Pre-Medicine/Pre-Medical Studies

Pre-med majors aren’t the official title of the degree earned in school, but it’s a simple way of saying that the next step is to become a medical professional, usually an MD or DO. Pre-med students can major in just about any subject, not just in biological or physical sciences. Applying a pre-med track to majors such as Sociology, Statistics, English Literature, and Spanish come with a variety of benefits, some of which include excellent communication, research methodology, problem solving, and adept critical analysis, which can be valuable for testing into medical school.

Regardless of the chosen major, though, medical schools require a certain number and type of classes to be completed.

At the bare minimum, most med schools require:

  • One year of biology with lab

  • One year of general chemistry with lab

  • One year of organic chemistry with lab

  • One year of physics with lab

  • At least one semester of biochemistry

  • A math course (varies based on school)

  • One year of English

Every institution has a different series of requirements, though, so be prepared to satisfy all requirements. These requirements are in place for two reasons: to lay the foundation for graduate work, but also to score well on the MCAT, the Medical College Admission Test.

The goal for most pre-med students is to graduate with a baccalaureate and head straight to medical school, and carefully planning out your pre-requisites schedule and MCAT testing day are required to accomplish that.  Pre-med students must complete their required pre-med course by Fall of their junior year to prepare for the MCAT the second semester of that same year. The very latest a student can take the MCAT to move directly into medical school after graduating is the end of their junior year, in early May. Application submission dates for med school start on June 3rd, secondary application from July to September, and interviews will begin in September and conclude in March of senior year. It’s a much longer, more involved process than many other majors, so being prepared and meticulous with scheduling is a must.

There are also options that include taking 1 to 2 years off after graduate school, depending on completion of the pre-requisites and MCAT testing day.

Medical schools look at three things when reviewing applications: GPA, MCAT, and experience. As for the GPA, they look at the entire culmination of schooling as well as the BCPM (biology, chemistry, physics, and math) GPA, so high grades are an absolute must. For the MCAT, the most common score accepted is 509 of 528, while the average score is 500. Keep that in mind and aim for 509 or higher to be at the most competitive level. Volunteering or working an internship, within the medical industry or not, is closely reviewed by medical institutions when tendering acceptance. Any experience that involves communication, leadership, and interpersonal skills is notable.

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“…An outstanding university that provides limitless opportunities for superb education, involvement in various clubs and organizations, and the all-important ability to network among peers and colleagues. Penn State goes above and beyond to properly...” – Shane

“…The University of Chicago is known more for its academic rigor and all-encompassing intellectualism than its campus life or party scene. This is far from true, however! If you're looking for hard-hitting academics, a picture-perfect campus, top-notch...” – Chris from Houston, TX

“…Boston University is an elite university that is constantly improving. It is a very expensive college but has a lot of resources for its students. Students who wish to attend should be somewhat independent and not afraid to take full advantage of the...” – Daniel from Staten Island, NY

“…UNC Chapel Hill is an outstanding school with outstanding people. The school work is challenging, but it is rewarding. The university introduces you to people from all walks of life and exposes you to some of the most gifted professors and students...” – Rebecca

“…Northwestern is a great school, blending first class academics and Big 10 sports in a way that typically isn't seen among comparable universities. Students are bright and are typically highly motivated, passionate, and active in leadership roles....” – Kayla from Camdenton, MO

“…The atmosphere of Baylor is very relaxing. The people on campus are really friendly. It is easy to make friends on a campus this size.” – Chalice from Pflugerville, TX

“…UMD, College Park is a school full of opportunities and great education. It has a campus feel, but is large enough to feel like it's own town and easy access to Washington, D.C. and other commercial areas, providing plenty of opportunities for...” – Jennifer from Western Maryland

“…Clemson University is a community that strives to promote equality among it's students, promote environmental sustainability through numerous on-campus programs, and provide a rigorous education for preparation for their career field. Clemson also...” – Matthew from Mount Pleasant, SC

“…The University of Notre Dame is a privately funded, Catholic, liberal arts university. It is most well-known for athletics, especially football, ethics and social justice studies, and the Mendoza School of Business. Notre Dame also boasts a beautiful...” – Marcus from WI

“…Johns Hopkins offers rigorous academics and research opportunities, and caters to a wide variety of academic interests. The smaller size of the school makes it feel like a home and connects you to the rest of your peers. There is a sense of unity...” – Vanessa from Thousand Oaks, CA

“…The George Washington University is full of internship and job opportunities. Studying at the center of politics, many students share valuable connections and memorable experiences. With embassies, museums, monuments, students can always find...” – Washington, DC

University of Utah
Salt Lake City, UT

“…The university is a fun place to meet new people. It gives you a great education and the professors are really interested in teaching the topic. The location of the university is also great and has many surroundings to help you enjoy your college...” – Kayla from West Jordan, UT

“…Hofstra is a great college, with an at home feel that will increase your chance of success. The campus is clean, the professors helpful, and the food is good! There is no other college I would have rather attended.” – Lorie from Minnesota

“…Miami University is a great mid-sized university for academics and social life. There are various organizations students can join and activities provided by the school to participate in. Big companies are always here recruiting, so there are many...” – Randy from Oxford, OH

“…Attending Mercer University is one of the best decisions you can ever make. The environment is nice, friendly and there are many fun things to do around campus. The price is really expensive but it is not unexpected considering it is a private...” – Mercer Student

“…The University of Arkansas has exactly what everyone should want from their college experience. It offers a quality education, a lively and beautiful atmosphere, and endless opportunities to get involved, meet new people, and make memories that will...” – Michaela from Fayetteville, AR

Manchester University
North Manchester, IN

“…Fun quite college, every one is friendly. All your Professors wont's to help you. Classes are small usually about 15 to 20 students.” – Jordan from Indianapolis, IN

“…Lehigh University is a REALLY great school. Although the courses are more rigorous than I expected, they are do-able and serve as great character builders. It provides a friendly environment, overall, and, as it has made me happy, I'm sure it will...” – Benjamin from Phillipsburg, NJ

“…I have been in the world of education since graduating--21 years ago--and have highly valued my education from Ball State University. I was well-prepared to face the challenges of a career. As an Art Ed major, both schools served me extremely well. ” – Laurie from Cedar Park, TX

“…Hampton University definitely goes by it's motto which is the Standard of Excellence. This University holds a plethora of opportunities. Any individual can succeed here.” – Naomi from Jamaica

“…Rensselaer Polytechnic Institute is an amazing engineering-based campus, capable of preparing future engineers for their futures! Although expensive, the curriculum, opportunity, and experience are well worth it! I enjoyed my first year here,...” – Nikki

“…due to its closed campus layout and can do attitude from staff and students alike, grand valley state university gives resonates with an energizing feel of a small community with big dreams. having just celebrated its fiftieth anniversary, which is...” – Katelyn from Midland, MI

“…ud is the perfect school for a home away from home! academically, they have tons of programs and more classes than you can imagine with amazing professors. student life is so fun every night whether staying in with your floor mates, going out to the...” – Morgan from Cincinnati, OH

“…Campbell University is a great college for students trying to find a close knit community with small class sizes. The teachers are very in tune with their students and get information across quickly and accurately. Overall, this school is fantastic.” – Troy from Fayetteville, NC

“…montana state provides great hands-on research opportunity for all of it's students. it also has a very warm and friendly community that surrounds the college and that is also very involved with the school. msu has been a very wonderful experience...” – Amara from Bozeman, MT

“…The physical functionality of the school has its ups and downs. Though there are some students here with non-academic goals, there are just as many dedicated, aspiring professionals. The teaching and administration, and the opportunities offered are...” – Ashaun from Carbondale, IL

“…fit is a fantastic school for engineering and psychology! the professors are experts in their fields and they will personally help the students in any way possible. i have never met a person on campus who was mean or negative towards me, and a beach...” – Amy from Cincinnati, OH

“…The University of New Mexico is an outstanding school. Not only are you surrounded by a Southwest atmosphere, but you also are being instructed by some of the best professors in the nation. Go Lobos!” – Kyran from Phoenix, AZ

Eckerd College
Saint Petersburg, FL

“…eckerd college is like no other college you'll find, often times referred to as camp eckerd. located on the waterfront, this very small college focuses largely on protecting environmental and marine habitats. eckerd provides amazing people, programs,...” – Mattie from St. Petersburg, FL

“…Philadelphia University has an amazing campus filled with amazing classmates and educators. Despite that the east coast has a too-busy-to-smile-at-strangers demeanor, PhilaU breaks this mould by making students feel like family. I love this school...” – Alec from Philadelphia, PA

“…i am so glad i decided to come here! all of the professors have doctorates and so far they have genuinely cared about my education. the campus is absolutely gorgeous.” – Meridith from Byron, IL

“…After attending Boise State University for one year, i feel fully prepared for whats next in life. The school truly cares for you, and your goals. School spirit is out of this world leaving your college experience unforgettable!” – Breanne from Stockton, CA

“…colby perfectly encompasses the liberal arts with plenty of research and internship opportunities. the campus, people, and staff/faculty are all truly beautiful on the inside and out. people are constantly looking out for you, while still keeping a...” – Bridget from Eliot, ME

“…samford is exactly where i needed to be. classes are tough but i've learned more than i ever expected. it takes some getting used to but this university is wonderful.” – Kelli from Carrollton, GA

“…lipscomb is an excellent school with a very caring faculty and staff. the christian community here is uplifting and encouraging.” – Jessica from Smyrna, TN

“…on a 1 to 10 i rate oru a 10. it is truly a fine university academically, athletically, and spiritually. it is an honor to say i attend oru!” – Michael from North Carolina

“…Lincoln Memorial University is not only a fine place for academic study, but a place of solidity. This University offers exceptional degree programs that range from Criminal Justice to Veterinary Sciences, as well as, social activities to living up...” – Kiso from Avondale, AZ

“…sou is right in the middle of the town, and walking distance of many attractions. it is a very open-minded town/campus. i am so excited to be going there next year! ” – Rebecca from Rogue River, OR

“…Immaculata is a great school. They have wonderful people from student to the staff who are all willing to lend you a hand. The campus is an amazing sight to see” – Jared from Philadelphia, PA

“…A friendly, fun environment. The School is really involved with the Community and vise verse. A great size and good pricing, I'm paying the same or less than I would have to go to some of my in-state School” – Kaitlin from Skokie, IL

“…An amazing school.” – Beth

“…the university of tulsa is an extremely diverse campus. many students from all over the world attend here involved in many of the extracurricular clubs available. furthermore, the professors treat each student as an individuals, truly intent on...” – Blc

“…Faulkner is an excellent University. Professional and attention to detailed staff, and beautiful facilities.” – Ellajean from Deatsville, AL

“…southeastern university is the best choice that any prospective student could ever make. this university is well equipped for the higher education you are trying to achieve. it's a university that you can be very proud to say that you attended.” – Philip from Burlington, NC

“…The University of Findlay is an incredible school that offers programs, classes, clubs, and activities for every individual. The campus is beautiful, safe, and accessible. Each graduate is garaunteed to have incredible experience, skills, and...” – Megan from Willard, OH

“…Averett University is constantly making alterations in order to make this school more comfortable and compatible for all. The professors are always willing to help and have flexible schedules in order to assist you. The biggest luxury at Averett...” – Breanna from Blairs, VA

“… For a community college, I believe Macomb Community College to be a superb educational experience. They provide quality and accurate educational experiences, have all races and ages possible throughout the world known that attend and have an...” – Anonymous

“…Maryville College is a beautiful, historical college; every building tells a different story. You learn so much in your four years here and you graduate knowing all your professors, and some you didn't even have, on a personal level. Beware though:...” – Ravyn from Knoxville, TN

“…Newberry College is the best choice for students who are looking for a school with a good sense of community, good academics, and great opportunities all around. This school has everything from a wonderful student body and staff to a welcoming place...” – Anonymous

“…It's a good school, but one where you only get out what you put in. This school has a surprising degree of academic rigor, but only if you seek it out; it has a lot of advanced and specialist scholarship opportunities, but only if you seek them out;...” – Jay from Dayton, OH

“…Extremely helpful staff willing to go the extra mile to explain steps thoroughly. The Christian based environment breeds a positive, exciting learning experience. Programs prepare you for real world encounters.” – Nicole from Spring, TX

“…vincennes is a very friendly challenging university. the teachers are very helpful. you can find a lot to do around campus.” – Nathaniel from Rossville, IN

“…Cornerstone has a vivid, comforting community life. It is a safe haven to really experience God. The academic piece is definitely challenging and intertwined with religion and community.” – Ashley from Grand Rapids, MI

“…although you wouldn't guess it by school size and location, minot state university is a fantastic place to study. you can find great professors who have gone out into the world to work in their field and, one day, decided they'd rather settle down...” – Megan from Rapid City, SD

“…Defiance is a small town, but you can always find something to do. On campus there is a ton of things to get involved with. Also, most of the students that go here are athletes, so you can always play pick up games.” – Elena

“…Snow College has helped me to become a well-rounded young adult. This institution has aided me in the process of becoming an excellent student and a contributing member of the community. I have loved every second of my experience at Snow College. ” – Amber from Spanish Fork, UT

“…Sweet Briar is a wonderful school where the academics are challenging, the friends are forever, and the professors know your name. You aren't a number here. Everything is personal. ” – Sweet Briar Girl

“…bluffton university is a very good university. the teachers are very helpful and are willing to spend extra time with you, to help you understand the material. the classes aren't very big which is good because you have more of a one on one...” – billy bob

“…This school encourages you to pursue your career goals. The teachers are very helpful. The small environment encourages students to learn and get more face time with teachers.” – Jaslyn from Lubbock, TX

“…Butler has opened my eyes to the possibilities that a school can offer. Butler has also opened my eyes to seek a higher education for the benefit of my family. Butler is a fantastic regional community college, which has a reputation for students who...” – Mario from Wichita, KS

“…Wonderful learning experience, small classes. and very afforadable for our area” – cindy from starkville, MS

“…I have visited many campuses and Southern Wesleyan is the only campus I enjoy being on. The staff is very helpful and fast to respond to any questions you have. Its not a very large school, In fact it is smaller than my high school.” – chrystal from Williamston, SC

“…Lenoir-Rhyne University is an excellent school to receive an education. The faculty go out of their way to help the students. I have attended other colleges, and LR is the best college out there for people to go to.” – Chasity from Connelly Springs, NC

“…Touro college is a small school with smaller classes which allows the professors to build individual relationships with students. The professors are interested in the students overall and display enthusiasm for their area of study. The campus is...” – Sara

“…I'm very excited to be attending Avila University. The staff and faculty are so friendly and supportive. Also, there are many clubs and activities to choose from! ” – Katie, KS

“…North Carolina Wesleyan College is a great school if the student wants a great education. This school also offers one-on-one with the teachers meaning the teachers know you by name. Also, the teachers make sure the student learns the curriculum.” – Monica from Alton, VA

“…Palo Alto College is an excellent school, the professors there are very helpful and care about there students in achieving there goals and pushing them to make a better future for themselves. Palo Alto College has a great campus, very clean, very...” – Hector from San Antonio, TX

“…Pfeiffer University is a comprehensive private not for profit methodist liberal arts university in rural Misenheimer North Carolina. The University presents many opportunities for students to experience new learning opportunities and cultural lessons...” – Sarah from New Market, MD

“…mt. hood is a wonderful way to get started on your academics, and help you find out what you want out of life. ” – Erica from Gresham, OR

“…the community college is good for you to help you start your career. the community college its pretty interesting and it has a lot of different choices for you to pick one. i like it and plus its not far from home. ” – keren from El Paso, TX

“…As a high school Senior I have advanced my ranking with the help of Kilgore College dual credit courses from 17 to now ranked 4th in my graduating class, graduation May 25th. Kilgore College's help line and staff have been there to make any...” – Kadi from Gladewater, TX

“…At first, I was a little insecure about going to a community college, but what I have discovered is that it's one of the best decisions I've ever made. It is a medium-sized, comfy community college with many fun and active people. They also transfer...” – Julie from Taylor, TX

“…grand rapids community college is a school that wants the best for you. this college is all about preparing you for the future. if you want a quality education without paying through the nose to get it this is the college for you.” – Isabelle from Grand Rapids, MI

“…the campus is very sprawled out, but it is managable. the teachers are usually very kind but take their job seriously. the college is extremely simple overall.” – Stormie from Lufkin, TX

“…One of the best schools around in regard to students, faculty and support staff. I had the best time being a part of this school I acheived more things with the help of this school.” – Joshua from Isola, MS

“…siue is a great school for students of all majors and brings you diversity in a safe environment. help is always provided if needed whether you would prefer help from a professor, another student, or a study group for any course. this is a...” – Jessica from Maywood, IL

“…My favorite aspect of West Chester University of PA is the quiet, quaint college community. You're just minutes away from Philadelphia, Delaware and Maryland in one direction, and farm country in the other, with attractions like King of Prussia Mall...” – William from Philadelphia, PA

“…Cedar Crest College is a leader in educating its nursing students. They teach students a global perspective to successfully prepare them for their career. They excel academic expectations. ” – Tasha from Bethlehem, PA

“…Very friendly, accomodating, and knowledgable staff. I was having difficulty figuring out which school to attend but after the conversations I've had with staff I am definately choosing SJC!” – Mandy from Davis Junction, IL

“…This is a high-quality school with a rigorous program. The instructors push you hard, and there is a lot for you to learn. If you work hard, however, it will be worth it!” – Marsha from Holden, MA

“…Northwest Vista College staff have definitely been a great help as far as degree planning and customer service. The campus itself is beautiful for a community college setting. The overall diversity of ethnicities and comfortable feel of the college...” – Crystal from Natalia, TX

“…Rose state college is a great place to get your basics. It a college that everyone can afford to go to. If you are looking for a place that is fun and cost less come to rose.” – Danielle from Chcoctaw, OK

“…Smaller than the average college, but definitely worth the money to go there!” – Sara from Wisner, NE

“…coeur d'alene is a great city for a college, and the campus is situated in an excellent part of town with a beach and a bit separated from the main city. north idaho college is a relatively small campus with lots of opportunities to connect with new...” – Chris

“…Great school and atmosphere. Many health related programs that are WONDERFUL!!!” – Nea from Amory, MS

“…Casper College has provided me with the opportunity to further my education, develop my social skills, and become an overall well rounded student. The faculty that has assisted me in my endeavors has been more helpful than I ever could have imagined...” – Katherine from Casper, WY

“…northwest is the best! the campus has a great vibe and everyone is very friendly and eager to help you with all of your needs. if you are looking for a college to be yourself in, this is the college for you!” – Shelby from Sarah, MS

“…Anderson University has given me the tools I need to succeed. They have programs specifically designed for working adults as well as traditional college students. ” – Stephanie from Muncie, IN

“…Lourdes is a great school to go to. The professors are extremely helpful. The advisers work around your personal schedule to get your classes in.” – MacKenzie from Fayette, OH

“…St. Philip's community college is a great school to attend your first two years of college. The staff and teachers really care about the students and will do everything they can to help you be successful. I'm so glad chose to attend St. Philip's...” – Janielle

“… 1. It is a wonderful institution. 2. Stark is a very friendly, and safe. environment. 3. Stark State is just a wonder environment.” – Lorinda from Akron, OH

“…Close in location to home which is a large plus with gas prices being so high. The campus is student friendly everything is easily accessible to get to and to locate. The college has helpful staff in the admissions, financial aid, counseling offices.” – Leeann from Whitney, TX

“…This is an awesome school with outstanding ad-visors and professors. I would most definitely recommend this school for individuals seeking a college education. I am older so I like the diversity of the different age groups attending the school.” – Bonnie from Theodore, AL

“…EAC is a great college! It is almost like a great big high school. The education i obtain and friends i made here will forever be priceless.” – Kellie from AZ

“…Simon's Rock is truly the most unique place I have ever seen, but it is only a good fit for some. Most students have an extremely outgoing personality and can be very imposing, so shy personalities don't fit in well. Additionally some major programs...” – Kayla from West Grove, PA

“…Garden City Community College had great teachers and a well-maintained campus.” – Tajia from Garden City, KS

“…This place was not too discoverable to the unfamiliar searcher. Their intentions for current and future adult learners has real significance! I try my best to do well because I want to succeed. ” – Mikael from Chattanooga, TN

“…Andrew College is outstandng with the class schedules. There timing is amazing and managable. I love it here, even though it is only two years.” – Tanisha from Cuthbert, GA

“…It is an amazing Junior College! I would recommend it to any student planning to attend College! I wouldn't say a bad thing about PJC!” – Student at PJC