Religious Education

A program that focuses on the theory and practice of providing educational services to members of faith communities, within the context of a particular religion, and that prepares individuals to serve as religious educators. Includes instruction in planning and teaching lessons, organizing and supervising instructional activities, designing and developing instructional materials, and administering religious education programs and facilities.

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“…Duke is the located on the most beautiful campus in America, right in the great state of North Carolina. Duke students are the ones who coined the term work hard, play hard, as you will never find a place as challenging but rewarding as you will find...” – KZ

“…liberty is an absolutely fantastic school due to its involved staff, passionate students, and overall christian experience. as a christian school it carries certain stigmas, but i have found that despite the rules that are just there to protect us,...” – Jacquelyn from Crozet, VA

“…Emory is surprisingly the perfect grounds for culturing new ideas. Even though it doesn't have a football team, Emory is still high in spirit and makes up for it in swimming and soccer. Above all, Emory is the perfect combination of nature-esque...” – Sindhu from GA

“…Brigham young stands as a precedent for student education. It is a pinnacle of cleanliness of word and of character. It is a school like no other with the honor code as a standing tradition to be upheld by the students and the faculty. ” – Kaitlyn from Riverton, UT

“…loyola has a gorgeous campus,, and is in a quiet, diverse area of a great city. being a relatively expensive, private institution, however, means that the make-up of the university is not nearly as diverse. the small size and great reputation will...” – Jason from Chicago, IL

“…i knew from the moment that i took a tour of this amazing university, that i wanted to attend this specific school. it is a great school for people of all ages and all religion back grounds. however, it is an amazing and great school for young adults...” – Brittni from Los Angeles, CA

“…I could not imagine a school any better than Biola! From caring, dedicated, and brilliant teachers to solid education and a healthy community, Biola has the best academics and atmosphere of any institution I know. Students and teachers share a...” – Cassie from Bothell, WA

“…the university of saint thomas is a ten out of ten. the small class sizes are great for learning. the campus is beautiful and in a neighborhood setting.” – Whittney from Stillwater, MN

“…Duquesne University is a well rounded and dedicated establishment. Faculty to Student Ratio is 14:1 and students have more opportunities to succeed. While the university is pricy... it is defiantly worth every penny for it's investment into students...” – Ashley from Pitcairn, PA

“…wheaton college is a school for the serious christian student. it is intensely focused on academics, athletics, and an intentional christian perspective on life. if you want to grow as a christian scholar, attend wheaton college.” – Daniel from Wheaton, IL

“…Lee University is a great school that challenges its students academically and spiritually. There are many clubs on campus and numerous ways to get involved. Lee will equip you for the future and give you tools for a successful life after college.” – Sarah from Murrayville, GA

“…I would rate North Park a number one school. I left North Park after my first year because I thought another school would be better. Believe me once your at North Park with the great teachers and the super help you get from everyone you will not...” – Taylor from Chicago, IL

“…Visiting the school was an amazing experience, it was a beautiful campus. I would really recommend people who want to be around a friendly environment to visit, and attend.Being from New Orleans, the school feels like a great environment for me.” – Chelsey from Grand Prairie, TX

“…on a 1 to 10 i rate oru a 10. it is truly a fine university academically, athletically, and spiritually. it is an honor to say i attend oru!” – Michael from North Carolina

“…If you want a college that feels like a family, where professors know your name and really care about you, a college that has a GREAT study abroad program, PC is for you. I love it here and I'm from the big city of Atlanta. Yes, Clinton is a small...” – Anna from Atlanta, Ga

“…lindenwood is challenging. lindenwood is enjoyable. lindenwood is rewarding.” – Erich from Foristell, MO

“…Harding is a great school with great opportunities for students. Teachers are very helpful and truly care about students. I would recommend Harding to anybody looking to be involved in a tight community of students. ” – Janice from Bartlesville, OK

“…Taylor is an awesome place where you will be pushed academically, physically, emotionally and spiritually. The off and on-campus programs will allow you to have a heart for the things God loves. This is a very extraordinary place. ” – Lawrence from Upland, IN

“…OCU is a great and prestigious University. It offers great opportunities to students while giving them an excellent education. All of the teachers have their Masters or Doctorate degrees and the class sizes are small enough to provide each student...” – Kate from Oklahoma City, OK

“…The Christian atmosphere is great, I love knowing that people care about you. The professors actually try to help everyone succeed.” – Chris from Bolingbrook, IL

“…Cedarville is an amazing place. If you are looking for God, fun, friends, and a great education, you should check out Cedarville. It's a fantastic environment!” – Jonnah from Independence, KY

“…UD is an extremely challenging university that will push you harder than you have ever been pushed. You will meet wonderful people and professors at this institution that will change your mentality and who you are as a person, as well as making great...” – Kim from Arlington, TX

“…SFU is a welcoming community. SFU is a great educational environment. SFU helps you reach higher and go far!” – Jessica from Northern Cambria, PA

Messiah College
Mechanicsburg, PA

“…I love Messiah college! It is a fantastic school focused on building relationships and academics. You are free to express your views as a Christian on campus, allowing your faith to grow. ” – Carly from Mechanicsburg, PA

“…Dallas Baptist University is a university that puts values student leadership. From academics, to relationships with Christ, to the workers, faculty, and classes, Dallas Baptist University values each student and member and offers every possible way...” – CHRISTINA from Austin, TX

“… there is an amazing christ-centered community here. you will not only make relationships that will last a lifetime, but you will also learn about your future career in a small environment from brilliant professors who truly care.” – M

“…The professors are actually caring and one on one service is always provided. Everyone cares for each other. No one is alone.” – Kyla from Walton, KY

“…This university takes education seriously, but also manages to be very student-friendly. The small size allows for strong community bonds, and the location in the middle of the city is very convenient for all endeavors. The university sticks to its...” – Cathryn from Washington, DC

“…Shaw university is a diverse school. Shaw university has excellent instructors. Shaw univesity strives on excellence. ” – Dywanda from Greenville, NC

“…Southern Serves the community, while remaining humble. Southern also encourages healthy living, which promotes better health. Most importantly, their are lots of resources for strong academic success.” – Aaron from Collegedale, TN

“…concordia is wonderful. it is a great atmosphere. the people are amazing.” – Kimberly from River Forest, IL

“…cornerstone university is an academically inclined and friendly environment that is centered on jesus christ. each student is recognized for his or her own strengths. faculty and staff do their best to make students feel comfortable and welcomed in...” – Jessica from Zeeland, MI

“…campbellsville university has terrific iece professors that work with you and try their best to get you prepared for teaching. i also learn so much in their iece courses; which, i'm working and studying very hard to achieve this. this college i would...” – Casey from Monticello, KY

“…Edgewood is a great school if you want to live in a larger city, but yet attend a small school. The class sizes are smaller, but the professors take the time to make sure every student succeeds. The campus is beautiful and the atmosphere is great for...” – Wisconsin

“…elms college is a very good college with many nice people that encourage and motivate their students to be professionals in the future. not every college take from their time to dedicated to the needs of their students and how they are doing in class...” – Ariana from Chicopee, MA

“…Defiance college is a small school that set students on the right path for a career. The small size classes make students gain confidence to ask questions and approach the professors.” – Robert from New York, NY

Andrews University
Berrien Springs, MI

“…andrews university is a faith-based university that focuses on community and diversity. andrews is a great place to explore a career in the arts and sciences and professors are well-trained from highly respected institutions. andrews is located in a...” – Sarah from Berrien Center, MI

“…FPU is the perfect school for students looking for a college that places equal importance on academics and building relationships. The school's motto is Founded on Christ and it is lived out everyday on campus by students, teachers, and faculty alike...” – Corie from Madera, CA

“…Five stars. not just because I go there, but students have away of make it feel like home.” – Tyquanesha from Lubbock, TX

“…Amazing! great place develop intellectually and spiritually!” – Alicia from Fredericksburg, OH

“…Erskine College has wonderful opportunities that allow all students to achieve their goals. With rigorous academics and many opportunities for extracurriculars everyone can find their niche here. Professors and faculty are always available to help...” – H from SC

“…this college, now university, offers the perfect balance of social activities, sports, and most importantly academics. my decision to come to mercyhurst is the best decision i have ever made for myself. it is definitely the place to build memories...” – Jonna from Grove City, PA

“…The school has a beautiful environment and the staff want to see the students succeed. The nursing program is challenging, however the quality of nurses the school presents is beyond words. Most students don't have a difficult time find a fulfilling...” – Tanya from Indianapolis, IN

“…Saint Norbert is a wonderful liberal arts college with a small town feel that embraces a tight community amongst its students. They provide a great college experience for every student as well as great academics along the way to help you be prepared...” – Garrett from Rhinelander, WI

“…Excellent school” – Christopher from Panama, NY

“…mvnu is a good school and i have been blessed to be a pseo (post-secondary education option) student here for the past 2 years. growing up in mt. vernon, mvnu has been a big part of the community and i have gotten to know many of the past students...” – MVNU PSEO Student

“…I think that Oakwood U is a wonderful college, where there have many courses you can take, especially if you are majoring in Biology and want to attend Oakwood, there is a wonderful Biology program. It is a great experience for me because I visit...” – Liselle from Brooklyn, NY

“…Oklahoma Christian University is a wonderful college for those who seek to follow God and even those who are unsure about their faith. Professors are kind, supportive and friendly. The student body isn't just your graduating class, it's like a giant...” – Lindi from Needville, TX

“…Pfeiffer University is a comprehensive private not for profit methodist liberal arts university in rural Misenheimer North Carolina. The University presents many opportunities for students to experience new learning opportunities and cultural lessons...” – Sarah from New Market, MD

“…The school is great! I attend the campus in Spokane and it is so beautiful! If you are considering Moody, I would say apply; if you don't get into Chicago, Spokane is amazing too :)” – Jamie from IN

“…Huntingdon College is an exceptional college that strives to give students the best education possible. Being a part of the Huntingdon family has provided me with many assets I am sure that I could not gain from other colleges or universities....” – Kaitlyn from Nashville, TN

“…Concordia University has a killer nursing program! Everyone on campus is helpful, nice and the professors want you to succeed. The campus is also very beautiful with lots of trees.” – Austin, TX

“…obu provides such a friendly environment for all students. the professors make it a point to get to know you as a person and are so kind. i couldn't ask for a better mixture of a biblical education and amazing environment!” – Anna from Mcallen, TX

“…Louisiana College is more than just a place of higher learning. From the moment i stepped on campus i felt a sense of nobility, from the classroom to athletic fields, on down to the worship services. Louisiana College has made me a better person and...” – Bryan from Shreveport, LA

“…Huntington University is a wonderful University that helps grow its students into men and women who have a lot to contribute. It is full of opportunities for students to broaden their knowledge and sense of self both in and outside of the class room....” – Ashlee from Jenison, MI

“…felician college is a wonderful school to attend. academically, this college is higher then a good margin of others schools. especially the nursing program; a very tough course to get into and go through but it is all worth it in the end.” – Justin from Clifton, NJ

“…Concordia is an exceptionally welcoming school. Everyone smiles at you makes you feel at home. I feel I always have the support of staff and faculty here and I can easily get help with anything, whether it is homework, guidance, and any other...” – Lesya from Oregon City, OR

“…This college is great for anyone who strongly desires to learn and to become a better person, focusing on God and carefully studying the Bible. The faculty and students are all passionate about God. The professors work hard at encouraging the...” – Joy

“…concordia is an amazing university that shows genuine support to its students. the staff and the professors are extremely polite and help the students in any way they can. the campus is beautiful and it contains a wide range of resources and...” – Laura from Mission Viejo, CA

“…Saint Mary's University of Minnesota is a small, liberal arts college. I was drawn to this university by the close-knit community atmosphere. I really appreciated getting to know my professors on a first-name basis and getting a lot of attention...” – Lauren from Mount Horeb, WI

“…a well diverse college. it has many students from all over, with a great foreign exchange student program. it is a career oriented college.” – Matthew from Columbia, KY

“…Overall great campus ! Great activities. Everyone is helpful, nice, and glad that you're attending HPU ! ” – Alison from El Paso, TX

“…Asbury University is an excellent place for spiritual growth through diligent teaching of God's Word. Asbury University is a fast-growing,stable environment for the young mind. Asbury University is a life long journey for the students as well as the...” – Tara from Lexington, KY

“…Northwestern is perfect for people who are looking for a close community! The classes are small, professors are great, and the dorm life is a ton of fun! It's a college whose goal is to integrate spiritual and academic learning. ” – Justina from Orange City

“…a great college that is academically challenging and passionately catholic. most of the professors that teach here, permanent or adjunct are top in their field of study and they very kind and willing to help whomever comes their way. the atmosphere...” – Catherine from Steubenville, OH

“…westminster is a rather small college and quite beautiful. the professors give the students the attention they need and truly care about their education. there are also wonderful classes.” – Cassandra from Monaca, PA

“…a beautiful college that gives their students many opportunities to achieve their life goals. the professors actually take the time to help students understand the information that is taught. a fun, loving place where you can make your dreams come...” – Stephanie from Dorcas, WV

Crown College
Saint Bonifacius, MN

“…Crown is an excellent small school with a great faculty and student body. It is a great place to display and grow in your faith, which can be done through many venues at crown including worship team, choir, eleven different NCAA sports, and theater....” – Drew from Fennimore, WI

“… Rich in spritual soul food. Well recognised wolrdwide with grobally recognIsed certificates. Frendly n good enviroment to study in am eagerly waiting to join you very soon.” – Jackson from Kenya

“…So far so good! Sat in on some classes earlier last year and really learned alot!! I am excited about going in the fall!!” – Matthew from Columbia, SC

“…You shouldn't come here if you are specifically looking for someone to marry or if you enjoy to have a few drinks now and then etc. This is a great school for people who's main focus is to live their lives for God. This has to be your main priority...” – Melanie from Bushkill, PA

“…Concordia is a small school with many religious activities to keep the students involved. The campus also keeps students involved through organizations relevant to the students' major. The Student population becomes so closely knit due to the small...” – Rebecca from Horicon, WI

“…i am really enjoying nwc. the professors are great, the people who help me schedule my classes are so helpful, and i love the focus program. i love how i can go to school one night a week, test out of classes, or go on line to earn credits. ” – Juli from Stacy, MN

“…SAGU is wonderful because the Spirit of God shines on this campus. Ministry and Spiritual growth are priorities. The love of Christ holds the student body and faculty together.” – Darcie from Logan, UT

“…the sense of community is so awesome at this school. everyone is so friendly and welcoming. i love living on campus and being involved.” – Steven from Shingle Springs, CA

“…SNU is a wonderful school. Snu is a very warm friendly place based on faith and dellowship. SNU is by far the best university I have ever visited or attended.” – Carly from Yukon, OK

“…A wonderful, beautiful, well-kept campus. The school has knowledgeable, caring teachers who go the extra mile to help and teach students. The other students, whether they be living on campus or commuters, are all very welcoming and help bring joy...” – Shelby from Vancouver, WA

“…Warner Pacific College is an urban college located in the center of Portland Oregon. For a christ based liberal arts education, Warner Pacific is the best choice. You will enjoy close friends and be challenged to earn a relevant education to your...” – Lucy from Vancouver, WA

“…close-knit, faith-centered, fun-loving college. serious about their studies, and serious about their fun. one of america's best top colleges!” – M. from San Diego, CA

“…Toccoa's a great place to get away from the hurry and scurry of life and focus on God, fellowship, and academics. It's only 1.5 hours from Atlanta and an hour from Greenville, SC, so you can still get to civilization when you want it! Great...” – Becca from Savannah, GA

“…Very motivating college” – Britney from Kingstree, SC

“…If looking for a foundation for faith and relationships this place is a 10 out of 10. It also offers incredible biblical knowledge and allows for great relationships with professors. ” – Zachary from Cincinnati, OH

“…I am known by my name not by a number or just another student. I am prayed for everyday. I get the help that I need.” – Lisabeth from Brockton, MA

“…This is an amazing place. I feel very lucky to be able to study here. My professor' s are very accommodating.” – Dutchboy

“…lincoln christian university has been an excellent experience both in education and spirituality. their expectations for us are kept high and keep me motivated to succeed in my college career. lincoln christian university is doing an awe inspiring...” – Emily from Columbia, TN

“…davis & elkins college is a very good school it makes we the international students feel at home it is a school with good students that all have focus in life.” – Alfred from Elkins, WV

“…Dallas Theological Seminary is the best decision that I could have made in regards to graduate school. The campus is beautiful and the staff and professors are the best hands down. Everyone takes our motto to heart which is Teach truth, love well,...” – Kristal from Lewisville, TX

“…Martin is a very small school, only about 1,200 students, but that is the best part about it. It feels like home, the tight-nit community make the transition from high school to college a lot less stressful. All in all, Martin is a great school and a...” – Kara from South New Berlin, NY

“…Grace Bible College is a wonderful college. It has a family feel to it, has amazing opportunities to do different things with your major, and is solely focused on teaching students how to honor God with what students do in their lives. Grace Bible...” – Jonathan from Wittenberg, WI

“…Florida Christian College is not just another institute ready to take your money. The faculty and staff are very caring, they care about you and your growth, both intellectually and spiritually. I rate FCC a 10/10.” – Amanda from Kissimmee, FL

“…Grace University is dedicated to their mission statement. Grace University is committed to the education of their students. Grace University has professors and faculty who genuinely care for the students. ” – Jessica from Dubuque, IA

“…Caring Christian Community of people, that takes pleasure in the spiritual and educational success of their students. Warm loving educational experience. Family” – Angela from Kansas City , MO

“…the master's college and seminary is a place of intense learning. the classes are academically challenging, the professors are endearing, and the students are all so very nice. this institution is highly respected worldwide, and it's graduates are...” – Sarah from California

“…trinity is an amazing school. i haven't even started going there, and i already feel as if i am a part of the school. the community of the school is amazing. everyone is so close and treat each other as a family. ” – Leslie from Chicago, IL