales, FL

“…grand rapids community college is a school that wants the best for you. this college is all about preparing you for the future. if you want a quality education without paying through the nose to get it this is the college for you.” – Isabelle from Grand Rapids, MI

“…Louisiana College is more than just a place of higher learning. From the moment i stepped on campus i felt a sense of nobility, from the classroom to athletic fields, on down to the worship services. Louisiana College has made me a better person and...” – Bryan from Shreveport, LA

Thomas More College
Crestview Hills, KY

“…It is very easy to get help from the teachers when you ask them questions. The atmoshphere makes me think of my high school which makes it easy to relax and concentrate. Everyone is very nice and is very helpful.” – Katherine from Covington, KY

“…Cedar Crest College is a leader in educating its nursing students. They teach students a global perspective to successfully prepare them for their career. They excel academic expectations. ” – Tasha from Bethlehem, PA

“…pretty decent engineering school. big competition. if you want to do architecture its a good school too.” – Waldemar from Ridgewood, NY

“…Smaller than the average college, but definitely worth the money to go there!” – Sara from Wisner, NE

“…mississippi valley state is a very vibrant school. the instructors are always willing to helpthe students. the campus is growing and easy to learn. ” – Valerie from Holcomb, MS

“…coeur d'alene is a great city for a college, and the campus is situated in an excellent part of town with a beach and a bit separated from the main city. north idaho college is a relatively small campus with lots of opportunities to connect with new...” – Chris

“…Overall great campus ! Great activities. Everyone is helpful, nice, and glad that you're attending HPU ! ” – Alison from El Paso, TX

“…Casper College has provided me with the opportunity to further my education, develop my social skills, and become an overall well rounded student. The faculty that has assisted me in my endeavors has been more helpful than I ever could have imagined...” – Katherine from Casper, WY

“…Anderson University has given me the tools I need to succeed. They have programs specifically designed for working adults as well as traditional college students. ” – Stephanie from Muncie, IN

“…oklahoma wesleyan university is the perfect school for somebody who is looking to make close friends for life. the teachers are very knowledgeable and experienced, as well as qualified (voted the best in the country by cbs money watch). the education...” – Nikolaus from Bartlesville, OK

“…St. Philip's community college is a great school to attend your first two years of college. The staff and teachers really care about the students and will do everything they can to help you be successful. I'm so glad chose to attend St. Philip's...” – Janielle

“…Bethel College has an incredible and very welcoming environment that will completely draw a person in. While attending the college and getting the opportunity to walk through the beautiful campus, a person will meet many new people because everyone...” – Rachelle from Sturgis, MI

“…The people at Connors State are very helpful in enrolling you in classes. They are there to answer any questions you may have to ask. The dorms there are nice and clean unlike any other junior colleges.” – Lindsay from Beggs, OK

“…Santa Fe Community College is rich in diversity. I am a married mother of four children and I fit right in with all the other students. Great facility and instructors. ” – Jennifer from Santa Fe, NM

“…Buena Vista University is expensive if you don't know what you're doing. But for the student who knows what they want to study, it is very easy to find your course and lay down all the right foundations while at BVU.” – Christopher from New Providence, IA

“…I love school at CWI. Wonderful professors, instructors and class size. People are friendly and courteous here, and no worries about trying to make a good impression around campus, everyone seems to get along great. I'm thankful to go to school here...” – Jennifer from Nampa, ID

“…overall laramie county community college has been a great experience both socially and academically. i'm challenged to do my best in and out of class with people that care about me. the teachers actually have a relationship with the students and push...” – Hailee from Cheyenne, WY

“…It is a great school. The teachers are very motivating and helpful. The classes are not to big and it is NOT expensive at all!!! Over all a wonderful place to learn.” – Amanda from Edgewood, NM

“…Garden City Community College had great teachers and a well-maintained campus.” – Tajia from Garden City, KS

“…For a Junior/Community College, 4 1/2 Stars! It has that home-town feel, with mostly helpful and friendly teachers and staff (unlike the ones you hear about in major universities). A great place for those who want to transfer up to a larger college...” – Cobyn from Blossom, TX

“…I am having a great time meeting new people and playing baseball. I am learning to organize my time better to get my homework turned in on time. Barton is just the right size to transition into college from High School” – Creighton` from Wichita, KS

“…The people are very friendly and decent. It's always difficult getting financial aid help/assistance. The teachers are very pleasant and friendly.” – Alexis from Soda Springs, ID

Saint Mary-of-the-Woods College
Saint Mary Of The Woods, IN

“…A 'Wonderful' campus or online experience for women! The staff, Sister's, and fellow classmates are always willing to give a helping hand. The beautiful off-road campus compels you to become one with yourself and future goals.” – Amy from Clinton, IN

Emmanuel College
Franklin Springs, GA

“…Highly accepting school with great forgiveness and understanding. Very Christian based and excels at trying to give students a focused environment that will allow them to learn with distraction. Also considered a small school, but with great...” – John from Fayetteville, NC

“…CASC is a nice school. If it was a four year school, this is where I would be. ” – Haylee from Poteau, OK

“…Good place to earn degree, classes are not extremely difficult. Most teachers are approachable and will tell you when they are available. Affordable.” – K from Dodge City, KS

“…It is a great college, that has more one on one teacher time than any other college. Every one that works there is very friendly and helpful. I enjoy going to this college.” – Nikia from Kincaid, KS

“…Located in Snyder Texas WTC is a great place if you want to start small and build your way up. The whole WTC staff is dedicated in helping you achieve the education you want and helping you succeed in your goals. Your in a big family once you are...” – Julian from Frostproof, FL

“…Central is a Christian community that is working to build well rounded graduates. It is not perfect, no college will be but it is the closest I found. ” – Lizzie from Oregon

“…Treasure Valley is a very helpful college, in regards to questions asked there is always some one very to help. Whether it be a student or faculty member. Personally, not knowing much about higher education before, the answered all my questions, even...” – Lacey from Ontario, OR

“…They are continuously making new changes to help provide students with the best education possible, but it would be helpful if more online classes were offered for those students who have families and need to work. ” – Laura from Hamburg, PA

“…ACC is a great school especially in the nursing field. The professors and staff are friendly, helpful and always willing to answer any questions. I am so glad to be attending this school to earn my nursing degree.” – Krystallyn from Alpena, MI

“…the programs here offer a wonderful start for anyone wanting to complete their first 2 years of college. the programs offered here transfer, guaranteed, to any ncaa accredited college. tuition is also one of the cheapest in the nation” – James from Lander, WY

“…The hospitality of the staff and students is amazing. I loved attending this college. The atmosphere really made it a great experience. ” – Leticia from Henderson, NV

“…Teachers are very hands on and approachable. Class sizes are small so lots of one on one time with teachers. Houghton campus is new construction and very up to date.” – Taylor from Ontonagon, MI

“…caring and interested in your success. available and helpful in your interests. willing to take the time with you and are genuine.” – Kenneth from Crownpoint, NM

“…started out here, got my associates. it was great, just didn't have a bachelor's option for my major. every college i have been to afterward does not measure up!” – Danielle from Mason, OH

“…a great, small, christ-lead community. a place for people of all backgrounds and goals to come together to achieve in god's light. my new home.” – Lindsey from Seward, NE