Religion/Religious Studies, Other

Any instructional program in religion/religious studies not listed above.

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“…I love Georgetown for the friendly and casual environment. Unlike most top tier Universities Georgetown has a great balance of academic rigor and mellow students. The best of both worlds, it is an ideal school for the 4 best years of your life.” – Chris

“…Virginia Tech is a beautiful place full a good people and food. The community is very welcoming and engaging to students. There is a wide variety of courses and you will always find something to do that you like.” – Delaney

“…grand valley is a great school, it is very easy to get connected and find a community. the professors are awesome and want to help you succeed and find your purpose in life. they offer lots of extra curricular activities to keep you involved, in...” – Rachel from Ionia, MI

“…belmont university an amazing private university with a faith centered community that caters to the needs of the students and has top tier programs in the college of visual and performing arts, massey school of business, and mike curb college of...” – Mimi from Houston, TX

“…webster exudes an open atmosphere filled with people that are easy to get along with. the staff is friendly, and personable, and the education quality is top-knotch.” – Lowell from Saint Louis, MO

“…OCU is a great and prestigious University. It offers great opportunities to students while giving them an excellent education. All of the teachers have their Masters or Doctorate degrees and the class sizes are small enough to provide each student...” – Kate from Oklahoma City, OK

“…I admire the personal one on one experience with the professors. the campus is absolutely gorgeous. There are so many different degrees to choose from.” – Gerald from Adairsville, GA

“…the greatest education i ever thought i would get. the teachers and students all work together to make sure we get the proper education. fantastic school.” – Nicole from Coventry, RI

“…The school is challenging. Facilities are remarkable. Faculty and staff help in anyway they can.” – Billy from Sanderson, FL

“…FPU is the perfect school for students looking for a college that places equal importance on academics and building relationships. The school's motto is Founded on Christ and it is lived out everyday on campus by students, teachers, and faculty alike...” – Corie from Madera, CA

“…this school has a diverse student body and diverse fields of study. the class size is small, so you have easy access to your professors. all in all, the school has a friendly, open feel to it. ” – Alexaundra from Roswell, GA

“…the best school in the western hemisphere” – Lional from Marion, AL

“…If you are a Christian, loves going to church and loves school. Nyack is for you! Worship and praise in the elevators (usually Monday), teachers who actually care about your academic achievements, and students who would not mind helping to achieve.” – Joanna from Flushing, NY

“…obu provides such a friendly environment for all students. the professors make it a point to get to know you as a person and are so kind. i couldn't ask for a better mixture of a biblical education and amazing environment!” – Anna from Mcallen, TX

“…Louisiana College is more than just a place of higher learning. From the moment i stepped on campus i felt a sense of nobility, from the classroom to athletic fields, on down to the worship services. Louisiana College has made me a better person and...” – Bryan from Shreveport, LA

“…I really enjoy the Christian atmosphere here at Roberts Wesleyan College. I really feel like the professors care for their students and the student: teacher ratio here makes it a more close knit environment. I feel like I've gotten a quality...” – Emelie from Rochester, NY

“…a school that has many opportunities. non traditional students are welcomed. teachers are willing to take time and help you.” – D. from Adrian, MI

“…Bryn Athyn is a small school, with a spiritual basis. The school is attempting to expand through athletics, but is still trying to retain their core values. The school is part of a very tight knit community” – Andrew from Exton, PA

“…Christian Brothers University has a remarkable staff. They really care about their students. It is a small campus, but Christian Brothers University has a lot to offer.” – Mark

“…Anderson University has given me the tools I need to succeed. They have programs specifically designed for working adults as well as traditional college students. ” – Stephanie from Muncie, IN

“…there are great people here- even though it is a wee bit of a hippie school. the teachers are always more than willing to help you- not to mention your classmates. all-in-all a great school to go to- religious affiliation non-material.” – CMW from Northern VA

“…vanguard university is one beneficial college. their criteria & way of teaching is absolutely amazing. i wouldn't trade it for the world.” – Kayla from Hawthorne, CA

“…Spartanburg Methodist College is small, two year college which is a great transition college for the high school student. The students and faculty are very helpful and are willing to go above and beyond for you. SMC is a great choice for graduating...” – Breana from Taylors, SC

“…I am having a great experience at Iowa Wesleyan. The town has that small town feel and everyone is friendly. The pass rate of the NCLEX-RN exam is what brought me to IWU, it is awesome!” – Krista from New London, IA

“…Everyone is very helpful and welcoming. Culture diversity is valued and honored. Excellent parking, variety of clubs, reasonable tuition fees, classroom population is small, and they have well-qualified professors. ” – MARIA from LOS ANGELES, CA

“…Beulah heights is the best Christian college I this area, the atmosphere is calming and friendly, the professors are stern but helpful, the expectations of the school are high , but its curriculum gives one the desire to strive hard to meet those...” – Lucille from Marietta, GA

“…ottawa university is a very promising private school with many opportunites. they provide the correct tools and skills that enable their students to be successful in their life after college.” – Jasmine from Baldwin City, KS

Gratz College
Melrose Park, PA

“…The staff and professors at Gratz are extremely professional, helpful, and encouraging. I am a distance student, and I have to say that the learning experience has been outstanding. This was a great choice for grad school.” – Stephen from Alameda, CA

“…A place here you can deepen your understanding of your vocation. You will find many friends in a short amount of time. You will learn to enjoy the little things in life.” – Zachary from Oak Park, MI

“…WC Is a fantastic school for those already in the work force, have been out of school for a while, or just leaving high school. The learning material is challenging but allows you to really learn in a great environment. With some professors also...” – Jason from Franklin, TN